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Should You Attend DevCon 2012: A Flowchart


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Have colleagues who are still trying to decide whether or not they are going to join us in San Jose or Berlin for DevCon this November? Post this helpful flowchart in your work area to help them decide!

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Should You Attend DevCon 2012: A Flowchart

  1. 1. Should You Attend Alfresco DevCon 2012? Berlin: 6-7 November & San Jose, California: 13-14 November Start We entrust cloud No way. Nothing ever file sharing start- We went changes around here. ups with our critical homegrown Its so frustrating! content Any chance of Arrrggh! Why not? Does your that changing? organization use No Didnt IT settled for the Alfresco realize it SharePoint Were looking platform? was an at options option You sound Yes DevCon is a great place You know, youre stressed. Maybe to research the platform right! you should takeYes Are you some time off? technical? Actually, Im an Alfresco Rock Star! Now youre talking. Are you No Why not visit San kidding? Im Jose or Berlin? too busy Know fighting fires. I think my suit and anyone Whats the tie scared them off who is? point? And humble! Maybe DevCon has plenty of Yes you should give a opportunities for Im concerned that Lightning Talk & share networking witnessing the power of that big brain of yours our open, cloud- with the rest of us. connected content Also, come to the platform first-hand Hack-a-Thon the would drive you further day before! You Should into despair. I smell an off-site! Make DevCon a Come to team thing. DevCon You Should Do you need your managers No Not Come to approval? DevCon Invite your boss. Yes DevCon is a great way to Perfect. Come for the optional Training Day, stay find out about new Is your boss fun Yes features like Enterprise- for the main conference. to hang out with? Probably shouldnt to-Cloud Sync & the mention the party. Alfresco API. No, not at all Yes You nailed it. Please help Okay, this is critical. Does your me! Oversell it and your boss department No will want to come. Undersell have a training it and you cant go. budget? Wait, so basically your boss is a tool and has no budget for tech conferences? Yes, but reason seems to work occasionally