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JPI Conference Dublin - Rob Buckle - SRA Development


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A presentation by Dr. Rob Buckle, MRC UK on the process behind the development and delivery of the JPND Research Strategy

Published in: Health & Medicine
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JPI Conference Dublin - Rob Buckle - SRA Development

  1. 1. Developing a Strategic Research AgendaDr Rob Buckle, Director of Science Programmes, MRC JPI Conference Dublin, 8th March 2013
  2. 2. Overview Summary of JPND Delivering the SRA • resource and timeline • components • process The end product Key considerations
  3. 3. Goals of JPNDTo deliver a coherent programme of ND research for prevention, diagnosis, treatmentand patient care, that: improves the effectiveness of current efforts reflects the increasing need for ‘big science’, shared infrastructures, cutting edge technologies and interdisciplinarity acts as a magnet to attract new expertise and investment provides a platform for international cooperation encourages collaborative activity to promote innovative research and the sharing of best practice
  4. 4. Scope of the initiative Biological Medical • Animal models • Early diagnosis • Biobanks • Prevention • Cohorts/registries • Clinical trials • Disease pathology SocialWork organised in • Health care delivery three domains • Home automation • Health economics • Ethics
  5. 5. Delivering the SRA1. Mapping National and European programmes2. Strategic prioritisation 3 thematic workshops (basic/clinical/healthcare) stakeholder consultations 4th workshop to integrate outputs, incorporate stakeholder views3. Consultation with the public (web-based)4. Delivery of the SRA, taking into account outputs from scientific workshops consultation with stakeholder groups discussion at MB (to incorporate funder, political & policy considerations)
  6. 6. ResourceEC support through JUMPAHEAD Coordination ActionSRA Work Package Scoping, strategic prioritisation and delivery of the SRA MRC lead, supported by MIUR, contribution from other WPs In kind contribution from other JPND members Resource provided through JUMPAHEAD • 2x programme manager, 1x admin support post • SRA workshop costs • contribution for website / database management
  7. 7. Timeline15 month timelineMonth 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15T2.1 Mapping *T2.2 Scientific Priorities *T2.3 Delivering the SRA *
  8. 8. Mapping ExerciseAim of exercise To provide context for developing the SRA To provide a community resource To provide an updatable platform for other fundersData collection – 3 tiers JPND member organisations Other national / regional funders Detail from PIs on bio-resourcesTimeline Feb to May 2011 - data entry from funders June 2011 - analysis for prioritisation workshop Nov 2011 - publication on JPND website
  9. 9. WorkshopsAim to identify research opportunities, gaps, barriers to progress to identify necessary infrastructures and technologies to identify priority research areas (near and longer term) to identify research requiring a cross‐border approach to provide reports as a basis for stakeholder discussionTimeline (2011) March – 3 thematic workshops April – preliminary reports for focussed stakeholder discussion May – workshop reports published June – (4th) prioritisation workshop July – final workshop report published
  10. 10. Selection of expertsInputs list of expertise provided by JPND members SAB knowledge of opinion leaders in the fieldSelection according to three dimensions i) research excellence (according to the 3 workshop themes) ii) scientific coverage (by disease and discipline) iii) geographic coverageStakeholders representativeness an issue consult via a parallel process involvement in the final, prioritisation workshop
  11. 11. Meeting structure & outputs Participants 35-40 research experts 3 SAB member organising committee JPND programme managers & other WP leads Format structured discussion sessions 3 or 4 break-out groups, topics in two dimensions choreography of groups to facilitate discussion and challenge feedback according to a structured template topic theme leaders + SAB members = writing group
  12. 12. What about stakeholders?Key stakeholder groups for JPND Patients and Carers Research charities and other funders Industry Healthcare professionals Policy makersEngagement Workshops Questionnaires to fill gaps Public consultation (web-based)
  13. 13. JPND Research Strategy Launched in Brussels February 2012 Provides a holistic ‘roadmap’ for future EU-wide activity and investment Represents a common vision agreed by JPND Members Sets out clear scientific priorities & enabling activities Addresses the full spectrum of research and approaches that are required to achieve impact
  14. 14. Promotion & Full Research Strategy Executive Summary in 13 Languages Reports summarising responses received from consultations
  15. 15. Concluding remarks Conceptual framework Time and resource Leadership and project management Transparency Credibility Inclusivity Validation Promotion