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Oh sweet! The Sugar learning environment


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Learn about Sugar, the learning platform for children. Sugar offers an innovative desktop environment designed to encourage collaboration and critical thinking through Activities.

Presented at Irish Hackerspace Week in August 2010.

Published in: Education
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Oh sweet! The Sugar learning environment

  1. 1. Oh, sweet! The Sugar learning environment Julie Pichon
  2. 2. What is Sugar?
  3. 3. “Teaching less, learning more”
  4. 4. High ceilingLow floor
  5. 5. Click to add text
  6. 6.
  7. 7.
  8. 8. ?
  9. 9. Picture credits:● XO running Sugar:● Folders:● Files:●Neighbourhood/full ring screenshots:● Group of boys from Mongolia:●Neighbourhood, groups, journal:● Contributors, Sugar logo, Sugar on a Stick picture:●Sugar spoon, girls with globe, room, surprised kid, vintage desk, nutshell:● Memorise screenshots, small home ring screenshots: Julie