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Gamblingowl Regulated markets


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GamglingOwl Corporate

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Gamblingowl Regulated markets

  1. 1. The Die Is CastDon’t let the regulatory challengesput you off your gameGambling wl ConsultingStockholm London
  2. 2. Gambling wl ConsultingDid you hear the dice rolling?New online gaming regulations are being introduced in Europe. The prospect of a singleEuropean gaming license shall be ruled out as countries are imposing their own regulations.Italy and France recently paved the way, now followed by Denmark and Estonia. FRANCE: DENMARK Market opening: May 12, 2010 Market opening: April 2011 (?) Licenses: • Sportsboook Licenses: • Sportsbook • Horse racing • Casino games • Poker (Texas - FR players only) • Poker (all) Restrictions still apply on: Restrictions still apply on: • Casino games • Horse Racing • Bingo • Bingo • Scratch cards • Scratch cards ITALY ESTONIA Market opening (limited): 2008 Market opening: Jan 9, 2010 Licenses: • Poker (tournament) Licenses: • Sportsbook Market opening (full): 1/12/2010 (?) • Horse Racing Licenses: • Sportsboook • Poker (all) • Casino games Restrictions still apply on: • Horse racing • Bingo • Poker (cash and tournament) • Scratch cards • Bingo • Scratch cards We heard it too!Gaming regulatory expertise - GamblingOwl Consulting is an independent IT consultingcompany operating from Stockholm and Paris. We provide professional services to gamingoperators entering the newly regulated markets and establishing their company brand as areliable gaming /betting operatorMulticultural awareness - Our staff speaks fluently English, French and Swedish. Thanksto our experience working in multicultural projects, and through enhanced communicationprovided by our language skills we can more easily avoid the pitfalls when managingprojects in an international setting.Certification and professional training – Our staff has received PMP, Prince2, ITIL, MSPcertifications and is continuously trained in best practices in project managementStart-up spirit - Having worked in start-up companies, our staff is well-trained to leadprojects in greenfield, fast-paced environments and under aggressive deadlines.
  3. 3. Gambling wl ConsultingOnline gaming regulations Why should we try toare spreading over Europe (re-)enter an online gamingIn the absence of harmonization at EU level regulated market?as regards online gambling, each memberstate is moving towards its own legislation Getting compliant to a regulatory frameworkand set of business/IT requirements. With is a challenging task for any operator.laws being challenged by brick-and-mortar New regulations do introduce stringentcasinos and other lobby groups it becomes constraints and reduced profitability,essential to monitor closely the newly however they will allow fair competitionregulated markets. across all operators especially on markets earlier protected by state monopolies.Can you tell me more aboutthe new regulation? Key benefits: • Fair competition among all actors,First, let us have a look at the key data to including former monopoliesbe detailed in license application • Marketing campaign and sponsoring• Financial and accounting information finally legal (sheets, business model) • Expected growth in revenues as player• Gamblers account management maturity increases (registration, KYC, fund management) • Generation of a positive momentum within• Prevention/Detection of fraud and money the organization to review current laundering processes and obtain new certifications• Prevention of addiction• Compliancy of the gaming platform Key challenges: • Higher taxes reducing the operationsThe interactions with online gaming profitabilityregulatory authorities, such as AAMS, • Important changes on the gamingARJEL or SKAT, will not stop here as you platform to meet regulatory requirementswill be further requested to assist them in • Organizational changes to address localthe audit of the gambling application once regulated marketsdeployed and in their own tests of the • Local partnerships might be needed toplatform. reduce the cost of customer acquisitionIf you go through the documentation, youwill soon realize that some aspects of therequirements are not fully specifed andmany questions are being raised on specificcases on various forums. A continuousregulatory watch is therefore required assoon as the license is obtained. Here again,we can provide our services to allow yourbusiness to remain fully compliant.
  4. 4. Gambling wl ConsultingWell, how do we start now?In order to become or remain compliantwith the new regulations, a wide range ofrequirements need to be met. Their impactsneed to be thoroughly understand as theymay require important modifications of thegaming platformsResponsible gaming Know Your Customer• New rules for deposit limits, betting • Temporary account until the player data stakes, playing time or auto-payout are validated (FR, DK, ITA) (FR, DK, EE, ITA) • Winnings paid to local bank accounts• Winnings to be acknowledge by the (FR, DK) players (FR)Gaming Platform IT Infrastructure• Country-specific Oddset to overcome tax • Specific servers to be installed in the li- rates (ITA) or limit the player return (FR) censed markets (FR, EE)• Logging players gaming actions • Interface to local self-excluded player da- (FR, ITA, DK) tabaseTo succeed you will need inputs from all your organization, HR, accounting, legal, IT.Communication will be key as multiple teams and individuals will have to be managedtogether with local partners and authorities. A dedicated organization is required toassociate business and technical teams towards the same goal.With the experience gained on helping operators to adapt to the regulatory challenges,we have the knowledge you need to set up amanagement programme addressing theregulated markets.
  5. 5. Gambling wl ConsultingOrganisational change: Strategic objectives MA new regulation is being put in place Consolidated profit increased by x%creating either a threat or an opportunity Operator ranked number x in Europefor the company MVision: Outcomes & benefitsThe company offers online gaming Revenue increased by x%on the regulated market Annual turnover exceeding forecastsProgramme blueprint: Capabilities MDefining the business model License granted by local authoritySetting up the teams Betting/gaming platform operatingRealizing an IT impact analysisObtaining/translating official docsProjects: Operational changes: MPreparing the license application Deploying the compliant IT platformBuilding/adapting compliant IT platform Setting up new processesEstablishing partnerships Audit & certificationWe can further help you• to define in details with you your own programme to the regulated markets• to source or be your local correspondent• to assist you through the license application steps• to manage the on-site integration of the IT components• to liaise with local partners/solution providers
  6. 6. Catch the dice and give us a call!Do not hesitate to contact Jean Paul Meynard, GamblingOwlManaging Director, to further discuss your needs.Jean Paul Meynard has a long experience both as consultantand entrepreneur providing consulting services through itsown companies since 2004.He is a certified MSP Program Manager, PMI & Prince2Practitioner Project Manager, ACFE Fraud Examiner and wasawarded the ITIL and ACAMS Anti-Money LaunderingSpecialist certifications.Where to find usGambling wl ConsultingSweden EnglandGrev Turegatan 6, suite 695 14-16 Heddon Street114 11 Stockholm London W1B 4DATel: +46 (0)8-559 254 91 Tel: +44 (0)845 557 •