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Gaming in the classroom


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Jeff Pelich's presentation at ECOO 2012 on engaging boys in learning through the use of video games.

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Gaming in the classroom

  1. 1. Gaming in theClassroomUsing video games to engage at-risklearners in school and learning
  2. 2. What this session isn’t... • theoretical • educational games • sales pitch • lesson plans
  3. 3. What this session is... • changing your mindset about games • using “real” games in learning • sharing ideas • having conversations while having fun
  4. 4. What is about tohappen? •quick introduction PLAY And then we...
  5. 5. My Structured Learning Classroom
  6. 6. =
  7. 7. Technology’s great but......engagement is the best!
  8. 8. part of the game an extension of the game
  9. 9. While wePLAY
  10. 10. =
  11. 11. Gamingexampl es• iOS - iPhone and iPad• $$$• Fishing game• Ordering and comparing decimals/ Data management using spreadsheet• Ecosystems - describing biotic and abiotic features in each fishing area• Fish research - using Google to find specific information about the fishfrom the game
  12. 12. Gamingexampl es• iOS and most others• $$$• Problem solving game• Zombie Menu - write a menu that a zombie would love (descriptivewriting, target aud)• Evacuation site - area and perimeter
  13. 13. Gamingexampl es• iOS, Android, Playbook,PC, Mac• $$$• Point and click puzzlegame/adventure• Visual• Robot Narrative - write about the main characters life while makingconnections to the game• Eutopian and Distopian societies - describe the difference and read avariety of short stories related to these themes• Procedural writing - walk-though of scenes from the game
  14. 14. Gamingexampl es• Mac• $$$• Role Playing• Mars research guiding question: Should we be heading to Mars?• Measurement - distance, time, conversion, etc.• Writing - developing ideas on a topic - creative Mars Rover with multipleuses
  15. 15. Gamingexampl es• iOS and Mac• $$$• Science Fiction/Action• Science Fiction short stories and the Sci-Fi genre - examination of genreand common themes• Design your own ship - math and art expectations• Commodities and Trading - examination of the math of stock markets
  16. 16. Gamingexampl es• iOS and Mac• $$$• Puzzle• Monster Research and Presentation - research a “monster” and presentinformation in PowerPoint or Prezi• Create your own level - procedural writing to how to solve the map.• Monster Art
  17. 17. Gamingexampl es• Mac. PC, iOS• $$$• Role Playing, Simulation• Civilizations research• Recreate world wonder in Minecraft and describe the history behind thebuilding• Types of Government, development of religions, and various technologyadvancements• Connected with Civilizations players around the world and discussionabout strategies
  18. 18. Gamingexampl es• Most Platforms• $$$• Game Show• Voice and Oral Communication - word choice when narrating a game• Collecting and organizing data - learning about spreadsheets
  19. 19. Gamingexampl es• Most Platforms• $$$• Slicing and Dicinggame• Probability unit - collecting data and making probability statements• Compared the probability of getting a higher score than the adults.
  20. 20. Gamingexampl es• Most Platforms• $$$• Problem solving• You tell me....
  21. 21. Gamingexampl es• Mac and Windows• $$$• You tell me....