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Regional identity


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AS Media, TV Drama

Published in: Education
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Regional identity

  1. 1. Regional and National Identity
  2. 2. What is Britishness?
  3. 3. Understanding regional identity • Pick 3 of the following regions and stereotype their regional identity: – Northerners – Southerners – Essex – Scottish – Welsh – Scousers – Geordies – Yorkshire – Mancs – Brummies – Londoners
  4. 4. Northerners • Stereotype= ‘Northern Monkeys’, Loud rude, drink a lot and of a lower status • Costume= Track suit or cheap/casual clothes • Dialogue/dialect= Vowel sounds over- pronounced • Make up= Over the top or minimal • Class/Status= Low
  5. 5. Southerners • Stereotype= ‘Poncy Southerners’ arrogant and posh • - Dialogue/dialect= Well spoken ‘ the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain’ • -Costume= Suit and tie, tailored clothing and dresses • -Props= Brief case • -Make up= Classy and to a minimum • -Class/Status= Middle/Upper
  6. 6. Essex • Stereotype= Image conscious, unintelligent, love to shop and party • Stereotype coined by TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex) • Dialogue/dialect= 'Shut up' 'Oh my God' = common phrases • Costume: Girls= Revealing/OTT Boys: Fashionable • Location= Clubs and boutiques • Props: G Expensive, flashy, tacky handbags, up to date mobile phone • Make up= Fake tan, fake eyelashes and hair extensions • Class/Status= Lower Middle HA
  7. 7. Scottish • Stereotype= Humourless, hate other nations,alcoholic and violent • Dialogue/dialect= Strong accent 'och' 'wee' • Costume= Kilt, tartan, Tam o' Shanter • Location= Highlands, cold and vast open spaces • Props= Bagpipes, haggis, whisky • Make up= Ginger hair and freckles • Class/Status= Lower class (farmers) fp-jVwBGUsI
  8. 8. Welsh • Stereotype= Small ,dark haired people who play all rugby, sing in choirs, herd sheep or mine coal • Dialogue/dialect= Very ‘song- like’ and melodic, slow and exaggerated pronunciation • Costume= Rugby shirts • Location= Rugby pitch, church, pub, fields with sheep • