Choosing a library leader


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Jason Price to VP of Library & Information Technology Svcs Search Committee 2011-02-22

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  • Library Now: Deliver what we haveLibrary Next: Deliver any Amazon book & then add it to collectionOut of print? Espresso print & add to collection
  • Local vs cooperative
  • Choosing a library leader

    1. 1. Jason Price to VP of Library & Information Technology Svcs Search Committee 2011-02-22* Choosing a leader for 21st century library programs & services
    2. 2. JASON PRICE – PERSONAL OPINION ONLY*Distribution & Delivery*Discovery*Digitization*Data*= Deluge *
    3. 3. JASON PRICE – PERSONAL OPINION ONLY* Owning everything of value –> Access everything of value to you* Do we have it? -> How long to get it? -> Can’t tell the difference* Local -> Regional collections & Global access* Purchase on demand -> 50% use to 100% use* Instant delivery of any article* Ebooks drive discovery & print purchasing *
    4. 4. JASON PRICE – PERSONAL OPINION ONLY* Improving on Google* Summon/Sherlock (one search for all library resources)* Browsing in unified physical stacks/support for a virtual browsing experience* Finding something on a topic -> Finding the best, or finding everything* Building new instruction programs – what and how? *
    5. 5. JASON PRICE – PERSONAL OPINION ONLY* Making Claremont faculty publications available to all* Student theses (All CMC from 2010)* Building an image library (CCDL)* Special Collections* Organizing & sharing references *
    6. 6. JASON PRICE – PERSONAL OPINION ONLY* Unique print holdings – Shared Repositories* Local Digital (live) backup copies (Lockss) of ejournals and ebooks* Preservation strategy for CCDL & Scholarship at Claremont* Digital humanities and raw data repositories *
    7. 7. JASON PRICE – PERSONAL OPINION ONLY* Linking tools* From any reference on the web to the library funded copy* Bringing together searchability of content from many libraries* Dealing with overload, cultivating depth*
    8. 8. JASON PRICE – PERSONAL OPINION ONLY* Other important programs & services * Collaborative space - Customized space * Study space * Embedded librarians (full courses, campus office hours, Dept. meeting attendance) * Personal librarians – Trusted-partner relationship with every faculty member *
    9. 9. JASON PRICE – PERSONAL OPINION ONLY* Google squeezes libraries out* Publishers squeeze libraries out* Presidents squeeze libraries out* Students & Faculty squeeze libraries out* We cannot stick our heads in the sand and hope to have a future*
    10. 10. JASON PRICE – PERSONAL OPINION ONLY* Someone to deftly find and walk the right line on each aspect of compromise & change* Someone to build strong trust relationships with all constituents* Someone to wrangle the leadership and make progress that is supported by faculty & students* Someone to move librarians and faculty beyond their comfort zones* Someone who can ensure that Claremont ITs play their critical roles in the future of our library services *