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Clients Rights


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Clients Rights

  1. 1. THE CLIENT’S RIGHTS An individual that enters into an Agreement with The Agency to become a “Foster Parent” becomes a “Client” of The Agency. This client has the right to review and access available information on a child in order to make an informed decision regarding the acceptance of a child into their home for temporary and/or permanent placement. At such time as an individual becomes a Client, The Agency is responsible for ensuring The Client is informed about minimum standards for a Child Placing Agency and for Foster Family Homes. Additionally, The Agency is responsible for providing Clients with a copy of the Foster Family Program documents and policies. In considering the best interest of children placed in foster homes, all parties involved in child-placing decisions (i.e. birth parents, foster parents, adoptive applicants, agency staff, professional treatment providers, etc.) will be considered. AGENCY POLICIES AND PROCEDURES: A copy of The Agency Policies and Procedures will be available for review at the Administrative Offices. These policies include agency-specific policies and procedures that may or may not necessarily be required to be provided to clients in full. Therefore, a policy binder will be available for review through The Agency Program Director, if requested. STATEWIDE LICENSING & SUPPORT INFORMATION: Clients will be provided with TDFPS contact information, as well as the states web address. A client can review and monitor the agency compliance reports through this website. Additionally, valuable resources, trainings, laws, potential changes to the laws/standards, can be closely monitored by clients on this website. Clients are encouraged to monitor the state website on a weekly basis for informational purposes. GRIEVANCES & APPEALS PROCESSES Clients will be informed of The Agency Grievance Procedures at the time of the Agreement. Clients will be informed on how to file a complaint with the TDFPS and The Agency. FOSTER PARENT RIGHTS  Client’s have the right to deny placement of a child.  Clients have the right to review a child’s record prior to placement and to review updated records of a child in their home.  Clients have the right to provide input regarding decisions being made on behalf of a child in their home.  Clients have the right to participate in treatment meetings conducted on behalf of a child in their home. Latest Revision: 06/01/09 Page 1 of 1 file: CPA Policies/Forms/Parent Files/clientsrights-090916144229-phpapp02-090930154833-phpapp01.doc