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The Export Practitioner and Washington Tariff & Trade Letter                                             Present          ...
ABOUT OUR INSTRUCTORS:                                                        John PrieckoMr. Priecko is President and Man...
Everyone in Your Company Has a Role in ITAR                 Compliance, But Does Everyone Understand                     I...
ITAR Basics for                          Exporting Industry Employees                              A Four-Part, Remote-Lea...
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ITAR Basics Audio Conference Series


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This comprehensive four-part, remote-learning program “ITAR Basics for Exporting Industry Employees” is intended to introduce the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) to employees of defense suppliers, manufacturers, exporters and brokers who are newly assigned to export compliance responsibilities as well as those who must understand ITAR rules to do their jobs, including personnel involved in sales and marketing, engineering and design, international and government contract management, mergers and acquisitions, finance and billing, human resources, legal, operations, security, procurement, shipping, logistics and transportation.

It’s also for those who work for commercial and dual-use firms who need to know how the ITAR might affect their companies.

Each of the four 90-minute sessions will be held on Wednesdays from 2:00 to 3:30 P.M. Each session will address different parts of the ITAR. Programs will be held on April 13, 2011; April 27, 2011; May 11, 2011; and May 25, 2011.

Our instructors, who expert legal and compliance specialists, are: John Priecko, Trade Compliance Solutions; Greg Hill, DRS Technologies, Inc.; Suzanne Kao, Huffman Riley Kao PLLC; Ginger Carney, Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium; and Phil Rhoads, Rhoads and Reed PLLC.

If you are unable to participate in this four-part, remote-learning series in person, you can order a CD recording of all four sessions along with all the PowerPoint slides.

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ITAR Basics Audio Conference Series

