Lesson 9 - weeks 25, 26, & 27


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Lesson 9 - weeks 25, 26, & 27

  1. 1. dumbfound(v) to make speechless with amazement (adj) dumbfounded: amazed CLUE: to amaze Simon Cowell is dumbfounded by one of the contestants on American Idol.
  2. 2. ensue (v) to follow; to come as a result of or at a later timeCLUE: follows When a comedian tells a joke, laughter usually ensues.
  3. 3. era (n) a particularperiod in history CLUE:historical period My grandparents grew up during the era of the Great Depression.
  4. 4. flourish(v) 1. to prosper 2. to wave in the air(n) 1. a sweeping motion 2. a showy burst of music 3. a fancy line or curveCLUE: flags Plants flourish in greenhouses. The star of the show made her first entrance with a flourish.
  5. 5. garrison(n) 1. soldiers stationed in a place to protect it 2. military place of protection along with soldiers(v) to provide shelter to soldiers CLUE: fortress The garrison controlled the only passage through the mountain range.
  6. 6. grievous (adj) causing grief or pain; hard to bearCLUE: causing grief Our dog’s death was a grievous loss for our family.
  7. 7. hoard (v) to save and put away, especially secretly (n) a hidden supplyCLUE: to collect Chipmunks hoard nuts for the winter. The dragon’s hoard was filled with gold coins and jewels.
  8. 8. inundate (v) 1. to cover, as with water from a flood 2. to load with an excessive amount of something CLUE: to coverThe bridge was inundated with people before the fireworks show.
  9. 9. invincible (adj) impossible to defeatCLUE: indestructibleIron Man thinks he is invincible, but he has weaknesses like everyone else.
  10. 10. nomad(n) a member of a group that settles briefly in one place and then moves on to anotherCLUE: wandererMany Native American tribes were nomadic.
  11. 11. placate(v) to stop from being angry; to calm CLUE: to calm I was able to placate my friendwhen I explained why I was late.
  12. 12. principal(adj) most important(n) 1. the most important person or thing 2. head of a school 3. a sum of money owed CLUE: pal = principal The principal objective of today’s lesson is to use the vocabulary word correctly.
  13. 13. recede (v) 1. to move back or drop to a lower level 2. to become fainterCLUE: 1. to move back 2. to fadeWaves recede after they crash onthe shore.The man’s hairline is receding.
  14. 14. ruthless(adj) showing no mercy; pitilessCLUE: mercilessGenghis Khan was reported to be a ruthless conqueror.
  15. 15. sacrifice(n) 1. something given up for another’s sake 2. an offering to a god(v) 1. to give up for another 2. to offer to a god CLUE: Give Up On Memorial Day, we honor those who have sacrificed their lives by fighting for their country.