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Presentation given to #PSEWEB 2012. How to measure your success on Twitter.

With nearly all PSE institutions on Twitter, we’ve established that it is important to have a presence. That presence has differing levels of dedicated resources, different goals and varying measures of success. Like Ornithology, this presentation will cover the study of behaviours, effectiveness, and measurements of PSE Twitter presences.

Defining your success on Twitter can be difficult, even more difficult when trying to explain it to someone who is Twilliterate. If being on Twitter is merely a way for your organization to check a box, that’s fine. But, if you are interested in taking that check box and turning it into an easily attained performance measure, this presentation is for you.

Like any dedicated birdwatcher, we took a look at some of the more successful Canadian PSE Twitter accounts and aimed to find commonalities in their behaviours and how that translated to their successes.

Finally, after searching for ways to define success from # of followers, % breakdowns of interactions to 3rd party measurements, we take a look at the different ways (free!) for you to measure your success.

Look past your number of followers and turn that check box into a CEO friendly success story.

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  • If the words here aren’t reflective of what you want your social channel to be talking about, you have some work to do! This is what people are saying about you!
  • Defining your success on twitter

    1. 1. @jplaurentianDefining your Successon Twitter: #psewebOrnithology 2.0JP Rains@JPLaurentian 1
    2. 2. @JPLaurentian @jplaurentian• Manager of Digital Strategy @LaurentianU• #PSEWEB 2010 “Risk Management in Social Media”• #PSEWEB 2011 “King Content – A social media audit” #pseweb• Disclaimers: • Recovering BlackBerry user • Business Grad • “In God we trust, all others bring data” • “The more you talk, the less people listen” 2
    3. 3. The Ornithology Road map @jplaurentian• Why Twitter?• What we know about Twitter• What we consider success on Twitter? #pseweb• How do we measure this success?• Who is successful according to these metrics?• CONTEST : The Tweet with the most Re-Tweets receives Ollie the Twitter-bird, in it’s original packaging! 3
    4. 4. Why Twitter? @jplaurentian• 2009 • Reserved User Names • Follow celebrities, news• 2010 #pseweb • Connections with brands • Connections with students • Connections with journalists• 2011 • There aren’t any students on Twitter • 2012 • There are students on Twitter  4 • Do they prefer it to Facebook?
    5. 5. What we know about Twitter @jplaurentian • Canadian Demographics • 20% of Canadians are on Twitter in 2011 • 45% of Laurentian students on Facebook, follow us on Twitter • The value of a Follower #pseweb • Cost of acquisition has been seen at $2.05 • The value of a Mention • Eventbride survey drove $.80 per Tweet 5
    6. 6. What we think we get from Twitter @jplaurentianBeneficial interactions with prospects #psewebDecreased call volume, email volumeEngaging with journalists 6
    7. 7. What we think we get from Twitter @jplaurentian• Engaging with future students, alumni #pseweb• More clicks to our news releases• More views on our videos 7
    8. 8. What we think we get from Twitter @jplaurentian• Listening to our students, and responding. #pseweb 8
    9. 9. What we consider success @jplaurentian • Are more followers your goal? • (43$ for 5,000 followers) • (99$ for 5,000 business followers) • In the time I’ve started this presentation, Justin Bieber has added 25 #pseweb followers per minute. • Are more Re-Tweets your goal? • (600 RTs per month for 36$) • (1,000 RTs for 180$) • You want the right type of people following your channel and influencing your brand • @rcengelsman has a list of verified students • Listening to those followers will be beneficial in managing your message 9• “Buying followers will hit your performance target but you may as well light money on fire” #ornithology
    10. 10. How do we measure success? @jplaurentian #pseweb 10Thanks to: @NicolleWahl @kmarnoch @brookscappadoci @tomcochrane
    11. 11. How do we measure success? @jplaurentian• Tools of the trade• Word Cloud #pseweb• Spreadsheets• Klout• Kred•• Paid Services: HootSuite, Sprout Social, Meltwater, Radian6, Spectate• My performance goal: Increase social media reach by 20% 11 combined with growth in active followers as measured by Klout and % of post views on facebook.
    12. 12. Word Cloud of @Mentions @jplaurentian #pseweb 12
    13. 13. Spreadsheets @jplaurentian • Can be very simple, useful for high level observation numbersSocial Media Followers Growth by Channel, Primary Channels #pseweb Facebook Twitter Total Jan-11 2681 900 3581 Jun-11 3300 1400 4700 Jan-12 3800 1850 5650 Jun-12 4150 2500 6650Jan-Jun Growth 1.23 1.56 1.31June-Jan 2012 Growth 1.15 1.32 1.20 13Jan-Jun 2012 Growth 1.09 1.35 1.18
    14. 14. 14@jplaurentian #psewebKlout
    15. 15. Kred @jplaurentian• Combines Facebook and Twitter• Influence: assessing how frequently you are Retweeted, Replied, Mentioned and Followed.• Outreach: Retweets, Replies and Mentions of others. #pseweb 15
    16. 16. Bit.Ly @jplaurentian• Quick link shortener that plugs-in to Google Chrome browser• Track clicks to links• Track sources by country #pseweb 16
    17. 17. Simply Measured @jplaurentian• Example of the 30 day trial #pseweb 17
    18. 18. Other Paid Services @jplaurentian• Hootsuite• Sprout Social• Radian6 #pseweb• All services will track real-time conversations, sentiment of mentions, analysis of followers and many more features.• Many paid services looped into Media Monitoring services such as Meltwater, Cision etc.• “If you invested in a staff person, you should invest in measuring them” #ornithology 18
    19. 19. Who is successful? @jplaurentianKlout Rankings January 2011 November 2011 July 2012 • Klout RankingsBrock 44.34 47.89 50.91Carleton 44.45 51.13 51.36Queen’s 46.01 52.9 50.97 #psewebUniversity of 47.21 - 46.75British ColumbiaRyerson 47.63 47.11University of 48.58 49.07 54.01AlbertaMcGill 49.12 51.19 51.17Western 49.93 50.47 49.96Calgary 50.53 51.24 50.15Simon Fraser 55.83 54.17 53.28Waterloo - 50.22 53.29Concordia - 49.07 50.5 19Algonquin - 48.90 50.43
    20. 20. Uber Tweets – Stats by Buddy Media @jplaurentian• Tweets with less than 100 characters have 17% more engagement.• Tweets with links are 84% more likely to be ReTweeted• Asking for a retweet was found to be 12 times more likely to receive one #pseweb• “The perfect tweet is under 100 characters, has a link, a photo and a hashtag” - #ornithology 20
    21. 21. Uber Tweets @jplaurentian• Humour helps #pseweb• Photos are 5 times more likelyto be re-tweeted 21
    22. 22. Uber Tweets @jplaurentianThe art of the Alley-Oop, on Twitter #pseweb• Strategic Tweets and striking the political balance 22
    23. 23. Uber Tweets - Strategy @jplaurentian• Build a content calendar• Outreach to news stations, journalists via online and offline• Use Photobucket, Instagram not just to generate content, but #pseweb to collect it• Re-Tweet student bloggers and leverage high achieving students• Promote student events: “13th person to RT this wins 2 tickets to the @LU_SPAD superbowl party”• Your institution has famous grads, leverage them! 23
    24. 24. Uber Tweets – Contest Winner @jplaurentian• Who has received the most Re-Tweets? #pseweb 24
    25. 25. Thank you @jplaurentian• @JPLaurentian• Jean-Paul Rains on LinkedIn• Slides can be found at #pseweb 25