Converseon Measuring ROI of Sm Bulldog Reporter062909


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Presentation from the PR Measurement Summit 2009 at the Yale Club, NYC
June 29, 2009

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Converseon Measuring ROI of Sm Bulldog Reporter062909

  1. 1. Bulldog Reporter's Measurement Summit Measuring the ROI of Social Media Campaigns Jeni Putalavage, Director of Conversation Mining, Converseon June 29, 2009
  2. 2. Who is Converseon?  Only leading provider of Conversation Mining with “end-to-end capabilities” -- from listening and reporting, to social media strategy development, technology and implementation  Governing members of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association  Clients include some of the world’s largest and most influential brands.  Multiple award-winner for a range of social media programs © 2009, Converseon, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. 2
  3. 3. Who is Participating in Online Discussion? Publish a blog. 21% Creators Publish your own Web pages. Upload video you created. Upload audio/music you created. Write articles or stories, and post them. Post ratings/reviews of 37% products/services. Critics Comment on someone else’s blog. Forrester Contribute to online forums. Contribute to/edit articles in a wiki. Technographics® 19% Use RSS feeds. Ladder Collectors Add “tags” to Web pages or photos. “Vote” for Web sites online. 35% Joiners Maintain a profile on a social networking site. Visit social networking sites. Read blogs. Watch video from other users. 69% Spectators Listen to podcasts. Read online forums. Groups include people Read customer ratings/reviews. participating in at least one of the activities monthly. 25% Inactives None of the above © 2009, Converseon, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. 3
  4. 4. What is an Organizational Approach to Listening? © 2009, Converseon, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. 4
  5. 5. What is the Listening Lifecycle? Pre-Launch Launch Ongoing Objective Learn and Inform Measure and Refine Monitor and Optimize Outcomes • Enhanced targeting • New outreach • Improved targeting • Establish benchmarks programs & facilitated • Refinement of media • Inform the creative response dollars process • Better results • Inform media buying (campaign objectives & strategy sales) CM Products • Social Media • Weekly/Monthly/ • Weekly/Monthly/ Readiness Quarterly Reports Quarterly Reports Assessments (SMRA) • Engagement tools • Dashboard • Benchmark Reports • Engagement tools • Ad Hoc reports • Monitoring © 2009, Converseon, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. 5
  6. 6. Where is the Conversation Taking Place? FORUMS/NEWSGROUPS 120+ million MICROBLOGS VIDEO SHARING Twitter: 4-5 million users (Q4 2008) YouTube:200+ million viewers (Mar2009) The Conversations Converseon SOCIAL NETWORKS WIKIS Wikipedia: 272 million Mines and Reports Facebook: 200+ million users (Mar 09) 35% of adult Internet users has a unique visitors (Sept 08)) (Each venue has its social networking profile (Dec 08) own cultural norms which should be kept in mind) SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS PHOTO SHARING AGGREGATORS BLOGS 100+ million © 2009, Converseon, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. 6
  7. 7. What Kinds of Listening are Available? Sentiment Topics and subtopics Human analysis Monitoring Voices/participants Mining Key influentials Volume Incident-level reporting Word counts/tag cloud Limited sources (gen.) Entry timeline Custom reporting elements High-level topics Daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly Multi-level sentiment Venue analysis Influence Drill-down to entries Real-time © 2009, Converseon, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. 7
  8. 8. What is the Difference between Automated vs. Manual Sentiment? Automated sentiment systems score at record level, missing important details [Negative for Treximet Cardio Side Effects] “I did a little research of my own, and was a bit alarmed to come upon a forum of migraine sufferers who had tried the drug and reported tightness in the chest and other indications of cardiac disturbance. I decided to leave the Treximet in the desk, untouched. “, published on 18-02-2009 [Positive for Cardio Side Effects] “For some reason, today I picked it up. I did a quick web search for adverse side effects of Imitrex, which I have used for years, and felt surprised to see the very same descriptions as those accompanying the Treximet. Since Imitrex has never bothered me,..”, published on 18-02-2009 [Positive for Treximet Effectiveness] “…I popped a Treximet, slanted my Automated systems would have scored the shades, closed and locked my office door, and put my head down for fifteen entire message negative for Treximet because minutes. When my alarm went off, my head was perfectly clear. That was four hours ago.” of the ‘cardiac disturbance’ and side effect, published on 18-02-2009 mentions, completely missing the point that the author found the drug highly effective and would likely use again © 2009, Converseon, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. 8
