Google apps & ads final 3!!!


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  • Google apps & ads final 3!!!

    1. 1. Presented By: Michael Kattula, Ryan Wilson, NythiaRodriguez, Moises Arroyo, Jason Lopez
    2. 2. Agenda  Getting Started with Google Apps  Communication Apps  Data Management Apps  Revenue Generation Apps  Alternatives to Google Apps
    3. 3. Who should use Google Apps?  4 million business  Reduce IT costs  Increase efficiency  Reliability
    4. 4. Non-Profits  Integrate existing IT systems  Keep existing email  Easy document sharing  > 3000 users 40% discount  < 3000 users free
    5. 5. Education Familiar Email, Calendars Real time collaboration Access anywhere any time Code-in challenge
    6. 6. Government Secure – FISMA certified Best in class disaster recovery Mobility Large storage for email, documents
    7. 7. Small Business  99% up-time  Secure, code-free websites  Team Managed Sites  Secure Video Sharing
    8. 8. Getting Started: Easy as 1-2-3  : Sign-up  Register domain name  : Set-up  Verify domain name  Add users  Migrate data  : Start Googling  Transition to Google mail  Get more apps
    9. 9. Pricing Pricing Flexible Plan Annual Plan Contract None 1 year $50 / user account / year Cost $5 / user account / month Save $10 / user account / year Payment frequency monthly monthly User maximum unlimited unlimited
    10. 10. Google Marketplace Storefront for all business needs Over 1000 different apps • Accounting/Finance • Document Management • Project Management
    11. 11. Agenda Getting Started with Google Apps Communication Apps Data Management Apps Revenue Generation Apps Alternatives to Google Apps
    12. 12. Gmail Email, IM, voice and video chat Unified communication Cloud based, accessible anywhere  Available through outlook or by mobile device Google search technology for your inbox Security  Custom inbound and outbound policies plus traditional virus and spam protection
    13. 13. Google Calendar Overlay calendars to view co-worker’s availability  Sends invitations and keeps track of RSVPs Share calendars with controlled settings Embeddable within your website Syncs with other calendars Fully integrated with Gmail Accessible via mobile device, always connected, always informed
    14. 14. Google Sites Accessibility of information through an intranet or project team specific websites File Sharing made simple  File versioning is done automatically Everyone can share knowledge  No coding required to update or change sites Works on all systems: PC, Mac, Linux
    15. 15. Google Video Hosts and streams video Employees can share videos Useful for internal training or announcements
    16. 16. Google Groups Used as mailing lists or to share calendars Manage groups without burdening IT Web UI allows group conversations to be stored and searchable Members can reply on behalf of the group or department
    17. 17. Google Voice One number, manage multiple phones Transcribing voicemails Integrates with address books Smart technology to route and screen calls Free texts, cheap international calls
    18. 18. Agenda Getting Started with Google Apps Communication Apps Data Management Apps Revenue Generation Apps Alternatives to Google Apps
    19. 19. Data Management Data Management  Important / Essential for small business  Requires accuracy in all areas (financials, property, advertising, legal…etc) What is a small business looking?  Easy to manage  User friendly  Low in cost $$$  Useful apps in all areas
    20. 20. Data Management Google Apps for a Small Business  Google Docs  User Managed Storage  Google Translate  Merchant Center  Panoramio/ Picasa Web Albums
    21. 21. Data Management Google Docs  Offers flexibility to do work from your desk, at home, when traveling, from cell phone  Functions across various operating systems  Works in the browser on PC, Mac, & Linux computers  Supports .doc, .xls, .ppt, and .pdf.  Can easily upload and share files with others  Are always accessible and backed-up online  Administrators can manage file sharing permissions  Document owners can share and remove file access
    22. 22. Data Management User Managed Storage  Option to buy additional storage  Cost for Additional Space  20 GB ($5.00 USD per year)  Can be managed by Admin to allow people to purchase Some Limits with User Managed Storage App  Not able to share additional space  Not applicable to Gmail
    23. 23. Data Management Google Translate  57 languages available  Translates instantly  Read and listen to translation Allows a business to understand in different languages  Business strategies, advertisement ideas, business set- up Advertise services/products in various languages
    24. 24. Data Management Merchant Center  Upload your product listings to be used:  Google Product Search  Clients can easily find product/service and it is free  Google Product Extensions & Product Listing Ads  Surface products directly in search ads  Available in US, U.K., Australia, Germany and France  Google Commerce Search  Online retailers to view
    25. 25. Data Management Panoramio  Geolocate photos (see the world/places)  Every photo is a candidate for transfer to the Google Earth Panoramio layer  Store and organize your photographs Picasa Web Albums  Share photos and/or explore public photos  Advertisement photo collection  Photo data management of product/services
    26. 26. Agenda Getting Started with Google Apps Communication Apps Data Management Apps Revenue Generation Apps Alternatives to Google Apps
    27. 27. Google Ads Changing Marketing Landscape Easily Reach Google’s Audience with Your Message Adwords range from fractions of a penny to up to $3 Successful AdWords Campaign
    28. 28. Choosing theSearch Phrase Length Average US Right Keywords2 word phrases 29%3 word phrases 22%4 word phrases 20%5 word phrases 12%1 word phrases 6%6 word phrases 6%7 word phrases 3% 0% 10% 20% 30% 94% of people in the US search with multi-word phrases
    29. 29. Where Are We Today…and WhereAre We Going? Today$ Digital Media Non-Digital Media 1995 2007 2050?
