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Targetting other countries


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Some thoughts on targetting other countries online, from Invest NI workshop 24th April 2013

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Targetting other countries

  1. 1. Targetting Other Countries
  2. 2. Want to target another country?• Do you have the ability to deal withsales/enquiries from other countries• Can you fulfill to these countries• Is there a market for your product or service• Distance Selling Regulations, Tax, etc
  3. 3. Market Research• Is there a demand for your products?– Google Keyword Tool, SEMRush– Google Analytics, WMT• What is the competition like?– Alexa– Market Research• Can you make this market profitable?
  4. 4. Domain Options• Separate ccTLD for each• Use a subdomain for each• Use sub-directory
  5. 5. ccTLD’s• A separate site needs to be set up andmaintained for each• Each TLD will need to have its own set ofincoming links• Content should be localised and may be wellbe very different from your main site• Hosting location no longer an issue, use WMTto tell Google what country to target
  6. 6. Sub Domains• Need to have separate version of site installedand maintained at the sub domain• Content needs to be localised• Needs to have its own set of incoming links• Target country or language can be set in WMT
  7. 7. Sub Directories• All on one site, under the same domain name• No need to maintain multiple versions of site• Content should be localised in each folder• Target Countries can be set in WMT• One set of incoming Links
  8. 8. Additional Google Tags• Google provides additional Tags to help themserve the correct language version– Rel=“Alternative” hreflang=X”• Helps to re-enforce the message in case of anyconfusion• Each version of the page should have a link toall the other versionsDont Worry Too Much About ThisMake sure your web designer worries about it
  9. 9. Pros and Cons• No best way to do this• Pros and Cons of Each Method• Will depend on technical resources• Ongoing maintenance etc will be an issue• Google Offer Guidelines
  10. 10. How to do it?• You will need a native speaker to develop thecontent for country specific site or pages• Your CMS or Web Developer will have to beable to create the necessary structure• You will need to be able to deal with anycommunications, email, social, telephone thatarise
  11. 11. Questions?