  1. 1. The Export Practitioner and Washington Tariff & Trade Letter Present A Four-Part, Remote-Learning Course on ITAR Basics for Exporting Industry Employees This comprehensive four-part, remote-learning program is intended to introduce the International Traffic in Arms RegulationsSESSION 1:Wednesday, April 13, 2011 (ITAR) to employees of defense suppliers, manufacturers,2:00-3:30 PM (Eastern) exporters and brokers who are newly assigned to exportOverview, Purpose, Definitions, compliance responsibilities as well as those who must understandU.S. Munitions List and Export ITAR rules to do their jobs, including personnel involved in salesControl Reform and marketing, engineering and design, international and(ITAR Parts 120 & 121)Speakers: government contract management, mergers and acquisitions,John Priecko finance and billing, human resources, legal, operations, security,Trade Compliance Solutions procurement, shipping, logistics and transportation.Greg HillDRS Technologies, Inc. It’s also for those who work for commercial and dual-use firmsSESSION 2: who need to know how the ITAR might affect their companies.Wednesday, April 27, 20112:00-3:30 PM (Eastern) Each of the four sessions aims to familiarize your employees withGeneral Policies, Provisions and key ITAR provisions and why their adherence to these complexRegistration for Manufacturers,Exporters and Brokers regulations is essential to assuring your organization’s (ITAR Parts 122, 126 and 129) compliance with U.S. export control laws and avoiding costlySpeakers: fines, debarment from government contracts, denial of exportJohn Priecko privileges and numerous other negative and potentiallyTrade Compliance SolutionsSuzanne Kao devastating consequences.Huffman Riley Kao PLLC No previous experience with or knowledge of the ITAR is neededSESSION 3: to benefit from this valuable, instructive and application-focusedWednesday, May 11, 2011 course. Our seasoned instructors are business and legal experts2:00-3:30 PM (Eastern)Licenses, Agreements and who have years of experience dealing with ITAR daily. InRelated Defense addition to the basic ITAR requirements, they will provide real-lifeArticle & Defense Service Issues examples of situations you are likely to face where knowledge of(ITAR Parts 123, 124 and 125) ITAR rules is essential to prevent violations of the regulations.Speakers:John PrieckoTrade Compliance SolutionsGinger CarneyNetwork Centric Operations Training from Your OwnIndustry Consortium Office for Unlimited NumberSESSION 4:Wednesday, May 25, 2011 of Attendees with No Travel2:00-3:30 PM (Eastern)Violations, Penalties, or Hotel Costs and No LostAdministrative Procedures,Political Contributions, Fees and Time Away from WorkCommissions (ITAR Parts 127, 128 and 130)Speakers:John PrieckoTrade Compliance Solutions REGISTER NOW:Phil Rhoads CALL: 202-463-1250, Ext.193Rhoads & Reed PLLC FAX: 301-570-4545 ONLINE:
  2. 2. ABOUT OUR INSTRUCTORS: John PrieckoMr. Priecko is President and Managing Partner of Trade Compliance Solutions, a network of top-notch professionals that assistthe trade compliance community with evaluating and recommending appropriate resources to assist in complying with the letter& spirit of U.S. Government (USG) laws & regulations. John has a 15+ year career in trade compliance as Director ofInternational Trade Compliance, Senior Empowered Official and Vice President of Global Trade Compliance at J.P. Morgan. Hehas unique in-depth practical expertise & diverse experience in the USG, industry, as a consultant and with law firms dealingwith all aspects of the global integrated supply chain. John is also an accomplished author of numerous trade compliance andrelated articles--a seasoned speaker at conferences, seminars, workshops and other events. Among various affiliations he is amember of the International Compliance Professionals Association, Society for International Affairs and the Virginia/WashingtonD.C. District Export Council. Greg HillMr. Hill is the Corporate Director for Licensing at DRS Technologies, Inc. where he coordinates, establishes and overseescompany-wide export policy and represents DRS on related issues to the Departments of State, Commerce, Defense and theU.S. Congress. He is an active member of the Coalition for Security & Competitiveness and Defense Trade Advisory Group.Working with the Aerospace Industries Association Export Controls Committee, he also helped identify, develop and authorrecommendations to modernize the U.S. export control system. Prior to joining DRS, Greg was with General DynamicsInformation Technology where he led a U.S. Army initiative streamlining their international security cooperation processes tobetter support U.S. Government acquisition programs and the U.S. defense industrial base. His efforts encompassedinternational business operations, foreign military, direct commercial sales and cooperative development programs. BeforeGeneral Dynamics, he was the Corporate Deputy Director for Export and Import Management at Northrop Grumman. Suzanne KaoMs. Kao is a founding member of Huffman Riley Kao PLLC. She assists U.S. and foreign clients navigate and comply with U.S.export control laws, including the International Traffic in Arms Regulations; Export Administration Regulations; and Office ofForeign Assets Control regulations. She has extensive experience counseling clients in the high technology, software, defenseand related industries to identify comprehensive, cost-effective compliance solutions that address the day-to-day realities of thebusiness world as well as regulatory requirements. She assists clients with matters ranging from analyzing the jurisdictionalclassification of products, technologies and services to licensing of international transactions, development and implementationof compliance programs and targeted training, the disclosure and negotiation of compliance matters, to conducting internalaudits, to due diligence related to mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Ms. Kao graduated from Brown University and theUniversity of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Law. Ginger CarneyMs. Carney is the Director, Export Compliance for the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC™). She hasover twenty-five years experience in defense trade licensing and compliance. Ginger