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Panduit Data Center Advisory Services                    Ready for Today.                  Optimized for the Future.
As an IT professional charged with maintaining efficient Data Center operations to                                        ...
UPI-Based Technical Reference Architecture CapabilitiesPanduit Advisory Services offerings begin with a deep understanding...
Improving PerformanceWe have helped                                    Does your data center keep you up at night?clients ...
Increasing Flexibilityand Responsiveness                                                                  We have helpedDo...
Better Information;                                             Stronger Return on Investment                             ...
Panduit Physical Infrastructure Consolidation OfferingIf you are considering consolidating your data center facilities, Pa...
Physical Infrastructure Manager™ (PIM™) Software Platform Automation OfferingPanduit’s Physical Infrastructure Manager (PI...
Proven Experience.Proven Results.Today’s business faces a changing landscape that requires the data center tomove beyond a...
Real-World Solutions to Ensurethe Success of Our CustomersPanduit is a world-class service advisor and developer of leadin...
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From Assessment to Design of your DATACENTER infrastructure

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Panduit Data Center Advisory Services Ready for Today. Optimized for the Future.
  2. 2. As an IT professional charged with maintaining efficient Data Center operations to achieve business objectives, poor integration between physical and logical layer elements can generate unacceptable business risk in the form of unsatisfactory network performance and availability, and increased operating costs. A physical infrastructure design optimized for parameters that affect network performance and availability enables you to mitigate risk and improve network performance. Panduit Data Center Advisory Services harnesses our physical infrastructure expertise to help you audit, assess, design, and deploy a cost-effective physicalPanduit’s Unified Physical infrastructure that supports today’s business challenges with the flexibility to meetInfrastructure (UPI): the rapidly changing needs of tomorrow.a Guiding VisionA unified approach to physical and logicalsystems architecture is imperative forsolutions to fully address the need for Our Methodologyavailability, agility, integration, and security. The Panduit Unified Physical InfrastructureSM (UPI) approach considers thePanduit has developed the industry’s most physical infrastructure as a distinct, absolute foundation that integrates criticalcomprehensive and holistic approach systems and supporting platforms. By integrating the physical and logicalto a Unified Physical Infrastructure and can infrastructures, this approach minimizes risk, increases flexibility, and delivershelp enterprises align, converge, andoptimize critical systems – communication, maximum performance throughout your data center.computing, control, power, and security – tobuild a smarter, unified business foundation. As a result, a sophisticated, scalable, integrated and well-planned physical infrastructure will allow quick deployment of technologies that enableMitigate Risk – Efficient physical infrastructuremanagement enables seamless integration to reduce consolidation, virtualization, and automation. Whether it’s more effective datarisks that can occur throughout core systems. center cooling techniques, improved energy efficiency, High Speed Data Transport (HSDT), or smart cabinets, a superior physical infrastructure isLower Cost – Panduit physical infrastructuresolutions drive financial advantages to reduce key to improved IT infrastructure performance and business and occupancy costs, and help securecompetitive advantage. Panduit is well versed in the benefits and challenges of implementing newIncrease Agility – A high level of integration within technologies, maximizing performance, and optimizing data centers. Ourthe physical infrastructure enables flexibility and professionals can help you identify and mitigate potential risks that exist withimproved business agility. respect to the physical infrastructure for an optimized, high-performing network.Enhance Sustainability – UPI-based solutionofferings enable organizations to meet sustainabilitygoals by driving resource and energy efficienciesacross the physical infrastructure.2 visit
