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Competency Snapshot: Effective Networking


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Behind every effective talent management and learning system is a competency model. We use a model based on over 40 years of research that validates the behaviors associated with each competency.

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Competency Snapshot: Effective Networking

  1. 1. EFFECTIVE NETWORKING: Takes a proactive approach to business/social interactions; will expand contacts consistently; is comfortable meeting new people and stimulating the conversation
  2. 2. HIGH PERFORMERS… • Prefer to take the lead in social interactions and is quite comfortable ‘working a room’ as he/she meets people and puts them at ease • Move easily between people or groups both familiar and unfamiliar to him/her as he/she notes opportunities for potential business dealings in the future • Enjoy socialization, sharing information about him/herself and asking questions about others to ‘break the ice’ and initiate a conversation © GrowthPlay
  3. 3.© 2018 Talent Management LLC This Competency Snapshot is brought to you by: Talent Snapshot® uses our Exclusive Talent Optimization Process™ Assess | Plan | Develop | Manage Includes: • Pre-defined, validated job profiles • Research-based, validated competencies • Key Performance Indicator library • 360° and 180° assessments • Goal and objective planning • Targeted competency development with coaching tips and eLearning • One page Personal Development Plans Engage Employees. Get Results.