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Group 17: think optimised report

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Group 17: think optimised report

  1. 1. Think Optimised Report Group 17_January2015 1 Mobile: Report overview Analysis into the Squared mobile websites ‘search performance’ and recommendations on improvement. Data Point: Goal 19 Completions Additional dimensions /metrics:users,keywords. Insight Low performing keywords are ‘remarketing /content targeting’ (zero), ‘Business & Industrial /Business Services’ and ‘Online Communities /Blogging Resources & Services’,as they have comparativelyfew users and are yielding a low number of goal completions.‘Jobs & Education/jobs’ and ‘Jobs & education’ have a high number ofusers,but significantlylow goal completions. The bestperforming keywords are associated with ‘+Digital + Marketing’. The highestnumber ofgoal conversions,as well as the majorityof users ofthe mobile website are those going to the mobile website withoutsearch (notset). Recommendations 1. Re-think and change ‘Audience criteria’ for remarketing and contenttargeting as currentcriteria is not mirroring users. 2. Change topic targeting for ‘Business & Industrial /Business Services’ and ‘Online Communities /Blogging Resources & Services’ to something more specific and relevantto the course offering,such as ‘‘Business & Industrial>Advertising & Marketing>Marketing Services’. 3. Change topic targeting for ‘Jobs & Education/jobs’,and ‘jobs & education’ to ‘Jobs & Education>Education>Distance Learning’ to make itmore specific or A/B teststronger calls to action for these keywords.
  2. 2. Think Optimised Report Group 17_January2015 2 All traffic: Report overview Analysis into all traffic coming to the Squared website and recommendations on improving the level of completions. Data Point: Goal 19 Completions Additional dimensions /metrics:source/medium,sessions. Insight As shown above, traffic from (Offer Dynamics ad network) is the fourth highestoverall traffic source and makes up over 12% of all traffic coming to the Squared website for this specific period.It also makes up 50% of all referral traffic yet has no goal completions (shown in graph) - this means halfofthe referral visitors (11,421) for this three month period are not being converted to leads. Recommendations 1. Explore A/B testing for landing pages ofinterstitial,search and text adverts as the bounce rate for contextual.ctx- is 94.97% which also happens to be the highestofall traffic coming to the website.The landing page needs to be relevant to the advert and have a strong call to action for the bestchance of converting vi sitors. 2. After multivariate testing,compare the goal completion rate with previous periods ofthe same length to see whether more visitors have been converted to leads. 3. Use the ad exchange to bid on specific audiences searching for digital marketing courses and other Squared keyword phrases to boostthe efficiency of the ads.
  3. 3. Think Optimised Report Group 17_January2015 3 Geo-Location: Report overview Analysis into levels of engagementacross the 10 bestperforming cities in Europe within the 3-months period and recommendations on improvement. Data Point: Bounce Rate Additional dimensions/metrics:cities,avg session duration. Insight The longer average session duration (numerical),is resulting in a lower bounce rate (percentage),meaning the content is engaging and generallytranslates into higher completion rates.In terms ofengagement,Birmingham & Leeds have the lowestaverage session duration,whilstalso having the highestbounce rates. Recommendations 1. Multivariate testcontent in Birmingham with a view to making the contentmore engaging and improving average session duration and lowering bounce rate,specificallygeo-targeting 25-34 year olds in Birmingham who are contributing mostto goal completions in the city. 2. Focus on additional branding and creating engaging contentin Leeds.Specificallycatering to marketers within the professional service industrysuch as finance,legal and insurance mayincrease average session duration and lower bounce rate, as after London,Leeds is the second largestlegal centre in the UK*. 3. Explore further geo-targeting opportunities in Dublin byincreasing our geographic bid adjustmentin AdWords, given users from Dublin are engaging well with the content, shown by a low bounce rate and long avera ge session duration. References: *Geo-Location Recommendation 2, External Data Source:,. 'LegalServices 2015'. N.p., 2015. Web. 2 July 2015.
  4. 4. Think Optimised Report Group 17_January2015 4 Landing Page: Report overview Analysis into differentsources/mediums oftraffic to a specific landing page and recommendations on increasing ‘Goal 19 Completions’. Data Point: Goal 19 Completions Additional dimensions/metrics:source/medium,unique pageviews. Insight The landing page receives traffic from an array of sources,the mostprominentofwhich are Google/CPC paid adverts, Facebook referrals,and direct/none.There is also a number of low performing traffic led to the page, resulting in extremely low unique page views and goal completions,which indicates thatthe landing page i s irrelevant for the type of traffic these sources retain.Sources bringing in the mostunique pageviews tell us that these are essential in directing more visitors to the page and thus opportunities existto maximise goal completion. WhilstGoogle/CPC and direct/none bring in the highestunique pageviews,their goal completion numbers do not match expectations considering how manyvisitors they lead to the page. Recommendations 1. Since a number of traffic sources bring in extremely low unique page views and next to nothing goal completions, consider designing separate, more relevant landing pages for each source of traffic. 2. Facebook is shown to be an importantassetfor driving traffic and goal completion and is therefore vital for lead generation.Creating a landing page tab within the Facebook platform can lead to more goal completions since social media users are less likely to want to go off-platform and this provides a convenient way for them to submit their details to Squared. 3. Google/CPC and direct/none sources directlarge traffic to the landing page,so to ensure thatthese visits convert into leads as much as possible, use retargeting to track prospects who have visited the landing page and focus future, relevant adverts to the same audience.
