Moving Image Planning


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Moving Image Planning

  1. 1. Planning a Moving Image Product<br />Lesson Objectives: To understand the qualities of a Level 4 moving image product, and apply this knowledge to the planning of a filmed sequence.<br />
  2. 2. t<br />What do you think are the qualities of a Level 4 (A grade) moving image product?<br />
  3. 3. Level 4 <br />The candidate is expected to demonstrate excellence in the creative use of most of the following technical skills: <br /><ul><li>holding a shot steady, where appropriate;
  4. 4. framing a shot, including and excluding elements as appropriate;
  5. 5. using a variety of shot distances as appropriate;
  6. 6. shooting material appropriate to the task set;
  7. 7. selecting mise-en-scène including colour, figure, lighting, objects and setting;
  8. 8. editing so that meaning is apparent to the viewer;
  9. 9. using varied shot transitions, captions and other effects selectively and appropriately;
  10. 10. using sound with images and editing appropriately for the task. </li></ul>Where a candidate has worked in a group, an excellent contribution to construction is evident. <br />
  11. 11. Camerawork:<br /><ul><li>holding a shot steady
  12. 12. using a variety of shot types
  13. 13. framing</li></ul>Mise-en-scene:<br /><ul><li> use of props/costumes
  14. 14. use of settings
  15. 15. use of lighting </li></ul>Editing:<br /><ul><li>editing to create meaning
  16. 16. using a variety of editing transitions/effects</li></ul>Sound:<br /><ul><li>using sound appropriately
  17. 17. matching sound to editing</li></li></ul><li>t<br />Watch the exemplar videos and note down how effectively you think they have used camerawork, editing, sound, and mise-en-scene.<br />Hi Five!<br />Red Room<br />Not Dead Yet<br />Terror in the Streets<br />The Innocent<br />What do you think the students have done well? What could be improved?<br />
  18. 18. What skills do you need to demonstrate to achieve a Level 4 for your moving image product?<br />
  19. 19. Planning<br />As at AS Research and Planning is worth 20% of your coursework mark.<br />How effective was your use of planning at AS? Think about the purpose of planning activities, and to what extent planning helped you to produce your product?<br />
  20. 20. Moving Image Planning<br />Effective planning is essential to producing a high quality moving image piece. Planning for moving image products consists of:<br /><ul><li> a synopsis (a written outline)
  21. 21. a script
  22. 22. a storyboard
  23. 23. a shotlist
  24. 24. a production plan</li></li></ul><li>Moving Image Planning<br />Divide up the planning tasks between the members of your group. Whilst you will have to collaborate on each stage of the planning one person should be responsible for each activity. Think about the strengths of the people in the group, and relate this to the planning activities they will complete.<br /><ul><li> a synopsis (a written outline)
  25. 25. a script
  26. 26. a storyboard
  27. 27. a shotlist
  28. 28. a production plan</li></ul>Exemplar work is available on the Media Dept. blog:<br />
  29. 29. Review Your Progress<br />What progress have you made with your planning tasks?<br />Do you think the planning you have completed will help you to produce a moving image product to a Level 4 standard?<br />Could you make any improvements?<br />Exemplar work is available on the Media Dept. blog:<br />