  9. 9. What are Use Cases for Listening?  Identify influentials who are defining your brand…and category  Inform creative by capturing the “real” conversation by and between your customers and prospects…in near real time  Monitor and manage your reputation  Improve and enhance product launches  Manage customer service  “Real-time” market research  Inform search/content development  Measure campaign effectiveness  Inform media buying by understanding where relevant conversations are actually occurring  Competitive intelligence  Inform an overall social media strategy © 2009, Converseon, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. 9
  10. 10. How Can Listening Help Customer Service? “For companies that don't tend to their customers, the consequences can be dire. Consumers frustrated by the regular fix-it channels are increasingly employing vigilante tactics. Whether they're making YouTube, Google videos or posting account numbers on blogs filled with digital rants, more and more consumers are getting companies to respond on their terms.” • Business Week, February 21, 2008 © 2009, Converseon, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. 10
  11. 11. How Can Listening Help Identify Potential Customers? My naturopath suggested to increase • Takes supplements as a part of overall weight loss you have too increase your wellness routine; likely part of online metabolism . to do that he suggests to diet club eat small snacks during the day and not to avoid the good fats like the • Better informed than the average omega 3,6 and to use things like flax consumer about dietary needs, specific oil or flax seeds ground up on salads nutrients and the effect on the body or in soups and salmon is a good source of the good fats. • Has few health problems overall; likely to focus on cosmetic or general Karen, middle age female benefits like increased energy as Current weight 200; goal 135 opposed to specifics • May have tried multiple brands of OTC fish oil/Omega-3 supplements © 2009, Converseon, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. 11
  12. 12. How Can Listening Help with Reputation Management?  Purpose: Enable brands to quickly identify and address potential reputation challenges  Approach: – Capture relevant conversation using eResponder platform to – Configure a rules-based engagement platform for potential engagement – Maintain an engagement database to profile key venues © 2009, Converseon, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. 12
  13. 13. How Can Social Media Lead to Creative Insights?  Capture the “real” language used by consumers within conversations about specific products and services  See where the conversation is happening for better/more efficient media targeting  Share specific insights with R&D/product development © 2009, Converseon, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. 13
  14. 14. Why is Search Engine Reputation Management Important? How Does it Fit with Social Media Strategy? © 2009, Converseon, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. 14
  15. 15. How Can Listening Inform Search?  What is the sentiment and composition of top search results?  Where are the social media engagement opportunities to maximize Search Engine Results Page visibility? © 2009, Converseon, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. 15
  16. 16. How Can Listening Help Identify Opportunities for Social Media Strategy? Conversation Topics/Solutions Matrix Effectiveness Opportunity for content creation Health risks Price/cost Environmental Pre-Treatment Impact Procedure Availability Home/Family Impact Value ReEvaluation Insurance © 2009, Converseon, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. 16 16
  17. 17. What is Myth vs. Reality re: Social Media?  Listening and acting on what you hear should  Listening is a luxury be integrated across the enterprise, including R&D, product development, communications/ marketing and customer service  Social Media is for consumer  Some of the greatest beneficiaries and goods companies only innovators in social media are other types of companies  Social media is just another  Social Media is a primary driver of channel organizational transformation that transcends marketing-communication  Social media is easy  Culturally it can be very difficult  Social media belongs to a particular marketing discipline  Social media transcends marketing disciplines – and most brands are not organized effectively to act © 2009, Converseon, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. 17
  18. 18. How is Social Media Engagement Different? Social Media Creates PR Opportunities, Enhancing Traditional PR Traditional PR Social Media  Media relations  Influencer engagement  Media monitoring  Conversation mining  News releases and pitching  Optimization (SERP visibility)  Crisis management support  Online crisis management  Media tours  Blog interviews and podcasts  Events  Word of mouth  Work with the media  Be the media © 2009, Converseon, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. 18
  19. 19. Thank You 212 213-4297 © 2009, Converseon, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential.