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Building search-driven Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps for SharePoint Server 2013


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Building search-driven Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps for SharePoint Server 2013

  1. 1. #comdaybeBuilding search-driven Windows8 and Windows Phone 8 apps forSharePoint Server 2013RealDolmenJoris Poelmans
  2. 2. About me• Work at RealDolmen• Principal consultant and productmanager• SharePoint Server MVP since 2005• Active in Belux Information WorkerUser Group –• Blog:• E-mail:• Twitter: @jopxtwits•
  3. 3. Agenda• Cloud App Model Overview• Phone 8 Development Basics forSP2013• Search explained• Windows 8 Search App
  4. 4. Cloud App Model OverviewWhy building WP8 and W8 apps for SP2013 iseasier...
  5. 5. Vision: Modernizing the Office Platform
  6. 6. The result: a new cloud app modelBuild a new class of apps that extend and personalize the waywe create and consume informationright from within Office and SharePoint
  7. 7. SharePoint 2007SharePoint 2010SharePoint2013App Model: Past, Present and Future
  8. 8. Mobile Apps and SharePoint• List Apps• OOB List• Custom Lists• External Lists• General Apps• Silverlight CSOM• Possible to usepush notificationsand geolocationfield
  9. 9. Security• Supported authentication• Form based authentication• Office 365/SP Online• Basic• Cross firewall connectivity• Unified Access Gateway (UAG) SP3• Alternate Access Mappings
  10. 10. Phone development basicsHow to get started – the tools and environments
  11. 11. SharePoint Development Environment• Available options:• Use Office365/SharePoint Online• Windows Azure VMs• Local virtual machine• Windows Server 2008 R2/2012• SQL 2008 R2/2012• 12 GB RAM minimum seeHardware and softwarerequirements for SharePoint2013 - Server2013 is notsupported onclient operatingsystems
  12. 12. Phone Development Environment• Supported environments:• Windows 7/8 and VS 2010 or 2012• SharePoint 2013 Client Components SDK -• SharePoint SDK for WP8 -• 2 new templates (C# only)– Empty SharePoint Application template– SharePoint List Application template• Specific references for interacting with SharePoint– Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Phone– Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Phone.Auth.UI– Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Phone.Runtime• List application uses MVVM pattern
  13. 13. Client Side Object Model (CSOM)• API for building remoteapplications• Similar to Server OM• Introduced in 2010• 3 implementations:• .NET Managed, Silverlight(plus Phone), Javascript• Uses /_vti_bin/client.svc• Communication is done inbatches
  14. 14. CSOM in 2013 – What’s new• Extended with REST capabilities• Direct access from REST clients• Implemented in accordance withODATA• New APIs for SharePoint Server• UserProfiles,Search,Taxonomy,Workflow,eDiscovery, IRM,Analytics,Business Data• New API for Windows PhoneApplications
  15. 15. demoWP8 SharePoint Apps
  16. 16. Phone Developer Experience• Windows PhoneSharePoint ListApplication• Launches a wizard• Select List• Select View• Select Operations• Select Fields• Project is created
  17. 17. VS Project FilesKey File DescriptionApp.xaml Handles application lifetimeDisplayForm.xaml Defines the UI for displaying a list item on thephoneEditForm.xaml Defines the UI for editing a list item on thephoneNewForm.xaml Defines the UI for creating a new list item onthe phoneList.xaml Defines the UI for the All Items view on thephoneListViewModel Data source for the All Items viewDisplayFormViewModel Data source for the display item viewEditFormViewModel Data source for the edit item viewNewFormViewModel Data source for the new item viewDataCache Supports data caching and off-line access
  18. 18. Search explainedWhat‟s new in 2013 and how can you use it
  19. 19. Microsoft’s goals for search in SharePoint2013Find what you‟re lookingfor with intelligent resultstailored to youGet answers and takeaction with an experiencethat‟s always a stepaheadBuild smarter/no-codeapplications that can scalefor any need or businessrequirement
  20. 20. Search 2013 – Main improvements• New clean user interface with focus on providingactionable search results• One unified search architecture supported by stronganalytics. Consolidation of FAST and EnterpriseSearch components• Personalized search results based on searchhistory. Full control over ranking, sorting, etc …using query rules• Easier to extend and configure the search userexperience. Rich contextual previews.
  21. 21. Query rules
  22. 22. demoSearch in 2013
  23. 23. Search and CSOM/REST• CSOM• Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Search.dll or SP.Search.js• KeywordQuery and SearchExecutor• REST API• GET• /_api/search?queryText=„<query>‟var query = new KeyWordQuery(context);query.QueryText = “ComDayBe”;var exec = new SearchExecutor(context);var results = exec.ExecuteQuery(exec);CSOM:var call = $.ajax({url:“http://sp2013/_api/search/query?querytext=„sp2013‟,type: “GET”,dataType: “json”,headers: {Accept: “application/json;odata=verbose”}JavascriptREST:
  24. 24. demoSearch from WP8 with CSOM
  25. 25. Building a Windows 8Search App andWhat‟s new in 2013 and how can you use it
  26. 26. demoSearch from W8 with CSOM
  27. 27. Windows 8 (WinJS) and CSOM• Use separate WinRTComponent• ClientResult is not avalid WinRT parametertype – use arrays• Check that correctcapabilities are enabled• Do not use nestedclassesSimilar implementation with Social on
  28. 28. Leverage Windows 8 Search Contract• App Declarations• Package.appxmanifest Declarations Search• SearchPane EventHandlers• Windows.ApplicationModel.Search.SearchPane• QuerySubmitted event• SuggestionsRequestedevent
  29. 29. SharePoint 2013 API Stack
  30. 30. Search REST APIs• _api/search/query• _api/search/postquery• _api/search/suggestions
  31. 31. Summary• Search CSOM and REST APIs allowyou to extend your apps with SP2013search• SP2013 can handle search intentusing query rules• Focus on specific search personasand business scenarios• Check out for codesamples
  32. 32. Thank you!