  3. 3. UPI-Based Technical Reference Architecture CapabilitiesPanduit Advisory Services offerings begin with a deep understanding of the logicalnetwork design and the customer’s overall infrastructure objectives. The next step isto develop a physical reference architecture which aligns with the logical infrastructureand includes a set of tested and validated design and implementation best practices.This becomes the framework for optimizing your data center’s physical infrastructuredesign, seamlessly merging the physical systems – power, cooling, racking, pathways,cabling, bonding, identification – with the IT equipment they support – servers,switches, storage, and monitoring.Our reference architecture approach consists of methodology, recommendations,documented reference designs, and best practices developed against tested andvalidated architectures. These architectures allow for optimizing around the followingparameters – power, cooling, speed, space and capacity utilization, and performance.We leverage our UPI foundation and reference architecture methodology to intelligentlylink physical infrastructure systems to logical architectures, enabling consistent andoptimized deployments of sustainable IT infrastructures.Strategic Technology Alliance PartnersPanduit collaborates with leading technology providers to optimize emergingtechnologies for our clients. These partnerships ensure the rapid, correct, and securedeployment of a truly Unified Physical Infrastructure ready to handle the latesttechnologies, applications, and systems.Our integrated, pre-tested solutions developed in conjunction with our industry-leadingstrategic alliance partners increases application availability, improves SLA responsequality, and reduces time to implement solutions.Panduit Business Partner NetworkYour data center needs are unique. As a physical infrastructure expert, Panduitworks with key business partners to deliver results that meet your business goals.Through Panduit’s Advisory Services, we are able to assemble the right teamincluding subject-matter experts (SMEs) and partners and the appropriate solutionsand products to ensure that the logical architecture and physical infrastructure worktogether to deliver a state-of-the-art, scalable data center. 3
  4. 4. Improving PerformanceWe have helped Does your data center keep you up at night?clients achieve: Managing a sub-par physical infrastructure can jeopardize the operation of your entire network, especially if the physical layer was designed and deployed in an • 250% faster line speed by deploying High Speed Data Transport (HSDT) systems ad hoc manner. Panduit can help you improve your network performance by understanding the mission critical requirements of your data center operations • 75% space savings in horizontal cabling to generate a physical infrastructure design that will optimize performance. by using a single 10GbE network versus multiple 1 GbE networks Reducing Operating CostsWe have helped Do you have trouble convincing leadership of theclients achieve: benefits of data center investments? • 36% annual savings in CRAC Most organizations spend on average 75% of their IT budget on operating costs. operating expenses When it comes to making IT investments, the remaining 25% of a budget is less than optimal. • 7% increase in usable RU space with no added cabinet cost As a trusted partner, we will equip you with the intelligence to make smarter, well-informed business decisions that will reduce your operating costs. Panduit can help you re-allocate and better utilize your budget by: • Maximizing efficiencies by assessing your power and cooling systems, data center layout, and physical infrastructure arrangement practices • Making recommendation on space consolidation and utilization • Providing real-time management solutions, such as our Physical Infrastructure Management™ (PIM™) system4 visit
  5. 5. Increasing Flexibilityand Responsiveness We have helpedDo you find yourself cutting back on ambitious clients achieve:business plans due to limited IT resources? • 70% additional growth in thermal load with a new data center layout, avoidingWe understand that with competing resource demands, limited budget, and new cooling system capital expenditureever-changing technologies, you need to make each IT investment count – tosupport not only the business of today, but also the unknown ones in the future. • 80% potential growth in IT thermal load with two more CRAC units while maintaining N+1 level redundancyWhether it is moving to a new platform such as Cloud computing, undertakingdeployment of virtualization, or integrating automation controls into your datacenter, we arm you with the intelligence to guide your business leadership in thesuccessful completion of new initiatives that will produce favorable results.We will stand alongside you, providing additional insight and technical expertiseas your business demands evolve.Improving SustainabilityAre you looking for ways to improve We have helpedenergy efficiency? clients achieve:Increasingly, business is being asked by clients, partners, regulatory agencies • 33% reduction in overall CRAC unitand employees what measures are being taken to lessen their impact on the annual energy usage, resulting inenvironment. The assumption that recycling outdated hardware is as about as 51,500 kw/hr savedenvironmentally friendly as an IT department can get no longer holds true.Panduit can help you achieve your corporate social responsibility goals byidentifying ways to reduce space, decrease energy consumption and minimizereactive maintenance. 5
