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Enda Connolly Slides, AAL Forum 2013


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2013 AAL Forum, Norrkoping, Sweden, Sept. 25th

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Enda Connolly Slides, AAL Forum 2013

  1. 1. Joint Programming in Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) Coordinating approaches to research across Europe Enda Connolly Member of JPND Executive Board 25/09/2013
  2. 2. We cannot tackle neurodegenerative diseases by acting as single countries Albania Austria Belgium Canada Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Israel Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom JPND is a global research initiative led by EU countries, with 27 participating EU member states Associated countries Third countries Increasing coordination of national research programmes to improve impact and effectiveness
  3. 3. JPND brings together…. • Researchers (Basic, Clinical, Healthcare/Social) • National Funding Bodies • National Research Strategies and Investments • Current JPND strategy: • To increase coordinated investment in ND research aimed at finding causes of disease, developing cures, and identifying appropriate ways to care for those with neurodegenerative diseases • Immediate JPND goals: • To add value to national investments through coordinated action • To encourage the development of national research strategies in ND • To engage in partnership to reach the full potential of JPND
  4. 4. JPND currently partly - supported by FP7-JUMPAHEAD (GA. 260774) Management Board • 27 countries represented • Members mandated to act • Chair Philippe Amouyel - France Executive Board • Vice-Chair Adriana Maggi - Italy • Enda Connolly - Ireland • Edvard Beem - Netherlands • Mogens Horder - Denmark Scientific Advisory Board • 18 Members, chosen for scientific excellence and competence Organisation Steering Committee • Executive Board + Rob Buckle - UK + Rainer Girgenrath - Germany
  5. 5. Societal Needs Creative research (Idea Generation) Innovation (Idea Implementation) • 27 JPND Members • Member States • Assoc. Countries • Third Countries • Eur. Commission • Industry • Public and Users • Common Strategy • Transnational Calls • Alignment Actions • National Plans • Communication and Dissemination • New treatments + preventive strategies • Improved health + social care approaches • De-stigmatize ND • Alleviate economic and social burden PARTNERSHIP ACTIONS OUTCOMES JPND Research Basic Clinical Healthcare/Social
  6. 6. European Research Landscape • Greatest amount of funds are available through national government budgets: • 2011 Total ND Research Funding: 1.621 Billion* • Basic research: 1.362 Billion • Clinical research: 183 Million • Healthcare/Social Research: 76 Million • JPND Research Strategy Goals • To develop new treatments and preventive strategies • To improve health and social care approaches • To raise awareness and de-stigmatise neurodegenerative disorders • To alleviate the economic and social burden of these diseases * Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias (AD) Parkinson’s disease (PD) and PD-related disorders Prion disease Motor neurone diseases (MND) Huntington’s disease (HD) Spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA) Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)
  7. 7. How can JPND reach its goals? • Alignment of research in Member Countries • Partnership with European Commission • Partnership with Industry • Partnership with other international organisations • Involvement of Patients and Public
  8. 8. Why is AAL important to JPND? • Priority in JPND Research Strategy • Enormous potential in the development of effective measures for prevention, intervention and care for people with ND/dementia and their (in)formal carers • AAL JP • ~25% of current projects are developing ICT-based solutions for support and care of older adults with cognitive impairments; • Monitoring and surveillance • Orientation • Localisation • Guidance by (informal) carers
  9. 9. Joining forces • Objectives of JPND - AALJP Engagement • To agree on a common research agenda • To align research priorities for ND • To determine how to implement priorities through partnership • Objectives of Future Joint Workshop • To bring together important stakeholders in this area • users, academia, small businesses, ICT and service industry • To share knowledge on JPND and AAL JP • To identify gaps and potential benefits of collaboration • To recommend future joint actions and opportunities
  10. 10. Next Steps….. Stakeholder Workshop • Identify areas of common interest – “mini-SRA” • Report delivered to JPND and AAL • Action Group to prioritize actions to be taken Draft Agenda: • Introduction/Plenary + Parallel Subgroup Breakouts • Sub-Groups: User Needs , Marketability Aspects, Setting Standards • Presentation and discussion of case studies • Identification of 5-6 priority issues to be addressed per area • Discussion on recommendations, leading to overarching report
  11. 11. JPND – AAL JP Action Group Name Affiliation Enda Connolly Health Research Board, IE Jacqueline Hoogendam Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, NL Rafael de Andres ISCIII, ES Derick Mitchell JPND Karina Marcus AAL JP Central Management Unit Geja Langerveld ZonMw, NL Pietro de Siciliano Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems, IT
  12. 12. Keep up to date • Visit the JPND website: • • • Search our Mapping Database • Sign up to the JPND News Feeds • E-mail us: • Follow us on Twitter: @JPNDEurope