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Mttn ap


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Mrs. Phipps
AP Lit and Comp 2013-14

Published in: Education, Technology
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Mttn ap

  2. 2. LITERARY CRITICS Critical Thinking: Students will develop college-ready skills in... close reading of unfamiliar and challenging literature literary analysis of a variety of genres short prose, poetry, satire, drama, novels
  3. 3. WRITERS FOR LIFE Composition: Students will... improve writing fluency and speed develop a personal voice write a literary research paper independently (almost)
  4. 4. THE USUAL British Literature: Students will... sample British literature - Anglo-Saxon to modern periods
  5. 5. NOT THE USUAL Vocabulary individualized study durable memory personalized testing
  6. 6. THE FUTURE IN AN INSTANT Technology: Students will discuss and write online quiz online learn 21st Century skills use Edmodo as a LMS
  7. 7. COLLEGE ON A DIME Preparation for the AP exam (Thursday, May 8, 2014, 8 AM) 55-60 multiple choice questions, 4-5 reading selections, poetry and prose - 60 minutes 3 essays - poetry analysis, prose analysis, free response using a long work of fiction - 120 minutes College credit
  8. 8. WHAT CAN PARENTS DO? PRAY! The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16b
  9. 9. WHAT CAN PARENTS DO? Trust but verify... PowerSchool Edmodo email
  10. 10. WHAT CAN PARENTS DO? Allow room for growth... the thrill of victory the agony of defeat effort vs. grade and AP score
  11. 11. WHAT CAN PARENTS DO? Expect/require responsible academic behavior time management sleep
  12. 12. LET’S KEEP IN TOUCH 1st line of defense: student - teacher pow-wow email: conferences: 901.767.4949 home: 901.382.4434 cell: 901.626.1887