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  1. 1.   John F. Kennedy Time 100 Project- One of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Persons of the 20th Century.
  2. 2. Timeline • John F. Kennedy became president in 1960. • John F. Kennedy started the Peace Corps, the space program and stopped the Cuban Missile Crisis. • John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.
  3. 3. John F. Kennedy- Foresight • John F. Kennedy believed in peaceful protests, such as the Montgomery bus boycott led by Martin Luther King Jr. • John F. Kennedy believed African-Americans should have the same rights as everyone else. “If a American because his skin is dark cannot eat lunch in a restaurant open to the public and cannot enjoy the full and free life which all of us want….then who among us would be content . . . with the counsels of patience and delay?" Source: Remembering JFK
  4. 4. John F. Kennedy- Courageous • Kennedy was very brave. • Kennedy spent more than a day saving soldiers’ lives. • He also stood up against the Russians and communism. • Source: Time Magazine, Time 100 “When his PT boat was rammed and sunk by a Japanese Destroyer, Kennedy, despite grave injuries, led the survivors through perilous waters through safety."
  5. 5. John F. Kennedy- Patriotic • Kennedy was loyal to his country. • One of his ideas was to start the Peace Corps. • The peace corps were helpful to people in other countries. • He said “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” This was his most famous speech. “"One of Kennedys accomplishments was starting the peace corps, an organization that helped the poor in other countries."
  6. 6. John F. Kennedy- Video Clip Champions of the Land. Discovery Channel School. 1997. unitedstreaming. 22 October 2006 <>
  7. 7. John F. Kennedy- Conclusion Foresight- John F Kennedy believed that African-Americans would eventually have the same rights. Courageous- Kennedy stood up against Russians and communism. And spent more than a day saving peoples lives. Patriotic- one of his ideas was starting the peace corps. Home