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Intro to MUI and variations in SharePoint 2010


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Published in: Technology
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Intro to MUI and variations in SharePoint 2010

  1. 1. Intro to MUI and Variationsin SharePoint 2010Presented by Joris Poelmans#Biwug3011
  2. 2. About the speaker•• ECM Unit Manager at RealDolmen• Twitter: jopxtwits• Blog:
  3. 3. Agenda#Biwug3011Introducing MUIPlaying around with MUIVariations or MUI or … both
  4. 4. Multilingual User Interface (MUI)• Improvement in SPS2010• Sites can have Alternate Languages• Focus on “Chrome” not on “Content”– Ribbon, navigation, branding• Language preference is a per user setting• Powered by Language Packs• Site (Web) scoped#Biwug3011
  5. 5. #Biwug3011
  6. 6. Language Packs• Two types of Language Packs– Server Language Packs– Foundation Language Packs• Run PSConfig(UI) after all packs areinstalled• Installation screens in language of theLanguage Pack • For installation on Windows 7 – extractlanguage pack and modify config.xml -
  7. 7. Multilingual User Interface (MUI)• Not all site templates support MUI– E.g. Blog, Meeting workspace– IsMultingual = False• Use Powershell to enable alternate languagesfor a complete site collection/web application,#Biwug3011
  8. 8. #Biwug3011
  9. 9. Agenda#Biwug3011Introducing MUIPlaying around with MUIVariations or MUI or … both
  10. 10. MUI and Managed Metadata• Terms can have Alternate Languages• Edit via Term Store Management• Out of the box import does not supportmultiple languages– Use Powershell– Use SharePoint Object Model#Biwug3011
  11. 11. MUI and Language Selection in thePersonalActions Control• Switch LCID usingJavascript• Language selection drivenby cookie#Biwug3011function ChangeMUI(value){var today = new Date();var oneYear = new Date(today.getTime()+ 365*24*60*60*1000);var url = window.location.href;document.cookie = "lcid=" + value + ";path=/;expires=" + oneYear.toGMTString();window.location.href = url;}
  12. 12. MUI SupportType of Content Examples Supported?Settings & Help 1. Settings Pages (_layouts, _admin)2. Help3. ImagesSupportedApplication Content 1. Menus2. Controls3. Custom Actions4. Web (Title, Description, Icon Description)5. List (Title, Description)6. Top Link Bar (Links)7. Quick Launch (Links, Headings)8. Global Breadcrumb9. Local Breadcrumb10. Managed Metadata (Taxonomy)11. Site Content Types (Name, Description, Groups)12. List Content Types (Name, Description)13. Site Columns (Name, Description, Groups)14. List Columns (Name, Description)SupportedDeveloper Content 1. Features2. SolutionsSupportedUser Content 1. Content2. Permission Levels3. Groups4. Views5. OOB Web Part (Title, Appearance)6. Custom Properties7. Search refinersNOT Supported#Biwug3011
  13. 13. Some remarks about multilingual &MUI• No need to install Windows Language Pack –not even for complex Character Sets such asMid Eastern and East-Asian Languages (pre-RTM advise)• You cannot enable support for alternatelanguages on a site that uses customized CSSfiles.• Search refiners are “broken” in multilingualscenarios.#Biwug3011
  14. 14. Agenda#Biwug3011Introducing MUIPlaying around with MUIVariations or MUI or … both
  15. 15. Variations vs MUI• Multi-lingual User Interfaces (MUI)– Chrome language changes– Content does not change• Multi-lingual Sites (Variations)– Chrome language changes– Content changes#Biwug3011
  16. 16. Variations – Core Concepts• Variations are an infrastructure plumbingfeature to enable multi-lingual sites– Enabled via Hidden Lists, Event Receivers, TimerJobs– Uses WCM Publishing Features (SharePoint Serveronly)#Biwug3011
  17. 17. Variations Terminology• Variation Home– Location where Variations are created– Welcome page replaced with VariationRoot.aspx(VariationRootPageLayout.aspx) upon hierarchy creation• Variation Labels– Name given to each Variation Site• Variation Root– Location where content is originally created– Default location in case of no browser match• Relationships List– Contains tracking information about each page and site inthe variation hierarchy#Biwug3011
  18. 18. Variations – inner workings• Used event handlers– ItemAdded, ItemUpdated,ItemCheckedIn,ItemDeleting and ItemDeleted event on PagesLibrary– FeatureActivated, FeatureDeactivating,WebDeleting, WebMoving, WebMoved event onPublishingWebSee SharePoint Variations – The Complete Guide –Part 3 – Triggers (Blog Stefan Gossner)#Biwug3011
  19. 19. Variations – Inner workings – TimerJobsSee SharePoint Variations – The Complete Guide –Part 4 – Timer Jobs (Blog Stefan Gossner)#Biwug3011
  20. 20. Variations - Planning• Design up front• Think about– Language Pack– Hierarchy creation– Navigation impact– Redirection Logic– Impact on search– Translation process#Biwug3011
  21. 21. Variations and Language Packs• LPs provide localized Site Templates• NOT a requirement for Variations– Easier for content authors/editors#Biwug3011
  22. 22. Page Propagation• Automatic Creation– Automatically propagate site and page variations when siteis created or page is published• Manual Creation– Manually propagate sites and pages• On-Demand Propagation (New SPS2010)– “Hybrid” approach allowing automatic site creation withmanual page updates– Requires Powershell (or OM) to enable#Biwug3011
  23. 23. Propagation UI elements#Biwug3011
  24. 24. On demand Propagation - PowerShell#Biwug3011
  25. 25. Variations - Improvements in 2010• Hierarchy creation– Executes in background with Timer Service (2007within W3WP.exe process)– Default frequency 1 Hour– 100 work items per timer job execution– Variations Fix Up tool (introduced with 2007 SP2)• Version differencing– View Changes button#Biwug3011
  26. 26. Variations – Improvements in 2010• Flexible Propagation– On-demand propagation– Avoids “overwriting” of target pages#Biwug3011
  27. 27. Redirection Logic• VariationRoot.aspx– Redirects based on Browser Language– Typically customized• Avoid Variations Label Menu Control– Deprecated in SharePoint Server 2010• Avoid external redirection – confusesVariations redirection#Biwug3011
  28. 28. Variations - Things to think about• Plan it carefully• Use a variation Home outside the Site root– Avoids all content being translated• Implement variation aware web parts– Implement IWebPartVariationUpdate#Biwug3011
  29. 29. References• Must reads– Understanding the Multilingual User Interface(MUI) on MSDN– SharePoint Variations – The Complete GuideTriggers (Blog Stefan Gossner)– JOPX on MUI• Credits to @harbars (Spence Harbar) forproviding initial slides and feedback onquestions#Biwug3011
  30. 30. #Biwug3011