Digital Skills Gap in Asia: How to close the gap


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Digital Marketing Skills Gap in Asia: how to close the gap?

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Digital Skills Gap in Asia: How to close the gap

  2. 2. Is there really a Digital Skills Gap in Asia?
  3. 3. Are companies really investing in Digital Talent?
  4. 4. But research points at a Digital Skills Gap… Source: State of Digital Marketing in Asia 2013 (preliminary results) 5% 26% 45% 19% 5% 1% 25% 48% 21% 5% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Excellent Good Okay Poor Very poor How would you describe the level of digital knowledge within your organisations / clients' organisations? Client-side Supply-side
  5. 5. Senior Managers are still getting to grips…. Source: State of Digital Marketing in Asia 2013 (preliminary results) 6% 30% 48% 8% 8% 4% 25% 48% 15% 7% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Excellent Good Okay Poor Very poor How would you describe the understanding of your (or your clients’) senior managers about the potential of digital channels (email, search, social media, etc.) to help grow your/their business? Client-side Supply-side
  6. 6. Clients’ Challenges: Digital Marketing Silver Bullet • Difficult to maintain all-round knowledge of digital • Large reliance on traditional offline channels • Fragmented nature of digital maturity • Lack of knowledge of marketing/business purposes • Looking for “Silver Bullet” to internal problems around Digital Marketing
  7. 7. Source: State of Digital Marketing in Asia 2012 • Lack of client understanding (complexity) • Rushing into marketplace with poor strategy • Bottom up: leadership is failing to understand digital • Shortage of digital employees who understand strategy and channel • Offline marketers in digital using traditional strategies Agencies’ Challenges: senior clients don’t get it?
  8. 8. Observations from a Digital Marketer…. (Part 1) • Brand Marketers with limited knowledge of digital • In Display, Email Marketing and Paid Search “Even the younger generation of marketers – although heavy users of digital and social media in their private lives – have a very limited understanding of digital marketing.”
  9. 9. Observations from a Digital Marketer…. (Part 2) Senior Managers/Decision Makers with limited digital marketing knowledge and a lack of understanding of how digital should be integrated into the mix Cartoon by
  10. 10. Observations from a Digital Marketer…. (Part 3) • Digital marketers with good digital knowledge/skills • But with poor understanding of: – Offline channels – Bigger marketing picture – Bigger business picture: the bottom line! • Look down upon those “poor bastards” in Offline Marketing… • “The younger digital marketers at the same time have a very good understanding of digital marketing but they sit in their own little silos, entirely convinced that "digital" can solve any marketing problem.” • Including world peace…
  11. 11. Why is Digital Excellence important? “Digirati” are 26% more profitable…
  12. 12. Digital Excellence creates competitive advantage Digital Marketing Benefits: • 93%: creates competitive advantage • 52%: crucial in forming customer-centric/responsive organisation • 51%: boosts effectiveness/efficiency of overall marketing programme Source: APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard 2012, Adobe
  13. 13. Solutions on the client-side? External Training In-house Training Outsource to Agency Poach from Agency Internships/ GraduatesUniversity Programmes Poach from Competition Hire from abroad
  14. 14. Hiring more Digital Specialists is not the solution You will never be able to hire enough, good & experienced Digital Marketers… Solution is to strive for “Digital Excellence”!
  15. 15. What is Digital Excellence? Digital Excellence Marketing leadership in the strategic deployment of digital channels and business processes It is not about making everyone in the company a digital guru. It's about giving everyone a degree of digital literacy.
  16. 16. Digital Marketing is Digital Business Business that does digital Digital Business
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  18. 18. First phase: educational approach… • Growing Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Team • Educating the Marketing Team in Digital Marketing • Fast Track Digital Marketing • Display 101, Paid Search 101, Email Marketing 101 etc. • Pulling in Sales and Communications Teams • Digital Emersion Programme for Senior Management
  19. 19. Second phase: moving to a Digital Business…. • Digital Marketing to Digital Business • e-Tickets • m-Tickets • Self-service Kiosk • Google Indoor Disney Wristbands
  20. 20. Moving to an Integrated Approach Educating and training all Offline Marketers (and Senior Managers) in Digital Marketing.... Educating Digital Marketers in Offline Marketing.... Marketing Silos  Integrated Marketing Turning your Marketing Department into a high-performing INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS Team...
  21. 21. Citibank: eliminate the Digital Marketing Dept!
  22. 22.  State of Digital Marketing in Asia in association with Campaign Asia-Pacific Yes, there is a Digital Skills Gap in Asia Training & Development alone is not going to close the gap… Outsourcing to agencies is not a structural solution. Don’t eliminate the Digital Marketing Department (yet)… Digital Marketing needs to be fully integrated into Brand Marketing Every Marketer needs to be digitally savvy Oh, and your boss too! Conclusions
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