What's Next After P90X?


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What's Next After P90X?

  1. 1. What’s Next After P90X? Taking It To the Next LevelWhat’s Next After P90X? Page 1
  2. 2. ResultsYou’re reading this e-book because at the end of the day you want results.Then you, my friend, have come to the right place.This e-book will help you continue your health-based journey whether you’ve done P90X onetime or ten times - or perhaps have neverstarted. The context of our recommendationsis based on a Paleo or Primal style diet - onethat combines meats, fats, vegetables, fruits,nuts and butters to provide a lifestyle andoutcomes you’ve no doubt been seeking formany years. If you’re unfamiliar with thisconcept, pick up a copy of the Paleo Diet by Photo courtesy of BeFittLoren Cordain, Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson or check out CavemanResurrection for another free e-book called Wanna Get Primal.Truly take P90X to the next level. The journey is about to begin.What’s Next After P90X? Page 2
  3. 3. The Right StuffAlthough P90X is mostly known for its workout DVD’s, the nutrition guide isa kick-start for many who need help on what to eat. Make no mistake, theguide is not what is recommended in the Paleo or Primal circles, but likeJamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, it takes you up a few steps and furtheraway from processed carbs and poor food choices. The second thing P90X does right is its exercise variety. Some plans are fixated on weights, others on cardio, etc. P90X provides an exercise choice that covers many spectrums. Even more to their credit, P90X provides exercises at various angles enabling you to fully work your chest and biceps. It’s a great workout program using just a few pieces of equipment. Your pull-up/chin-up bar no longer becomes a bitter rival as you get stronger. The bodyweight exercises also teach you that a gym is not always mandatory. With the current rollercoaster economy, that is a welcome change for many.What’s Next After P90X? Page 3
  4. 4. The last thing to highlight for P90X’s success is its finite timetable. Anobvious piece within it’s name is the commitment you must make - 90 days.Within those 90 days are 3 phases lasting 30 days each, making it evenmore tangible to get through the time frame. In a world where people trustless and less, it’s easy to hit the goal when you know the end is in sight.What’s Next After P90X? Page 4
  5. 5. Round 1 Might Be Over, But It’s Just the Beginning...Your initial 90 days may be over, but trust us when we say there is so muchmore! You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t looking for extra help oradvice, so let’s take you down the path that so many are taking as wespeak (including several BeachBody coaches). Trust us, the hard part is over, the next part is really about tweaking a few things and laughing at its simplicity.What you’ll soon find is not only will you be able to improve your exterior alittle more, but you’ll fortify your interior and protect it against disease andinjury.Are you ready?What’s Next After P90X? Page 5
  6. 6. The Freedom of Trusting YourselfA great place to start your life following P90X is based on thesimple principle of intuition. There is no better and intuitiveapproach than to adopt a Primal/Paleo diet. Our firste-book, Wanna Get Primal?, is based on thisvery principle and we’ll discuss a fewhighlights in the coming pages. Thisinformation can be downloaded for freeby clicking on the link above.When you received your DVD’s, Exercise Guide and NutritionGuide, it may have been a bit overwhelming. You no doubt adaptedyourself to the expectations and persevered. But let’s shift things a bitmore and almost start from scratch. You might be amazed at how simplethis is!What’s Next After P90X? Page 6
  7. 7. Ultimately your results are based on what you put into your body. If youwant results, adjust your diet. First, you need to rid your diet of grains,cereals and pasta. Grains (and gluten within those grains) are not thefriend you think they are and you are best served finding better carb sources than brown rice, fructose, protein bars, etc. These sources, like processed carbs, can still cause a surge of insulin in your system that is not desirable. Instead, you need to gain your carbs through vegetables and the occasional use of tubers like yams or sweet potatoes. In place of the carbohydrates you were leaning on for energy, you’re going to do something that may sound counterintuitive and will take some time to adjust to. Areyou ready for this? You’ll gain your future energy from fats. As fats takethe place of the carbs, you’ll feel more even in your energy levels. Evenbetter - your body learns to feed off its own fat reserves.Net result: less bodyfat and more energy.What’s Next After P90X? Page 7
