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Student Enrolment Management - Lead Acquisition, Maturation, Conversion


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In Post-Secondary Education we place a tremendous amount of focus on our enrolment funnel. In these slides, I cover the three step process from acquisition to conversion (enrolment) and the implications of technology on the industry.

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Student Enrolment Management - Lead Acquisition, Maturation, Conversion

  1. 1. Student Enrolment Management Lead Acquisition, Maturation, Conversion
  2. 2. Acquisition
  3. 3. Acquisition Sources 1.School Visits 2.Fairs 3.Web 4.Social Mechanisms 1.Paper/tablet 2.Paper/tablet/lists 3.Web form 4.Landing page
  4. 4. Are all sources maximized?
  5. 5. Maturation
  6. 6. What makes up a lead? How do we characterize, or score, leads? • Initial data - Age, location, program interest • Action-based data - Email click through for financial need, submitted question on residence, asked a recruiter about co-op
  7. 7. Lead Scoring Specific initial scores and action scores should be individualized for each institution. Lead Initial Score Action Score Total Score Regional 18 y/o 5 Email click +3 8 Local 17 y/o 7 Campus visit +7 14 Local mature student 7 See recruiter at career fair +5 12 Student at transfer college 8 Meets with admission officer +9 17
  8. 8. Action based-data When our prospective student opens an email and clicks to find out more about residence, we identify that as action-data. Later, when they receive a call from us, we know residence is a talking point.
  9. 9. Lead Scoring in PSE Lead Scoring in post-secondary education means choosing how to best engage a lead - rather than simply who to engage first.
  10. 10. Lead Scoring 1 Star 3 Star 5 Star Instant personalized email Instant program specific, personalized email Instant program specific, personalized email No call scheduled Call from recruiter within 14 days Call from recruiter within 48 hours Added to general mailing list Added to program specific call sheet Added to faculty member call sheet Receives e-invite to open house Receivers invite for program specific campus visit Receives hand-written note via mail from recruiter
  11. 11. Maturation We need to enable progression through the funnel. For example: 1.Lead acquisition 2.Email click through 3.Social media engagement 4.Phone call to recruitment officer 5.Application web page visit
  12. 12. Conversion
  13. 13. Conversion Post-application, the same logic applies: • Process challenges - Completing a deposit • Program challenges - Additional application forms • Individual challenges - Moving away from home
  14. 14. Conversion We all have support programs in place for these challenges, however, our problem exists in connecting the student with the support program.
  15. 15. The conversion is entirely dependent on the process.
  16. 16. Summary 1.Acquisition efforts amplify lead volume 2.Maturation efforts reduce lead loss 3.Conversion efforts reduce applicant loss The return on your investment in Step 1 can only be fully realized when supported by Steps 2 and 3.