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DrupalCampSFL OpenPublic Overview

  1. 1. Drupal in the Public SectorAn overview of OpenPublic DrupalCampSFL 10/22/2011
  2. 2. Open Source and Drupal Drupal is an open source project that serves as a content management system (CMS) and application framework. The Drupal open source project has over 1 Million+ Drupal members. The software has been downloaded 3 Million + times. It has been in development worldwide for over 10 years and is in its seventh major release.The technology is the power behind over 600,000 websites and has over 8000 modules available. Top Ten Key Features: ● A platform for rapid website assembly ● Enormously scalable ● Freely extensible ● Built for social publishing ● Open to your branding ● Flexible in deployment ● Beloved by a thriving development community ● Without software acquisition or licencing costs ● Fanatical about following standards ● Proven high in security@johnstuddard @bigcouchmedia #drupalcampsfl
  3. 3. Drupal in Government Drupal has become the de-facto standard for Government agencies deploying new web-based projects. Notable Governement / Agencies using Drupal ● http://www.whitehouse.gov/ ● http://data.ed.gov ● http://www.ed.gov ● http://www.commerce.gov ● http://www.energy.gov ● http://www.fcc.gov/ Resource: http://groups.drupal.org/node/19885#USA@johnstuddard @bigcouchmedia #drupalcampsfl
  4. 4. What is a distribution? Distributions are full copies of Drupal that include extra things that arent in the regular Drupal download. These extras typically include installation profiles, modules, features, themes and now "apps". Examples: OpenPublic, OpenAtrium, OpenPublish, Managing News Resource: http://drupal.org/project/installation+profile@johnstuddard @bigcouchmedia #drupalcampsfl
  5. 5. What is OpenPublic? OpenPublic is an open source content management system built as a Drupal Distribution and tailored for building websites for government agencies. Features include: ● Drupal 7 CMS ● Accessibility and 508 compliance ● Pre-built MediaRoom, Blog, Press Release and Document content types ● Leadership and Staff Directories ● Resource and Service Site Sections ● Complies with Level 2 of the NISTS Authentication Guidelines ● Pluggable Features and Apps ● Advanced Profile / User Management ● 2 Pre-Built Themes with customizable look and feel and sub-themeing ● Intuitive content management dashboard Resource: http://drupal.org/project/installation+profile@johnstuddard @bigcouchmedia #drupalcampsfl
  6. 6. OpenPublic Requirements ● Minimum of a dual-core processor with 2GB RAM (Linux) or 4GB RAM (Windows). Actual hardware requirements will vary depending on the amount of content and traffic. ● Web Server - NginX, Apache 1.3 or Apache 2.x. Drupal can also run on Microsoft IIS. Apache is the most tested platform. ● PHP – Version 5.2.x or 5.3 ● Database – MySQL 4.1 or 5.x, though MySQL 5.1 is strongly recommended. ● Installing a PHP code optimizer like APC is highly recommended, especially for production use. ● Your memory_limit variable, in php.ini needs to be at least 128M, but 190M is recommended. ● If you are still having problems (seeing "white screens of death" or errors during installation) try setting: ● max_execution_time to around 120 ● realpath_cache_size to 512K, 1M or even 2M. ● max_input_time to around 120.@johnstuddard @bigcouchmedia #drupalcampsfl
  7. 7. OpenPublic Demo ● Sign in / Security ● Dashboard ● Adding Content ● Profiles ● Leadership and Staff ● Services and Resource Sections ● Blogs ● MediaRoom ● Press Contact ● Press Releases/News ● Multimedia Galleries ● Social Media ○ Stay Connected ○ AddThis integration ● Theming ○ 2 Included ○ Subthemeing ● Pluggable Functionality ○ Features ○ Apps@johnstuddard @bigcouchmedia #drupalcampsfl
  8. 8. OpenPublic Resources Download: http://openpublicapp.com/ Community: http://community.openpublicapp.com/ Documentation: http://docs.openpublicapp.com/display/INST/Documentation@johnstuddard @bigcouchmedia #drupalcampsfl
  9. 9. Q&A John Studdard Big Couch Media Groupjohn@bigcouchmedia.com @johnstuddard @bigcouchmedia