  6. 6. Better Information; Stronger Return on Investment As you look to implement virtualization, consolidation, and automation initiatives, Panduit brings solutions to better leverage the value of these technologies. Physical Infrastructure Virtualization Offering Panduit will work with you to ensure your enterprise infrastructure is virtualization ready. We will analyze your needs and requirements to create a comprehensive map that aligns the physical infrastructure to your specific logical architecture. This process of mapping and alignment positions your enterprise for successful deployment of virtualization and consolidation initiatives. This offering includes: • A complete gap analysis and Layer 1 physical infrastructure technology review (power, cooling, cabinet space planning, pathways, cabling systems, bonding, ID) that collects device, system, and administrative data across the network for inclusion in a configured management database • Development of an actionable deployment strategy that incorporates a customized physical infrastructure roadmap that visually documents the relationships between key physical and logical layer elements, including switches, servers, power, thermal management, racks/cabinets, cabling media, and cable management • Delivery of a scalable, integrated, high-performing physical infrastructure design that considers your top challenges, including performance, footprint optimization, thermal management, and security6 visit
  7. 7. Panduit Physical Infrastructure Consolidation OfferingIf you are considering consolidating your data center facilities, Panduit will work with you to complete acomprehensive current state assessment of your entire data center operations. Pre-consolidation assessmentsare valuable planning tools that can identify systems performing optimally, while revealing gaps that could leadto network failures and downtime.This offering includes: • A comprehensive physical infrastructure evaluation covering all major systems, including servers, storage, switching, and related infrastructure, which provides a roadmap for eliminating redundant systems and applications • An inclusive review of the network design to optimize the use of current resources and ensure all necessary physical infrastructure elements are incorporated for you to deliver on mission-critical business requirements • Based on all assessment results, Panduit creates an Optimized Physical Infrastructure Design for your unique network, IT, or data center challenges. This design enables you to make the most efficient use of the available power and cooling, optimizing overall space layout and capacity utilization, and ensuring that performance and transport speed expectations are metHaving a complete design before consolidation begins not only simplifies deployment, but also reduces potentialinstallation errors that could hinder performance weeks, months, or years into the future. 7
  8. 8. Physical Infrastructure Manager™ (PIM™) Software Platform Automation OfferingPanduit’s Physical Infrastructure Manager (PIM™ ) Software works with PanView iQ™ (PViQ™ ) System Hardware toextend real-time intelligence through the network, providing visibility of connectivity within the network’s physical andlogical layers.PIM™ Software provides continuous monitoring and visibility into connectivity, power usage and environmental changesand automated asset tracking to enhance system reliability, security, and capacity management. PIM™ Softwareintegrates with IBM Tivoli, Microsoft SCOM and other network management systems.By automating data center management your IT organization can deliver cost-efficiency, quality and compliance in themost complex environments. Panduit can assist you at all stages – initial analysis and planning, throughout the designphase and actual deployment, or post-go-live automation upgrades – to help you plan, design, and implement aneffective automation strategy that is best suited for your enterprise.Automation Assessment – Panduit will work with you to establish pre-automation metrics that can be used to justifyvalue and benefits of physical infrastructure automation initiatives. This is accomplished through: • A comprehensive Infrastructure review that captures current-state performance metrics of manual operations and processes for use as benchmarks • A Gap Analysis Review that evaluates current state of the infrastructure and its ability to support automation technologies • A Panduit-hosted Proof of Technology workshop to demonstrate the value that our PIM™ Software Platform will deliver to your enterpriseSolution Deployment – Panduit will work with you to ensure quick and problem-free deployment based on yourspecific infrastructure design, project goals, and installation timeline. This offering enables you to more quickly achieveautomation deployment objectives