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Lesson 6 - WOD Weeks 16, 17, & 18


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Lesson 6 - WOD Weeks 16, 17, & 18

  1. 1. addict (n) a person with a very strong desire for something that is habit- forming and sometimes harmful. (v) to cause someone to have a very strong desire for something. [n. ad-ikt; v. uh-dikt]Clue: addict = can’t do without1. Junk food addicts need to change their eating habits.2. Pushers try to addict people to illegal drugs.Ex: addicted to chocolate; dessertaddict; health food addict
  2. 2. aspire (v) to have a strong desire to get or do something; to seekaspiration (n) a strong desire to achieve something; an ambition [uh-spahyuhr]Clue: aspire = inspired to achieveEvery NFL team aspires to win theSuper Bowl.She has aspirations to become a popsinger.Ex: aspire to attend college; aspirationto play professional sports
  3. 3. bias (n) a preference that prevents one from being impartial; prejudice (v) to cause someone to have prejudice; to influence [bahy-uhs]Clue: Ms. Price’s bias = Alabama footballThe lawyers in town insist thatJudge Lewis shows bias in favor ofwomen.Ex: the biased reporter; thebiased media; referee shows bias
  4. 4. blatant (adj) very obvious in an offensive or shameless way [bleyt-nt]Clue: blatant = done on purposeThe governor’s promise to cuttaxes if re-elected was a blatantattempt to win votes.Ex: blatant mistake; blatanterror; blatant comment; blatantsnub; blatant lies
  5. 5. candid (adj) expressed honestly and without holding back unpleasant truths [kan-did]Clue: candid = up front with the truthTony asked the teacher for her candidopinion about his poem.Ex: candid comments; candidresponses; candid reply; candid truth
  6. 6. confront (v) 1. to stand up; to face boldly 2. to put or bring face to face [kuhn-fruhnt]confrontation (n) a hostile meeting between people who hold opposite views.Clue: confront = up front and faceDo you intend to confront the peoplewho have been spreading rumors aboutyou?Ex: confront the accusers; confrontthe evidence; confront the hecklers
  7. 7. debut (n) a first public appearance (v) to make a first public appearance [dey-byoo, di-, dey-byoo, deb-yoo]Clue: debut = out for the first timeRadio broadcasting made its debut in1920.The American Idol singer debuts withher first album next week.Ex: the movie debut; the new sportscar’s debut; the debutant’s debut
  8. 8. enroll (v) to sign up to become a member of some group or activity; to registerenrollment (n) the number of people enrolled [en-rohl]Clue: enroll = sign upA small inheritance made it possible forme to enroll in art school.Ex: enroll in a class; enroll in thearmy; enroll in college; enroll on theteam
  9. 9. fluster (v) to make nervous, embarrassed, or confused [fluhs-ter]Clue: fluster = frustrateThe personal question flusteredme, so I was unable to think of ananswer quickly.Ex: flustered the students; flusteredthe opponent; flustered the phone;flustered at the computer
  10. 10. impunity (n) freedom from being harmed or punished [im-pyoo-ni-tee]Clue: impunity = past mistakes don’t countThose who think they can smokecigarettes with impunity are sadlymistaken.Ex: impunity from past mistakes;impunity or exemption; no impunityfrom the abuse of drugs and alcohol
  11. 11. intensify (v) to increase; to strengthened or deepen [in-ten-suh-fahy]Clue: intensify = strongerVolunteers will intensify theirefforts to find the missingchildren.Ex: intensify the workout;intensify the search, the stormintensified
  12. 12. intimidate (v) to frighten, especially by threatening someoneintimidation (n) the act of intimidating [in-tim-i-deyt]Clue: intimidate = make timidThe pitcher’s scowl was intendedto intimidate the batter.Ex: intimidate the opponent;intimidate the competition;intimidate the child
  13. 13. obnoxious (adj) very unpleasant; disgusting [uhb-nok-shuhs]Clue: obnoxious = offensive + annoyingAn obnoxious person behind uskept talking on the phonethroughout the movie.Ex: obnoxious crying; obnoxioussinging; obnoxious crowd
  14. 14. retort (v) to answer; especially in a quick or clever way (n) A quick or clever reply [ri-tawrt]Clue: retort = a verbal come back“You have much to be modest about,” Iretorted when the speaker claimed tobe a modest person.Unable to think of a suitable retort, heremained silent.Ex: retorted comment; retortedanswer; a quick, clever retort
  15. 15. stint (n) 1. a period of time devoted to a job or some task 2. a limit or restriction (v) to limit or restrict [stint]Clue: stint = time doing somethingAfter finishing college, Marsha had atwo-year stint in the Peace Corps.Local benefactors gave without stint tohelp make the youth center a reality.Ex: a stint in the military; a donationwithout stint