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Social Media's Affect on Interaction


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A fun presentation on my research paper.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Social Media's Affect on Interaction

  2. 2. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA? • It is a popular group of websites that appeal to not only the younger generations but also the older ones. • The most popular are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. • Facebook allows its users to keep tabs on family and friends. • Twitter allows their users to “tweet” their thoughts or spread pictures. • Instagram allows users to spread photos.
  3. 3. IS IT TAKING AWAY INTERACTION? • By obsessing over these websites we hurt ourselves by either becoming stressed out or simply forgoing our bodies needs. • These websites provide new ways to bully and even do it anonymously
  4. 4. IS IT ADDING TO INTERACTION? • Provides new ways to find friends • Allows users to find long lost friends and relatives
  5. 5. ARE WE BEING INVADED? • Everything done on these websites is very public • Strangers to coworkers to even bosses can see what is posted despite not being a friend or follower on these websites
  6. 6. TIN FOIL REACTION • Since now the personal information is out, we must become paranoid • I mean if anyone can see what is posted, we are now construed to forgo everything in an effort to protect ourselves
  7. 7. ARE WE DOOMED? • Quite possibly yes, we are doomed. Do not fret though for we can save ourselves! • We must discard these websites so we may once again go back to hiding our personal lives with our friends and family instead of the entire internet.