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Information regarding weekly Omnibus targeted to 1000 respondents in AU

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  1. 1. pureprofileOnline omnibus
  2. 2. We provide access to:OVER 330,000AUSTRALIAN CONSUMERSfor online research and insights.
  3. 3. Get fast feedbackin days - not weeksOur omnibus runs weekly to a national sampleof 1,000 Australian consumers from our panel.
  4. 4. 1,000 AUSTRALIANS 1 QUESTION 1 REPORT } $500 +GSTOMNIBUS DEADLINES: Thursday You submit yourquestion to pureprofile } Friday Your question is sent to 1,000 Australians } Tuesday You receive your detailed report from pureprofile
  5. 5. We work with OVER 200companies each monthhelping them find the right consumers for their online surveys.
  6. 6. pureprofileis differentRespondent accounts are web-based,not email-based.This means that we can deliver invitationsper cell and are able to ask profilingquestions regularly.More profiling and no respondentwastage means more flexibility andfaster field times.
  7. 7. Our membersparticipatebecause pureprofile:• gives them product offers;• provides information to help them make better purchasing decisions;• More profiling means no wastage, more flexibility and faster field times.
  8. 8. Juliana Plahn-Brewer Account Executive +61 (2) 9333 9723 Sydney office