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Talk2Rep Call Centers General Services Brochure 011206

Talk2Rep Call Centers and Contact management services general brochure

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Talk2Rep Call Centers General Services Brochure 011206

  1. 1. CONTACT INTERACTION MANAGEMENT Talk2Rep 8795 W. McNab Road Suite 300 Tamarac, FL 33321 1.866.856.2REP (2737)
  2. 2. Experience You Can Count On Customer Interaction Management via voice and the web from Talk2Rep. The Talk2Rep CIM (Customer Interaction Management) solution provides businesses a turn-key answer for successfully managing every customer touch point. Utilizing sophisticated contact center technology, Talk2Rep integrates traditional inbound and outbound call center services with today’s web transactions such as collaborative chat, email and fax. Client’s can choose to adopt the complete integrated CIM suite or any of its individual services. Core support for the Talk2Rep CIM solution is provided by a team of highly skilled multi-lingual representatives. Providing the valuable link between the contact technology and the client, the Talk2Rep team provides excellence at the point of contact and ensures a positive experience every time. A seamless extension of a client’s marketing, data collection, customer care, and sales channels, Talk2Rep’s dynamic CIM outsource solution acquires, retains and grows a client’s customer base without the burden and expense of establishing or maintaining an in-house operation. About Talk2Rep Talk2Rep is a nationally recognized contact services provider headquartered in Tamarac, Florida . Talk2Rep was founded in 2000 as a solution for clients seeking advanced outsourced call center and customer interaction services. Formed by former AT&T Call Center executives, Talk2Rep offers fully integrated high quality contact management services within multiple vertical markets such as Healthcare, Financial, Technology and Communication Services. Talk2Rep, 8795 W. McNab Rd, Suite 300, Tamarac, FL 33321 -- 1.866.856.2REP (2737)
  3. 3. SERVICES Call Center and Customer Contact Management Solutions Talk2Rep list of Services: Inbound Talk2Rep has a comprehensive inbound environment. Combining traditional ACD services with advanced IVR, Skills Based Routing, call blending, and cross-service reporting. Voice mail systems, multiple call transfers, customized greetings and on-hold messages and flexible after hours treatments provide robust PBX technology at your fingertips. Sophisticated systems with quality representatives readily available to assist your customers. Contact Talk2Rep for Inbound telemarketing, customer services, Help Desk Services, order taking, multilingual services and more… Outbound Talk2Rep provides traditional outbound services enhanced with the latest cutting edge Dialing, Scripting, and Data Capture technology. Integrated “Do Not Call” List and automatic parameters to ensure new FTC abandonment compliance. Advanced answering machine detection and time-of- day call ratio features ensure efficient list utilization. All this leads to better contacts and accurate data capture at a lower cost. Contact Talk2Rep for Outbound Telesales, Data Collection, Appointment Setting, Lead Generation and more.. Web Site Collaborative Chat “Click to Chat” Talk2Rep utilizes server-side technology to provide a custom chat window to your Web enabled customers. Real-time interaction simplifies navigation of order forms and the ability to push web pages to your visitors, and enhances the experience. E-Mail Management Talk2Rep handles E-mail much the same way we handle inbound calls. E-mails are queued to the agents and the agents process them on a first in first out basis. Coupled with our unique ID tracking ability, response to your customers in a timely fashion is ensured. IVR Solutions Automated and friendly recorded solutions for inbound calls, “Smart Call Routing” and data capture capabilities. Voice Broadcasting Automated digital recordings contact thousands instantly, Talk2Reps features “IQDIAL” an affordable messaging solutions with call transfer capabilities. Talk2Rep, 8795 W. McNab Rd, Suite 300, Tamarac, FL 33321 -- 1.866.856.2REP (2737)
  4. 4. INDUSTRY FOCUS Our experience in diverse vertical markets ensures the success of your programs. Talk2Rep has experience in developing the right platform coupling technology and highly skilled human resources Banking Financial Services Government Healthcare Insurance Pharmaceutical Publishing Retail Technology Telecommunications Utilities Each client/project is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who handles all phases of the project from inception to completion. Talk2Rep, 8795 W. McNab Rd, Suite 300, Tamarac, FL 33321 -- 1.866.856.2REP (2737)