began her export compliance career at theDefense Technology Security Administration (DTSA) when it was created in 1983. In 1987, she left government service andcontinued her export licensing career in the private sector. Ginger has held progressively senior positions in licensing andcompliance at Varian Associates, Watkins-Johnson, McDonnell Douglas (acquired by Boeing in 1997), Smiths Aerospace,Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems. In July 2005, Ginger assumed her current position at NCOIC. Active in association work,Ginger served on the Board of Directors of SIA for eight years, culminating her service as President. She continues to be anactive SIA volunteer, has participated on the International Council for AIA, and is currently a member of the Defense TradeAdvisory Group. Phil RhoadsMr. Rhoads is an attorney with Rhoads & Reed in Washington, D.C. with a concentration on compliance and enforcement underthe Arms Export Control Act and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations. He conducts diagnostic audits of regulatedcompanies and provides assessments of possible AECA/ITAR violations. He prepares voluntary disclosures and has anadministrative practice before State’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls and Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security.Mr. Rhoads is a former chief of compliance and enforcement of DDTC’s Office of Compliance and was in charge of ITARregistrations, voluntary disclosures, civil enforcement, end-use monitoring and the department’s support of Customs’ criminalinvestigations and Justice Department prosecutions. Mr. Rhoads speaks frequently at a variety of export control seminars andworkshops in the U.S. and abroad and regularly publishes articles on AECA and ITAR enforcement issues. He is a member ofthe D.C., Kentucky and Louisiana Bar Associations.
  3. 3. Everyone in Your Company Has a Role in ITAR Compliance, But Does Everyone Understand ITAR Requirements and the Costly Consequences of Violations? Sign-Up Your Employees for this Informative Training Course to Learn:  Key Concepts and Definitions in International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)  Critical Importance of Licensing Jurisdiction and Product Classification  Your Company’s Empowered Official’s Role in ITAR Compliance  Export Controls on Products and Data on the U.S. Munitions List (USML)  Registration Requirements for Exporters, Manufacturers and Brokers  Prohibitions against Doing Business with Designated Entities  ITAR Considerations in Due Diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions  Licensing Agreements with Foreign Partners for Manufacturing and Services  Available Licensing Exemptions for Defense Exports  Documentation, Recordkeeping and Record Retention Requirements  Dealing with Controlled Technical Data and Classified Programs  The Consequences, Cost and Penalties for ITAR Violations  Government’s Criminal and Administrative Enforcement of ITAR Rules  Reporting Requirements for Political Contributions, Fees and Commissions  Case Studies Emphasizing the Risk of Noncompliance  Implications of Obama Administration’s Export Control Reform Initiative  ABOUT THE SPONSORS The Export PractitionerThis monthly magazine is the only publication devoted exclusively to the export licensing requirements andenforcement policies of Commerce, State and Treasury. It provides exclusive in-depth news and analysis aimed athelping exporters speed their products to customers abroad while avoiding costly legal troubles. With special guestfeatures and columns written by experts in the field, The Export Practitioner gives export managers, internationaltrade lawyers, and trade consultants information they can apply directly to coping with U.S. export controls andtrade sanctions. For more information, visit Washington Tariff & Trade LetterThis award-winning weekly newsletter provides exclusive, behind-the-scenes news and analysis of Washington’strade policies and legislation, export controls, trade sanctions, and enforcement of antidumping and countervailingduty laws. Based on nearly 30 years of experience and extensive sources in the U.S. government, Congress anddiplomatic corps, it delivers a concise briefing on bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations, particularly at theWTO, and trade disputes that directly affect international trade and investment. To learn more, go
  4. 4. ITAR Basics for Exporting Industry Employees A Four-Part, Remote-Learning Course Wednesdays: April 13, 2011 ♦ April 27, 2011 ♦ May 11, 2011 ♦ May 25, 2011 2:00 to 3:30 P.M. (Eastern) 1:00 to 2:30 P.M. (Central) 12:00 Noon to 1:30 P.M. (Mountain) 11:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. (Pacific)SUBSCRIBERS SAVE 15% ON PRICE OF AUDIO-CONFERENCE(Non-Subscribers, call today to subscribe at special discount rate.)Please Complete and Return this Information to Register:Yes, Please register me for the ITAR Basics for Exporting Industry Employees 4-Part Remote-Learning Course of Audio-Conferences for $695.I’m a subscriber to The Export Practitioner or Washington Tariff & Trade Letter; sign me up at 15% discount price of $590.I can’t participate but send me CD recordings and PowerPoint presentations of all four programs for  $495 (subscriber)  $630 (non-subscriber)Payment Enclosed (check payable to Gilston-Kalin Communications)Charge my Credit Card: VISA  MasterCard American Express  Discover Card Number _____________________________________________Expiration Date___________/___________Signature _________________________________ E-Mail Address______________________________________Name____________________________________________Title_______________________________________Company____________________________________________________________________________________Address____________________________________________City________________State____Zip___________Phone_________________________________________Fax__________________________________________ Please send me information about future audio-conferences and seminars on U.S. export controls. 4 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER: MAIL TO: Gilston-Kalin Communications  BY MAIL P.O. Box 5325 Rockville, MD 20848-5325  BY FAX FAX TO: 301-570-4545  BY PHONE CALL: 202-463-1250, Ext. 193  ONLINE ONLINE at