IT vs Marketing - Collaboration between technology and marketing


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Ever hang up the phone saying “what is Marketing thinking?” or leave a meeting saying “IT just doesn’t get this”. This presentation, put on jointly by IT and Marketing, will make you feel at home whether you care more about WYSIWG or CMYK.
Sharing our lessons learned, success stories and failures, the talk will include topics that everyone can enjoy or loathe, including:
- Web Design and Launch
- Social Media
- Micro-sites

This presentation will add insight to your daily conversations with “the dark side”, from whichever perspective you share.

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  • All 360 degrees of a spectrum provide a different angle. Perspective is gained when you can appreciate the an angle that isn’t native to you. To some, the photo above is simply a woman with her feet in the air. Something that may look ridiculous to you, may actually be achieving something unseen.
  • - Narrow and misunderstood view of what marketing Actually does
  • - Information making sense of collections of raw data - Should be “knowledge technology” (call it I.T 2.0) - Not just a bunch of people you call when the Internet isn't working
  • - Marketing creates problems (good!) - I.T finds solutions to finite problems
  • - Identical except for color, not one better than the other - Alternation between victory and defeat - And they're shaking hands !
  • - Realize you aren’t the expert, acknowledge it
  • - Realize you aren’t the expert, acknowledge it
  • - Realize you aren’t the expert, acknowledge it
  • - Realize you aren’t the expert, acknowledge it
  • Story time: I will reference how alan was walking around downtown and noticed multiple marketing initiatives that he would be able to measure if he knew about them.
  • Matches the needs of branding with the abilities of technology
  • Interactive logos allow for creative branding and technology to work together
  • IT vs Marketing - Collaboration between technology and marketing

    1. 1. IT vs MarketingMarty LaferriereChief Web Officer@marty_lulJP RainsManager, Digital Strategy@JPLaurentian
    2. 2. IT vs Marketing• Perspective• Organizational goals• Services• How to work with the other side– Tips to formulate your requests• Best practices and examples of congruence
    4. 4. I.T didnt get the campaignMarketing ≠ AdvertisingSource:
    5. 5. Theres corruption in Marketings theoryCalled Information Technology, not DataTechnology
    6. 6. The realityMarketing and I.T should conflictMarketing → dreamers, outreachI.T → engineers, problem solvingBidirectional facultative symbiosis
    7. 7. Seeing things from the other side• Understand and appreciate what youdont know, internal gap analysis1
    8. 8. Seeing things from the other side• Account for past experiences, rememberwhat worked, not what didnt2
    9. 9. Seeing things from the other side• Ask about priorities, there is no wronganswer3
    10. 10. Seeing things from the other side• Leave room for innovation, dont settlefor status quo“Insanity: doing the same thing over andover again and expecting differentresults.” - Albert Einstein4
    11. 11. Organizational Goals - Marketing• Typically reporting to VP, Marketing,Communications, Advancement• Increase brand awareness• Support recruitment growth• Donor cultivation• Align brand throughout institution
    12. 12. Organizational Goals - IT• Typically reporting to VP, Administration orCIO office• Information Architecture• Integrity, consistency• Standards, frameworks, best practices• Support academic and administrativeendeavors using technology
    13. 13. ServicesIT•Infrastructure•Communication andcollab tools•Data management•Service deliveryMarketing•Recruitment•Publications•Pitch Books•Advertising•Photos & Videos
    14. 14. Equation for successIf you remember your math...M U IT = {x : x Є M or x Є IT} =A union of all skillsets, not an intersectionAGENT OFCHANGE.
    15. 15. EvolutionInstigators
    16. 16. Collaborating with IT• Forget the “warm fuzzies”• Pragmatic and PM approaches• Appreciate institutional knowledge of ITpersonnel• Relate the intangible costs of campaigns andcloud services• Show flexibility of branding for tech
    17. 17. Collaborating with IT• Sometimes the answer isnt ideal, WCAG/W3Cand other standards may change the userexperience.
    18. 18. Story time: International recruitmentIPv6, website visibility and foreign market SEO
    19. 19. Collaborating with Marketing• They might be afraid of you• Present ideas early and often• Express how you think your initiative will help, butdon’t assume results• Let them determine the creative• Story time: HIPPO Design
    20. 20. Collaborating with Marketing• Stages of a project• Create shared goals• Respect the brand• Ask for more stock photos• Timing is everything• Story time: inspired by Alan Etkin
    21. 21. Who is doing it right?
    22. 22. Who else is doing it right?Laurentian?
    23. 23. Initiatives•Creation of a “Web functional team”, not a“web department”•New role, CWO and governance structure•Physical proximity of team•Leveraging the CMO capital/operating budgets•Responsive Web StrategyObserve → Align → Respond
    24. 24. SummaryBe open about your projects• Leave room for your collaborator to innovate• Accept that you have the same goal(s) butdifferent methods• Don’t let politics get in the way• Strike a balance, reward successes (andacknowledge failures!)
    25. 25. Questions• Have you seen examples of greatcollaboration?• Do you have any experiences to share?• Other pieces of advice?Marty LaferriereChief Web Officer@marty_lulJP RainsManager, DigitalStrategy @JPLaurentian