  5. 5. Think Optimised Report Group 17_January2015 5 Adwords: Report overview Analysis into Adwords campaign performance and recommendations on Goal 19 Completions improvement. Data Point: Goal 19 Completions Additional dimension/metrics:campaign,CPC. Insights The top three campaigns with no ‘Goal 19 completions’,and a higher than average cost per click are ‘S - Marketing - Digital - Europe - NL - English’,‘S - Google - Generic - Europe’ and ‘S - Marketing - Digital Marketing Course - Europe - DE - English’. Recommendations 1. ‘S - Marketing - Digital Marketing Course - Europe - DE - English’ - Change the keywords to German to increase the number of clicks, as well as, potentially lower CPC, given the campaign has a significantly higher than average page/session, but substantially lower number of clicks. 2. ‘S - Google - Generic - Europe’ again has a higher than average page/session, and lower than average bounce rate which implies a higher level of engagement, but it is not converting so experiment with stronger calls to action. 3. ‘S - Marketing - Digital - Europe - NL - English’ - This campaign is not converting directly but has higher than average time spent on site so the content should be developed in order to promote engagement.
  6. 6. Think Optimised Report Group 17_January2015 6 Executive Summary The key goals of the Squared Online website is to generate enquiries from prospective students. The primary indicator of the site’s success is the percentage of visitors that convert to prospective leads. This report focuses on evaluating Squared Online’s marketing and lead generation activities, in key areas to recommend improvements in terms of user engagement and conversion to prospective leads between 08/12/2014 - 08/03/2015. The analysis explores the website’s KPI’s, identifying opportunities to generate more enquiries, as well as, evaluating the performance ofvarious different marketing strategies implemented in the relevant period.Using Google Analytics as the platform, the report has focused on 5 key segments: Mobile, All Traffic, Geo-Location, Landing Page and AdWords. The two key data points used are WWW Thankyou (Goal 19 completions) for conversions, and ‘bounce rates’ to assess levels of user engagement with the content, with other relevant dimensions and metrics. Key findings: Between 8th December 2014 & 8th March 2015 there were 6,463 enquiries generated. Mobile attracts less traffic to the site than desktop,butstill brings in high number of enquiries. 1,824 enquiries were registered through mobile in the relevant period, the majority of users found the mobile website without search (not set). This indicates that there is potential for mobile to generate more leads through enhanced search performance, and a need to identifying what activities can help in attracting more users. A large number ofprospective leads come from directsources, Google organic & paid sources. Email and Facebook sites generate high conversions rates, butstill attract less users. However the main concern here is that some of the paid traffic sources result in no conversions at all, as noted under ‘All Traffic’. In terms of Geo-Location targeting, the UK attracts the highest number of enquiries. With the exception of London, the performance ofall other cities in attracting new users and enquiries can be improved. London generated 2,228 enquires,followed by 103 from Manchester in second place.Other cities like Birmingham and Edinburgh have high enquires butlow visitors and sessions. There could be potential to attract enquiries from other regions where these is a high level of engagement, and therefore it is worth exploring appropriate marketing tactics to attract audiences based outside of London, such as in Dublin. The number of new users are significantly more than those who actually convert. During the relevant period, the number of new users through organic & paid sources were 6,962 & 4,068 consecutively, however the number of people who signed up for the course details were 518 & 218 consecutively. This calls attention to how users can be converted into potential leads, by tailoring landing pages to the source/medium, such as creating a sign-up page within Facebook. Between December and March, 26 AdWords campaigns ran with total cost of £29,407.49. It resulted in 469 enquiries which is comparatively low as compared to other channels, therefore it is key to identify underperforming campaigns, with a view to implementing improvements to search performance and prospective lead conversion. Based on the analysis and key findings, it is recommended: ● To rethink and change remarketing, content and topic targeting for underperforming keywords in mobile. ● Explore A/B testing for landing pages, as well as, search and display ads to create more contextually relevant advertising. ● Match the audience targeted through various ad networks to the highest converting user characteristics & demographics. ● Explore geo-targeting opportunities in cities such as Dublin which has demonstrated a high potential based on the levels of engagement, and improve engagement in cities such as Leeds and Birmingham by tailoring advertising to the industry bases in that region. ● Tailor landing pages to the source / medium such as Facebook & LinkedIn, so users can sign -up within the social Platform, and share content with friends / colleagues without having to go off-platform. ● Develop language specific ad campaigns and keywords to attract attention from specific regions and cities.
  7. 7. Think Optimised Report Group 17_January2015 7 ● Test different call to actions and content for both landing pages and ad text.