    30. 30. Marketing Objectives Awareness Education Create awareness Create interest through information Radio Print Outdoor Search Marketing Direct mail & response Television Image Direct response Maintain brand Cycle of trial, purchase, and repeat30
    31. 31. Average Costs Approximate Customer Acquisition Cost Across Various Channels $80 $70 $60 $60 $50 $40 $20 $20 $8.5 $0 Direct mail Email Online display ads Yellow Pages SearchSource: Piper Jaffray: “The New eCommerce Decade: The Age of Micro Targeting,” Oct 2006
    32. 32. Search Query: ‘flowers’ Google Search Results32
    33. 33. Reaches Global Markets People use Google in over 100 languagesThe Google Network reaches more than 80% of worldwide Internet users. Sources: Measured by Media Metrix and NetRatings (September 2004); “2005 Web Globalization Report Card,” Byte Level Research (November 2004)33 33
    34. 34. Google AdSense The Google Partner Referral Program helps you make money  Bloggers realize the power of Google’s search technology and recognize Google AdSense as a market leading offering. And for every completed referral, Google pays you. Its hassle-free  Getting started if easy - including the URL for referring bloggers takes just minutes.  Google provides a large selection of banners to choose from.  Google’s conversion tracking takes care of sending you monthly e-mails regarding the number of sign ups your referrals generate. It costs nothing  Just include a link to Google AdSense on your site and you can start referring your bloggers &/or other site visitors and earning money.
    35. 35. Google AdSense Ways To Get Paid  AdSense Search  AdSense Mobile  AdSense Video Google Pays between $0.10 – $0.74
    36. 36. Google’s AdSense Program Google can help you enhance your value proposition to your bloggers through Google AdSense  Create a following  AdSense Anywhere  Make $ 24 Hours a day Google AdSense at Work  Don’t Overkill your Site
    37. 37. Agenda Getting Started with Google Apps Communication Apps Data Management Apps Revenue Generation Apps Alternatives to Google Apps
    38. 38. Google Marketplace Alternatives• Androidpit• Andappstore• Appslib
    39. 39. Gmail Alternatives Run your own mail server Yahoo Zoho
    40. 40. Google Calendar Alternatives Mozilla Sunbird 30 boxes Which Time Yahoo zoho
    41. 41. Google Docs Alternatives Zoho Peepel Open ThinkFree Online Zimbra Collaboration Suite
    42. 42. Google Video Alternatives Youtube Picasa Viddler Vimeo
    43. 43. Google Voice Alternatives RingCentral Line2 3jam VoxOx2 Ribbit Mobile YouMail
    44. 44. Google Groups and Google SitesAlternatives Astraweb  MediaWiki Giganews Groupspaces
    45. 45. Google Translator Alternatives Lingoes Translator StarDict Babylon Promt
    46. 46. Google Adsense Alternatives Ad pepper media AdBrite Absolute Agency Adconion
    47. 47. Google Ad Words Alternatives AdBrite BidVertiser Chitika Infolinks
    48. 48. Conclusion