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Company provides turnkey solutions in BMS, CCTV, FDS, FSS, ACS, PAS and many other low voltage systems...

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Business Profile

  1. 1. SDSS is a Vadodara based Turnkey Solution Provider in the domain of BMS & IBMS and Electronic Security and Fire Safety. SDSS is a six year old organization and has established premium clientbase due to our dedicated and reliable service
  2. 2. SDSS – PRODUCT PROFILE - BMS Sammraksha is partnering with GFR Digicontrol of Germany, to bring the latest and the best of technology and practices, of Building Management System, to our customers in India – at competitive price! With worldwide energy cost on the rise, the companies that operate energy efficient buildings enjoy clear competitive advantages. By increasing energy efficiency, we decrease the dependence on energy import, increase supply security, limit the financial burden on the economy & consumers and contribute significantly to environmental and climate protection.
  3. 3. SDSS – PRODUCT PROFILE - BMSGFR was founded on 1 January 1978 in Verl, Germany. As one ofthe leading players in the industry, M/s GFR develop and sellinnovative solutions for building and energy managementsystems as well as building and room automation systems.System solutions from GFR – Gesellschaft für Regelungstechnikund Energieeinspar ung mbH - offer a reasonable balancebetween ecology and economy.By implementing sustainable and efficient concepts for buildingautomation, industrial automation and building management,GFR solutions promote a healthy, future-oriented relationshipbetween people, nature and urban progress .
  5. 5. BMS COMPONENTSAn intelligent control unit is the core of BMS System. GFR offer twoversatile Controllers – Digicontrol ems 4 and ems 2. Itcommunicates internally with the systems input and outputmodules via the CAN bus, which has excellent interferenceresistance and real time reaction.The input and output modules can also act as interfaces for variouscommunication tasks for specific systems in addition to the standardAnalogue and Digital signals (e.g.: M bus, LON, KNX, LCN, Grundfosand Wilo bus, Modbus etc.). The DIGICONTROL ems 4.CP03B controlunit act as a client and server. It efficiently performs all control andregulation tasks.With GFR system solutions, you give your investment, from propertyplanning to long-term building operation a secure foundation, whicheven opens breathtaking opportunities to increase efficiency in thefuture.
  6. 6. BMS Controller The advantage of DIGICONTROL ems 4ems 4.CP03B is the fine modular structure of the automation system. The BACnet® Building Controller (B-BC) can be adapted to the increasing demands of the user with new modules at any time. The functions of individual modules can also be expanded, or the individual software can be adapted individually if required. Existing objects can also be adapted for use with BACnet® at any time by retrofitting a BACnet® communication module. In this way, existing systems can be maintained and the project can be opened to the future. Generally, the existing network can still be used for data transfer.
  7. 7. BMS Controllerems 2. CP04D The ems2.CP04D is a freely programmable compact controller that can be extended by I/O as well as interface modules of the ems4 series. With integrated operating display as a freely parameterizable and programmable universal controller to accommodate individual building automation concepts.
  8. 8. BMS Controller A room automation system must be efficient andROOM4D economical, future-proof and also retain its value. It must be compatible with various applications and installation options. It must also allow for easy integration into other systems while living up to increasingly demanding standards, guidelines and operators. It must be innovative, creative and economical. It must create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. It must be adaptable to individual needs and it must be easy for the user to understand because effortless interaction with people is one of the most essential qualities of an intelligent room automation system. GFRs room automation concept is called ROOM4D. “4D” stands for the four dimensions of modern room automation: efficiency, intelligence, functionality and design. ROOM4D contains all the building blocks for realising integrated room automation solutions and offers a variety of integration modules for all areas. ROOM4D also meets the energy efficiency requirements of DIN EN 15232 right up to the highest efficiency class A.
  9. 9. FLEXIBILITY AND OPTIONS - BACnetBACnet® compatible systems are complete systems which use theBACnet® protocol for all system components from the control computerto the controllers.BACnet® guarantees the interoperability of different devices andsystems at the management, automation and planning levels. As anative BACnet® Building Controller (B-BC), DIGICONTROL ems 4 caneasily integrate all external BACnet® systems or be integrated in them.The GFR WEBVISION building management system also speaks fluentBACnet®. That facilitates direct integration of all BACnet® capableproducts at management level. The user benefits from a real "plug andplay" system: If systems, individual components or texts are changedor expanded in a project cycle, data in all system applications issynchronised automatically.
