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Election awaaz ppt

  1. 1. Election Awaaz provides assistance for Election TechnologyINDIA’S First ISO CERTIFIEDELECTION TECHNOLOGY COMPANY
  2. 2. UNDERSTAND – COMMUNICATE – CONNECTElection Awaaz connects you to the voter, who ultimately is the most important factor for the ‘WINNING’, through innovativemethods. Your and voters reason for ‘Voting You’ is “UNDERSTOOD” by the Election Awaaz Team and with its innovative methods thesame is ‘Communicated’ to the candidate.The BETTER CONNECTION is established the BETTER REASONS for voting ensue and this is further ‘CONVEYED’. to the voter Endresult is than a ‘Better Campaign – a BETTER RESULT- a total WIN-WIN SITUATION.1. Election Awaaz maintains complete SECRECY means the candiates getting assistance from us is totally KEPT CONFIDENTIAL.Only the candidate and his close known Team knows about us working for them. Utmost SECRECY is maintained regarding theassistance provided by us and that is the reason we don’t have any marketing team all assignments are discussed and acceptedonly by the directors or the core team of ELECTION AWAAZ 100% secrecy is the keyword of our operations. This is one reasonwe are also known as“DEPENDABLE SAATHIS” an E X T E N D E D arm, eyes & ears of the candidate working for the WINNING of the candidate.There is no chance of the data getting into the wrong Hands as our company is committed to and is working for only the CONGRESSParty with whom we have signed a PLEDGE.2. Has experienced team which has given till date 96% winning results working for CONGRESS Candidates.3. Voters mind is influenced these days by Social Media – Every News about the candidate is monitored, importance wise andmaintained in the candidate profile Maintained & Hosted by us (with email alerts). 3. Desired IMPACT is thus created by ElectionAwaaz Team.
  3. 3. 4. Election related SURVEY WITH ANALYTICAL REPORTS are made available to candidate/party by experienced and qualifiedpersonnel of Election Awaaz with accurate detailed data to help the candidate plan his strategy and know the mood of thevoters to give the candidate / party the WINNING EDGE.5. Election Awaaz’s services are COST EFFECTIVE to give you analytical report based on demographics and Geographic to enablethe candidate / party know whether the mood is positive and if it is negative the Corrective Measures can be advised byELECTIONGURUS.COM6. Voters concerns are UNDERSTOOD then COMMUNICATED through our reports to CONNECT them to candidate/party.7. Identification of voters preference based on gender, cast and location. Local influential person database is also createsalongwith their party preferences.8. Accurate data regarding constituency on previous polls (Percentages, polled votes, number of voters etc.) of the WINNINGcandidates, and also about the other contestant. Past election information of the candidate/party of parliamentary, assemblyand local body election–Election Awaaz can provide different parties performance report of the past elections.9. Candidates Precious Time is not wasted on unproductive Measures and this way candidate / party can utilize thelimited resources with its plan and execute his campaign with right technical inputs from Election Awaaz.
  4. 4. 10. Party/Candidate can identify his strength in weak and strong areas so as to concentrate and pin point.11. Duplicate voter cards reports can be generated by Election Awaaz.12. UTMOST SECRACY is maintained regarding the data of the candidate hence eliminating the chances ofthe data getting in the hands of rivals.13. Only trusted long standing Team members are taken in the CORE TEAM to Act like Eyes and Ears of theCandidate / party.14. Infect TEAM Election Awaaz works like an extended arm of the candidate / Party.15. Election Awaaz published 15 days in advance the possible results of Delhi Assembly 2008 with morethan 93% accuracy astounding Political Pundits.16. Booth wise detailed data of Micro and Macro segmentation (Caste data + Gender data + Householddata + details of Influential people + Duplicate voters list + Comparative analysis of Past results) are allavailable from Election Awaaz.
  5. 5. 17. Election Awaaz is a division of Awaaz India Media Pvt. Ltd., India’s first ISO Certified Election TechnologyCompany.18. Election Awaaz provides you Party/Candidate CADRE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM to manage cadre during Pre-Polltimes and Post-Poll times.19. Election Awaaz provides you data regarding first time voters and different age-group voters alongwith votersfamily graph.20. Election Awaaz provides you CONSTITUENCY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM to keep in touch with the ever importantVOTERS. As election is a number gave and managing members is what Election Awaaz is best at.21. Election Awaaz provides you a bouquet of telephonically solutions 24X7 to keep in touch with the voter andcadre. This state of the art technology wonder enables two way and one way voice and message solutions to theparty and candidate. These systems when used for party cadre improve the candidate amongst party workers.22. Election Awaaz Team is an experienced and committed Team which has delivered as per expectations (WinningRecord 96%). The Team is headed by MBA and MA (Mass Communication and Journalism) qualified Team Leaders togive the Candidate/Party the WINNING EDGE.