and realize full benefit on your software investments. This service includes: • Installation, Configuration, and Testing to ensure successful software adoption • Accelerated time-to-delivery by leveraging Panduit expert resourcesMaintenance and Upgrades – After deployment, Panduit is available for periodic reviews and policy audits to ensurethat you are receiving the full benefit of a UPI-based automation solution, from software performance and personneltraining to project management assistance. As your needs grow and your data center evolves to meet new businessrequirements, the Panduit team will work alongside you to guarantee fast and efficient integration of new PIM™Software Platform features and capabilities on your data center automation platform. 8
  9. 9. Proven Experience.Proven Results.Today’s business faces a changing landscape that requires the data center tomove beyond a support role to a strategic one that supports operational efficiencies,business growth, and innovation. Without an optimized physical infrastructure, you donot capture the full value from your IT investments.Panduit Advisory Services can help your company take those steps to optimizethe physical infrastructure for your data center. We apply proven methodologies,best practices, and collaborate with leading-edge technology companies to: • Effectively manage risk to your physical infrastructure layer by eliminating the complexities associated with convergence, integration, and system interdependencies • Mitigate problems in physical infrastructure systems and help reduce infrastructure downtime and failure by providing total solutions for availability and reliability, integration, and safety and security • Reduce costs of ownership by improved scalability and better service management • Support today’s business needs while priming your physical infrastructure for the demands of tomorrow 9
  10. 10. Real-World Solutions to Ensurethe Success of Our CustomersPanduit is a world-class service advisor and developer of leading-edgesolutions that help clients optimize their physical infrastructure throughsimplification, agility, and operational efficiency.Innovative Technology LeadershipPanduit is an industry leader in developing innovative technology solutionsthat meet the rapidly evolving needs of our customers around the world.Our commitment to continued leadership is supported by significant ongoinginvestment, dedicated manufacturing facilities, strategic technology alliances,and collaborative R&D with other industry leaders.Global Business & Commitment Optimize your data centerPanduit’s ongoing commitment to excellence and our technology alliances with physical infrastructure.key industry leaders such as Cisco Systems, EMC, Emerson, IBM, etc., enablesour highly skilled and knowledgeable global sales, systems engineering, and Call or visit us online,technical support teams to engage with critical customer challenges that range we can show you how.from initial problem determination all the way to resolution. Local specialists,trained to global standards and competencies, provide consistent regional Panduit that brings value to local business. Our global value chain, which Worldwide Headquarterscombines manufacturing, distribution, and service, provides prompt responses Tinley Park, IL 60487to customer-related issues, and streamlines procurement and delivery to anyglobal destination. AdvisoryServices@panduit.comBest-in-Class Partner Ecosystem US and Canada: 800.777.3300 Europe, Middle East, and Africa:Panduit employs a consultative approach to identify customer needs and engage 44.208.601.7200appropriate partners in a collaborative fashion to serve our customers. Panduit’s Latin America: 52.33.3777.6000robust ecosystem of architects, consultants, engineers, designers, systems Asia Pacific: 65.6305.7575integrators, contractors, and distributors offer a full portfolio of lifecycle services.Our partners are trained on relevant services to Plan & Design, Build & Deploy,and Maintain & Operate to deliver predictable and measurable results. AlliancesPanduit has established long-term strategic alliances with top global industryleaders such as Cisco Systems, EMC, IBM, Liebert, and Rockwell Automationto develop and integrate innovative, holistic solutions for our customers. Wecontinually invest in relationships and resources for solving our customers’greatest business challenges.Eco-Sustainability & Global CitizenshipWith a long-standing commitment to environmental excellence, Panduitcontinually develops and implements solutions designed to protect, replenish,and restore the world in which we live and operate. This commitment isdemonstrated by Panduit’s LEED-certified new world headquarters andfuture sustainable building plans using its own revolutionary Unified PhysicalInfrastructure SM vision to enable convergence of critical systems todrive energy efficiency. ©2011 Panduit Corp. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Printed in the U.S.A. SA-CPCB75 1/2011