  5. 5. SOLUTIONS Our turn-key and customized solutions are designed to help companies attain top market share in their highly competitive environments. E-Commerce Did you know that 67% of all shopping carts on the web are abandoned before completing a sale? Talk2Rep can enhance your customer image and your bottom line with our e-mail management and web chat programs. Your Web visitors can choose the option to request real-time live agent assistance via a voice or text chat connection. Your e-mail inquiries are responded to rapidly within the time frame you choose. Product Testing / Seasonal Assistance Talk2Rep handles smaller programs with ease. If your company is rolling out a new product, test customer acceptance with a small group first. If your business is seasonal, Talk2Rep can process your overflow ensuring continued customer satisfaction. Sales and Customer Services Talk2Rep recruits, trains, manages and rewards our inbound and outbound representatives ensuring results for our sales and customer services clients. Intelligent up-sells, cross-sells and down-sells are all components of our customer retention, service and acquisition programs. We build teams that are ripe with enthusiasm and drive, and that have the right aptitude for our clients' sales needs. We set appointments, generate new customers, and retain and service your existing customers. Data Collection / Surveys Did you know that a company hears from only 20% of it’s dissatisfied customers and less than 15% of it’s satisfied customers? Talk2Rep helps you manage your business effectively with regular satisfaction surveys of existing customers and welcome calls to new customers. Understanding customer perception is your best competitive edge. Talk2Rep retains multi-lingual interviewers, utilizing CATI technology that is SPSS compliant. Technical Support / Help Desk Talk2Rep offers technical and product support through live operator, IVR and Internet channels. We select and manage agents with a higher skill set and proven ability to communicate about complex products in a non-scripted problem-solving environment. We strive to be an extension of our clients' service philosophy and culture. Talk2Rep, 8795 W. McNab Rd, Suite 300, Tamarac, FL 33321 -- 1.866.856.2REP (2737)
  6. 6. QUALITY Talk2Rep provides seamless representation of your company. All campaigns include our “Measured Success” quality program. Established Metrics Prior to initiating the calling, specific metrics are established for your campaign. Functioning both as performance goals and benchmarks, the success of your campaign is objectively measured in real-time. Each member of your campaign team is accountable for your metrics. Full transactional reporting for your program at your desktop daily to help you manage your business more effectively. Remote Monitoring Talk2Rep collaboratively works with you to monitor and evaluate campaign direction. Our remote monitoring capability is not only used by our quality team to ensure objectivity, but can also be used by you, from your office. Call Recording Talk2Rep provides digital quality recording of your campaign. This allows us to more effectively develop your team. It also provides easy answer to customer questions that may arise later on. Talk2Rep can provide you a copy of any call recorded within 24 hours of the request. Quality Checklist Talk2Rep will customize it’s Quality Checklist to meet the specific needs of your campaign. The Quality Checklist ensures that all aspects of your campaign are discovered and successfully met. From inception to completion, every detail is covered. Quality Coaches Talk2Rep provides the best representatives through regular coaching and development. Our team of Quality Coaches monitor, analyze, and develop the interaction between your callers and your team of representatives. Regular evaluation and calibration sessions are conducted with the supervisor and account management team to ensure consistency. Talk2Rep, 8795 W. McNab Rd, Suite 300, Tamarac, FL 33321 -- 1.866.856.2REP (2737)
  7. 7. INDUSTRY FOCUS Our diverse client portfolio means experience and best practices applied to your program and your customers. And smaller clients, who are just as important as members of the Talk2Rep family… Talk2Rep…better solutions and higher quality… For the most important part of your business….your customers. Talk2Rep, 8795 W. McNab Rd #300, Tamarac, FL 33321 866-856-2REP(2737)
  8. 8. The Simple, Smart way 2 Connect with Talk2Rep Contact us at 866-856-2Rep (2737) and visit us on the web at Talk2Rep, 8795 W. McNab Rd #300, Tamarac, FL 33321 866-856-2REP(2737)