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Jps Holding Sc


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Executive Summary for JPSHoldinf SC presentation, products and projects

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Jps Holding Sc

  1. 1. JPSHoldingSCServing Life SciencesIndustries Since 1993 Proprietary & Confidential;
  2. 2. Core Business Portfolio Management Products evaluation Products development Licensing-In and Out Expert Reports Regulatory dossiers development and submission: medicines, food supplements, dietary foods for special medical purposes. Drug Delivery Technology Proprietary & Confidential;
  3. 3. Licensing-in (for Clients) Paediatics drugs, medical food, food supplements BCAA Proprietary & Confidential;
  4. 4. Licensing-out AS 21: skin ulcers treatment (medical device) AS 22: mucitis treatment (medical device) Dualsetron®: Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting treatment (Internal) Biridone®: Bipolar disorders (Internal) Thixans® technology: thixotropic formulation Proprietary & Confidential;
  5. 5. MEDICAL For of skin injuries AS-21 Proprietary & Confidential; CE Authorization 0459
  6. 6. FIRST SPECIFIC TREATMENT AGAINST: Bedsore (Superficial & Deep) Superficial & Deep Skin Injuries Pressure sore/Pressure ulcers Decubitus ulcers Diabetic skin ulcers A NEW TRIPLE ACTION APPROACH Proprietary & Confidential;
  7. 7. SALES New product: CE marking in August 2010 2 Trial launch in Finland January 2010 Sales Finland (Aktisor): 32 000 Launched in Austria 2010 – 10 000 units Israel- February 2011 Planned: Egypt, Middle East countries, India, Irak, S. Africa, Australia, Proprietary & Confidential;
  8. 8. AS 22 Specific treatment forChemotherapy Induced oralmucositis (CIOM) Proprietary & Confidential;
  9. 9. AS 22 OROCHEM® Mucitis following hemo and radiotherapy Colorless, odorless, sweet, viscous, 100 natural solution. Easy to apply, no side effects. Registered as a Class IIa medical device due to its mechanical effects. Proprietary & Confidential;
  10. 10. Dualsetron® Fixed-Dosecombination for Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea And Vomiting treatment. Proprietary & Confidential;
  11. 11. Proprietary & Confidential;
  12. 12. Biridone® Bipolar-disorders treament Patented formulation for once-day- treatment Proprietary & Confidential;
  13. 13. Development Status:  CR formulation completed  Analytical development completed  Stability studies  Pilot Pk study completed  MBDD protocol completed Proprietary & Confidential;
  14. 14. THIXANS®: THE THIXOTROPIC DEVICE Pure or formulated active ingredient or microparticulate dosage forms (pellets, beadlets, spheroids etc..) manufactured by usual pharmaceutical technologies are embedded into a Thixotropic Cushion ® either extemporaneously or regenerated by the microparticule itself. Proprietary and Confidential: deNovelda Farmaceutica
  15. 15. Thixotropic Diffusion coating CoatingDrug Encapsulation TechnologiesMicrospheres Thixotropic Cushion® Proprietary and Confidential: deNovelda Farmaceutica