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  1. 1. Introduction to pronouns and adjectives
  2. 2. Abbreviations
  3. 3. I am in the University You are a student He is a police officer She is a secretary It is a broom We are people You are very smartThey are in the classroom
  4. 4. OBJECT PRONOUNS1. I see (they, them) every day .2. He sits near (I, me) in class.3. She goes with (we, us) to the movies a lot.4. I like (she, her) very much.5. I know (he, him) and his brother.6. I often go with (they, them) to the city.7. He often helps (I, me) with my lessons.8. She writes many letters to (he, him).9. Mr Adams teaches (we, us) English.
  5. 5. Possessive adjectives1. The boy likes (his,him) school.2. Mary sees (her,she) mother every day. My friends bring(their, them) children to our place3. on Saturdays.4. The cat eats (its ,it) food quickly.5. I often forget(my,I) key.6. You write in our(your,you)book in class.7. We bring(our,us) pencils to class. Mr Adams teaches(his, him) class in the morning.8. She likes to give presents to her grandchildren.9.
  6. 6. This are the demonstrative adjectives
  7. 7. Possessive pronouns These pens are Bills a. Hers 1. These pens are ______ and Sues pens.b.His 2. This office is her office. This office is______c. Yours 3. That book is our book. That book is _______ d.Ours 4. This coat is your coat. This coat is _______ e. Theirs 5. That dog is my dog. That dog is _______f. Yours 6. This hat is his hat. This hat is______ These magazines are These magazines areg. Mine 7. our magazines. ______ h. Ours 8. That pencil is my pencil. That pencil is ______ Is this chair ______? i.Mine 9. Is this chair your chair?