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A level media brochure

  1. 1. Media Studies Key Con-‘media graduates cepts:are in demand by  Representationmany industries’  Audiences The Guardian, April 2010  Media Institutions  Media Convention  Print Media Production  Moving Image (Film/TV) The skills and Production knowledge you devel-  Web-based media op in A Level Media (blogs and websites) Studies prepare you well for higher educa- tion, and are valued byemployers in a range ofindustries. 550,000 peo-ple are employed in the media industry in Brit- ain. Sectors of the in- dustry include: Journalism Broadcasting A Level Media Studies mixes creative production skills in a Marketing range of media, with a focus on developing analytical skills. Publishing You will have a clear understanding of the media industry, Interactive media and the role of media in society. The Media Department at Neale-Wade is well-equipped, and from September 2012 willTo find out more about A Level Media Studies visit the Media Department blog. be based in new purpose-built facilities. The department hasYou will be able to view resources, lesson materials, and examples of studentcoursework. experienced, subject specialist staff.mediastudiesnwcc.blogspot.com Media Studies is an enjoyable, engaging subject which willIf you have any other queries about A Level Media Studies at Neale-Wade ensure you develop a valuable set of skills and knowledgeplease email Mr Hibbert: HibbertJ@neale-wade.cambs.sch.uk base.
  2. 2. AS Media Studies A2 Media Studies Skills and Knowledge A2 Media Studies is designed to prepare you THE SUBJECT IS 50% COURSEWORK, 50% EXAM. Completing an A for university study. The exam topics encour- Level in Media Exam Topics (50%) age you to apply media theory to the analysis Studies will allow Television Drama of a range of different types of media. You will you to develop a range of valuable You will learn how to analyse a television study contemporary films, television pro- skills and enhance drama, and develop an understanding of how grammes, web-based and print media, and your knowledge ofENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS the media constructs representations of dif- develop an understanding of key issues in a range of contemporary issues.IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY STUDYING MEDIA ferent groups of people. You will also get the media. Topics covered include contemporary These include:YOU NEED TO ACHIEVE A C GRADE AT opportunity to produce your own TV drama media representations of young people, and sequence. Postmodern Media. Critical analysisGCSE (OR EQUIVALENT) IN THE SUBJECT. Research Institutions and Audiences A2 COURSEWORK ENCOURAGES YOU TO PlanningYOU DON’T NEED TO HAVE STUDIED MEDIA Print media DEVELOP YOUR SKILLS IN A WIDER RANGEBEFORE IN ORDER TO TAKE IT AT A LEVEL, This unit focuses on the British and American Photography Creative writing for film industries. You will learn how films are different mediaAND THIS WOULD NOT EFFECT YOUR ABIL- You are given a choice of briefs at A2, and will produced, distributed, and marketed. Key create a package of products using a range of Film productionITY TO DO WELL IN THE SUBJECT. YOU Video editing issues include media ownership and the ef- different media. Options include producing a TeamworkWILL NEED TO ACHIEVE A C GRADE IN music video, album artwork, and a related ad- fect of new technology on the film industry. A flexible, creative, vert; or a film trailer, poster, and magazine cov- independent approachGCSE ENGLISH. er. to tasks The ability to work to a brief and meet deadlines A S C o u rse w o r k (5 0 % ) The Foundation Portfolio is worth 50% of your AS grade. You will research, plan, and produce the front cover, contents page, and a double page article for a new music magazine. You will learn about the publishing industry, and develop an understanding of the conventions of magazine layout, and how to appeal to a specific target audience.