Lesson 10 - WDO Weeks 28, 29, & 30


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Lesson 10 - WDO Weeks 28, 29, & 30

  1. 1. aquatic(adj) 1. growing or living in water2. done in or on water (e.g. aquatic sports) Clue: related to water Mary saved her money to buy aquatic plants for her aquarium.
  2. 2. assert (v) to say firmly, to declareassertion: firm statementassertive: bold, confident CLUE: declareThe suspect repeatedly asserted his innocence to the police.
  3. 3. avert This boy is averting his eyes.(v) 1. to turn away 2. to keep from happeningCLUE:1. to stop The pilot of this flight averted disaster by landing the damaged plane in the Hudson River.
  4. 4. bleak(adj)1. without much hope2. cold and dreary; exposed to bad weatherCLUE: dreary Her chances of survival from the injury were bleak. In the bleak of winter, most flowers do not grow.
  5. 5. blithe (adj) 1. cheerful, carefree 2. not caringCLUE: cheerful; careless The teenager’s blithe mood is captured in the photo above. After the accident the driver drove off blithely unaware of the damage to his care.
  6. 6. docile(adj) well behaved; easy to handle CLUE: obedientI was given the most docile horse to ride during my first horse-back riding lesson.
  7. 7. dwindle(v) to grow smallerin amountCLUE: to decrease The dwindling supplies at a food bank were a cause for alarm.
  8. 8. lethal(adj) causing, orcapable of causing,deathCLUE: deadlyA rattlesnake’s bite can be lethal.
  9. 9. monitor(v) to watch closely andfrequently; to observe(n) a video screen ClUE: (v) observe (n) screen Many parents monitor their children’s internet use.
  10. 10. mutilate(v) to hurt or damageby cutting into, cutting off, or cutting out CLUE: to damageIf you leave my dog in the house during a thunder storm, he will mutilate anything he can find.
  11. 11. nimble(adj) 1. able to move quickly and easily2. quick-thinking; cleverCLUE: quick Jack was nimble; Jack was quick. Jack jumped over the candlestick.
  12. 12. plight(n) a difficult or dangerous condition or situation CLUE: danger The news stations showed continuous coverage yesterday of the plight of flood victims.
  13. 13. ponderous (adj) heavy and slow-moving CLUE: heavy and slowThe elephant made its way throughthe clearing with ponderous steps.
  14. 14. verge (n) an edge or border (v) to come close to the edge of CLUE: EDGEAfter being on the verge of extinction, the bald eagle made a remarkable comeback in the 1980s. The hype over Justin Bieber verges on ridiculous.
  15. 15. vigilant(adj) watchful; ready for dangerCLUE: watchfulA watchdog should be vigilant.