  6. 6. Election Awaaz a div. of Awaaz India Media (P) Ltd.Voice push forvoters• Make sure your voice reaches to lacs of voters across your constituency• Send important campaigns / holiday greetings powered by a robust voice platformComplaintmanagement• Let your voters reach you free of cost by giving a missed call• We will give an automated call back to them so that they can record any complaints /suggestionsInboundNumber• Give a phone number to each of your candidates• Your voters can reach out with any queries / suggestions• Monitor your voter conversations and know their pulse• Increase coordination among party workers• Make sure important announcements / messages are spread across theminstantaneously• Provide a conference bridge for party workers to discuss important mattersImproveCoordination
  7. 7. TelephonyServerUpload PhoneNosUpload VoiceFileWebInterfaceReach out to lacs of voterssimultaneouslyDownload Logsfrom webinterface3Upload voicemessage andphone no listOutbound calls areplacessimultaneously
  8. 8. 9811-xxx-yyyVoter gives amissed call to anumberVoter requestis registeredVoterTelephonyServerOutbound callis made to thevoterVoterVoter Recordshis complaint /suggestionComplaintRecording1. Voter gives a missed call to anumber in case he wants to registerany complaint / suggestion2. Our system captures the request1. An outbound call is placed to thevoter and he is asked to record hiscomplaint / suggestion2. Call Recording of complaint /suggestion is made available
  9. 9. VoterCalls thenumberDials 1 foranyqueriesCandidate/ PartyworkerWait forInputE-mailSMSCall RecordingVoice file sent toE-mailDials 2 torecordmessage• Set Welcome Message•Program Extensions• Access call Logs• Set After HoursGreeted with awelcomemessageCall connected tocandidate / partyworkerVoter Records amessage
  10. 10. ChiefCoordinator9811-xxx-yyyCoordinator callsa number andrecords amessageParty worker1Party worker2Party worker3Message istransmitted to allparty workers
  11. 11. Web InterfaceWeb Server ClusterDatabase Server ClusterAPI InterfaceMedia Servers TTS Engine ASR Engine Billing ServersCall QueuesIVR Application Layer Call Flow ControllerLoad BalancersPSTN Gateway Server CloudSeamless Integrationwith 3rd partyapplications – TTS & ASRengines by NuanceCustomizable IVRsupports multipleuse casesAllows securecommunication withvarious applicationsPhysicalLayerOn the CloudRobust PhysicalLayer – SupportsLarge call volumesHolds all the CDRsbeing generatedSupports wide rangeof customisedreports
  12. 12. Direct ConnectivityAccountabilityBetterRelationship withyour voters andparty peopleReduce yourElectionExpenditureReach &VisibilityQualityProfessionalApproachQuickResult
  13. 13. President of the NH-8 Highway Welfare Association, an association of Industrialist Businessman and local residents Known name as asocial workers, been appointed to the select committee for maintaining law and order since 1988 (Delhi Police) member of the welfarecommittee for minorities in Delhi administration, member of the peace committee and general secretary of a society funding theeducational pursuits of app. 350 underprivileged children and other organization whose aim is to create better individuals in thesociety, to make the society a better place to live in.Sound 33 years of business experience acquired through practical presence at the helm of affairs further enriched by travels across halfthe globe. Represent six Multinational Companies in India. I’ve had practical experience in the field of manufacturing and marketing andmarketing campaigns, , general order supplies, consumer goods and electronics. The products developed by J.P. Singh have also beenused during the prestigious international conference by the heads of states and duly appreciated for being equal to the best that areavailable at present globally.Strength :Quickness and ability to learn, ability to reason and logical way to cope with circumstances. Good experiences of problem solving acquiredthrough practical experiences of more than three decades of working.I’ve always believed in the concept of Networking i.e. meeting people, storing information and working for mutual gains i.e. not justseeking out people who can do something for me but seeking out people for whom I can do something, for me it is a two way street.Kabir Sahni is having a business experience of around 8 years and assisted in reputed fortune 500 TelecomCompanies. After acquiring sufficient managerial skills by working in those companies he did many certificatecourses to lean various aspects of telecom, power and IT business besides courses of Dale Carnegie to improveinterpersonal relations.Performance focused visionary strategic sourcing leader credited with multi million Rupees saving through variablesourcing, Techno-commercial optimization, integration and outsourcing Strategies. Resourceful big picture thinkerwho can confidently champions business objectives through outstanding leadership and business acumen andvendor Negotiations.Mr. J.P. Singh (MD)Kabir Sahni (Director)
  14. 14. Hari Trivedi having 27 years of experience in Business development, Sales and Marketing, E commerce, Software and Technology,Supplychain Management, Corporate strategic Alliances and so on.The 27 Years of experience at leading organization of India like Godrej, BPL.LG, Onida, Indiatimes and Naaptol in the above field. Have created ,pioneered and successfully managed national level leading roles insuch organizations.For more than a decade Hari have been associated with E.com Industry . First as head of e.com at Indiatimes and last as president and copromoter of Naaptol online retail pvt ltd where in from almost zero created a brand with valuation of over 800 crores.Hari Trivedi E.D.