  8. 8. No More Calorie CountingIntuition becomes your guide to what you eat. You learn which foods areyours for the taking and how much you can eat. This simply means you’veunlocked a dynamic benefit to the rest of your life: no more caloriecounting.Wait, a second? Did we just say no calorie counting? Yes, we did. Thebeauty about eating a Primal way is that your food quality is such that youno longer have to count calories. Except as it pertains to a specific recipe,there is no longer the need to weigh or measure either.And why is that?Due to the reduction of carbs you consume,your body more efficiently processes the fatyou’re eating because of a reduced insulinresponse. In the end, you can eat more fats,more protein and not suffer the fate ofobesity.What’s Next After P90X? Page 8
  9. 9. Now, we’re not saying you are given the golden ticket to eat till you puke.Eat within reason, keep the calculator in its drawer and enjoy your diningexperience. Yes, it’s time to say “Whew!”To show you how simple (and intuitive) thislooks, here’s an example of a meal day eatingthe Primal way:• Breakfast: 3 whole eggs, 2-3 slices of bacon, and some veggies on the side or perhaps some sliced avocado• Lunch: a large salad consisting of plenty of greenery and a protein such as chicken breast, tuna, etc.• Dinner: Steak, steamed asparagus and perhaps a cup of berries for dessert.If you feel hungry between meals, snack on any number of Primal foodsincluding almonds, beef jerky, celery, etc. Or, eat a little more the next dayso you don’t feel hungry between meals.What’s Next After P90X? Page 9
  10. 10. Do You Want To Feel Real FREEDOM? The goal is to eat just enough to satiate your appetite. The additional fat in your diet will take care of the “full” feeling you desire, but the lack of measuring/weighing your food is about as freeing as Mel Gibson yelling on his horse. Does it sound too easy? Perhaps it does, but it is the one case “where too good to be true” does NOT apply. Even more freeing is the number of meals necessary for a Primal experience. Gone are the days of 5-6 meals. By reducing your carbohydrates so that you reduce an insulin response in your body,you can eat three meals a day with an occasional snack if necessary.Carry some beef jerky or almonds for a snack if need be. Isn’t that niceknowing you don’t have to prepare a jillion snacks each week or watch thetime to ensure you got your snack in? Intuition is your best friend - and sois fat.What’s Next After P90X? Page 10
  11. 11. Ninety Minute Yoga Is No Longer MandatoryI’ve often wondered if one day when Tony Horton is close to his deathbedhe will come out with a press release or something that says his greatestachievement was tricking the masses into a 90 minute session of Yogatucked within P90X. Know what I mean? Everyone - and I do meaneveryone - who has done P90X has never done all of the Yoga sessionswithin that program. First of all, 90 minutes is just way too long. Andthat’s where you can begin to smile as weproceed to the next part....What’s Next After P90X? Page 11
  12. 12. Here is what we recommend for Primal workouts in a given week:• Sprint workout - 200 meters X 10 with recovery jog in between (20 minutes)• 2 Full body workouts at medium intensity (50 minutes)• 2 session of 30 minutes of intense activity (CrossFit/P90X, Kettlebell, superset workouts with minimal rest in between, etc.)• A day of play - incorporate your family or simply run/hike/jog for a few hours at a slow paceThe days of 5-6 hours of exercise are replaced with 3-5 hours; some folksgo even less depending on the program. Ultimately, the beauty of whereto go next lies in variety. You can still use your P90X DVD’s in with yourworkouts. Allow yourself to experiment. Check out the TRX straps thathave come out recently. Create your own workouts. Above all, have fun.Don’t look at your activities as workouts; instead look at them asachievements.What’s Next After P90X? Page 12
  13. 13. Bodyweight and kettlebell exercisesare a great way to go Primal. A parkis an amazing place to make up yourown routine. Start with somestretching, then do some burpees orpushups. Use the playgroundequipment for some pull-ups. Run toan area, pick up something heavy,set it down and run back to do somemore pushups. There are manygreat bodyweight or kettlebellexercise sites and programs you can use for additional ideas.What’s Next After P90X? Page 13
  14. 14. So, what’s next? Well, YOU are what’s next. TheWhat’s Next After future of your health and your next workout are allP90X? up to you. Within this e-book we have given some rock-solid examples of how you can adapt and adopt a way to take things to the next level. With the improvements you’ve seen from P90X, it’s now just a matter of applying that success. The best “secret” is that you don’t have to work out that hard anylonger. But you do need to eat right, which is 80% of the battle. Here’s arecap of the plan we recommend:• Eat quality foods that DO NOT include grains, cereals or pastas• Reduce your carbs to around 150 grams per day or less• Put healthy fats into your body and learn that saturated fats from grass- fed meats ARE healthy, too!• Question your present theories on food• Incorporate fun into your workouts, never to exceed 50-60 minutes of high intensity• Enjoy life - that’s what it’s for!What’s Next After P90X? Page 14
  15. 15. For more information or to tell us how you are doing, please visit us at:http://cavemanresurrection.wordpress.com.What’s Next After P90X? Page 15