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Digital Tag Pres


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Digital Tag Pres

  1. 1. THE Digital TAG is the ultimate engager. It automatically leads the discussion. When your frontline staff wears this personal digital signage player every customer will engage themselves in the sales process. The Digital TAG turns location specific marketing and sales messages into a one-on-one interaction, guaranteed to close more sales. THE Digital TAG's content can be set to display individual store specific messaging like specials, company wide marketing or any combination of the two using video or JPEG content. New content can be easily uploaded to THE Digital TAG.
  2. 2. The 2.4 inch wearable Digital TAG! Just the size of business card that delivers your message through professional video content. Digital TAG is used for many purposes - Informational - In Stores promotion to Uplift Sales - Medium for Advertising by Third Parties - Enhanced Costumer Experience - decrease perceived wait times! -Influencing Costumer Behavior- direct costumer to other areas of stores and increase dwell time Pricing $175 per unit + 19.99 a month
  3. 3. Digital Tag Specifications Technical and hardware information * Specificationsare subject to change without notice Multimedia Formats: AVI and JPEG Platforms: Audience™ compatible or can be used as stand alone Display Screen Size: 2.4 inch Screen Type: OLED Resolution: 320 X 240 Storage Capacity: 1 GB flash Connectivity Input: Mini USB interface Dimensions Size: 65 W x 45 H x 10 D (mm) Weight: 38g Power Playback time: Average 8 hours Battery: Lithium-ion rechargeable Recharge: 10-unit docking station included Warranty 6 month replacement* Availabilty Stock order - 60 days 100% Audience™ software compatible. Plays full motion videos and images. Low battery power consumption. OLED screen display technology. Higher contrast and brightness. Wide (180° viewing angles. ) Approx. 8 hours of operation per charge. Magnetic fastener doesn't ruin clothing. Thin and light weight.