  11. 11. CONTROL & MONITORING SOFTWARE - WEB VISIONWEBVISION is a web-based building management system for the efficientoperation of local systems and buildings as well as diverse properties. Itsapplicability ranges from room automation, e.g. in hotels or conferencecenters, on through to production in sensitive areas such as in thepharmaceutical or food processing industries .WEBVISION makes use of intranet/Inter net infrastructures in conjunctionwith Active Server technology. The system is executed in a client/serverarchitecture and uses standard browser technologies. The core feature awebserver expanded to include specific building automation functions,providing all forms and applications on a highly advanced Active Server basis.WEBVISION is especially in its element whenever a multitude of work stationsare to be integrated into the operation of the system. A key advantage of theapplied technology is that is uses existing standard networks and PCworkstations for building automation (for example building offices etc.).Connecting the server to an Internet node (using a DSL router, for example)allows the for the operation of WEBVISION via the Internet without asoftware extension. Systems in different rooms can thus be monitored easily.
  12. 12. SDSS – PRODUCT PROFILE – Access Control Systembiometric and card based attendancesystem, gate automation, video door phone, boom barriers, parking management etc. Brands: Smarti, HID, Cardax, Tutis Tech., FAAC, Syris, Kocom etc.
  13. 13. SDSS – PRODUCT PROFILE – Fire Alarm System Conventional and Addressable Fire Alarm System, VESDA – Aspirating Smoke Detection System. Brands: Siemens, Xtralis – Vesda, MIAS- Honeywell, Cooper, Bentel-Tyco, System Sensor.
  14. 14. SDSS – PRODUCT PROFILE – CCTV Remote Surviellance Comprehensive Solution, Wide Range of Brands, Competitive Price. Solutions involving Local and Remote Viewing, Analogue and Network Cameras Brands: L&T, Samsung, Indigovision, Pelco, Sony, Hikvision, CBC & many more
  15. 15. SDSS – PRODUCT PROFILE – Burglar Alarm SystemWireless and Hard Wired ProductsBrands- Visonic, DSC- Tyco, Securico
  16. 16. SDSS – PRODUCT PROFILE – Fire Suppression System* Clean Agent based Fire Suppression System.* Complete range of Portable Fire Extinguishers.Brands: FM 200 / CO2/ Sinorix (Novec 1230)/ Safex
  17. 17. SDSS – CUSTOMER PROFILE1. Alembic Limited, Halol 2. Solyay Specialties Ltd., Panoli3. Alembic Ltd., Vadodara 4. L&T HED, Ranoli, Vadodara5. L&T VBTL, Karzan, Vadodara 6. Aerzen India Limited, Savli7. Zenith Tins Ltd., Vadodara 8. Niko Resources Limited, V’dara9. Aditya Birla Insulators, Halol, 10. Kemrock Ind. & Exports Ltd.11. Astral Pharma. Industries, V’dara 12. Aventis Pharma Limited,A’war13. Rishi FIBC Pvt. Ltd., Padra 14. BRG Group, Vadodara15. BASF India, A’war 16. Baroda Textile Effects, (Huntsman)17. APMC, Hathikhana, Vadodara 18. RIL, Jamnagar19. Wear Resist Technologies, Vadodara 20. Gandhi Special Tubes, Halol21. Panoli Intermediates Pvt. Ltd., 22. Bhailal Amin General Hospital23. Rashtriya Metal Industries, Sarigam 24. RPG Lifescience Ltd., A’war25. Rallis India Limited, A’war 26. L&T Halol-Shamlaji Tollroad Ltd.26. Adani Petronet, Dahej, Bharuch 27. Rockwood Lithium, Dahej, Bharuch And many more……….
  18. 18. CONTACT FOR SMART SOLUTIONS Sammraksha Digital Security Systems, FF39-40, NBCC Plaza, Opp. Utkarsh Petrol Pump, Karelibuag, Vadodara – 390018Telefax: 2464570 (O)9974088256 Email: Web: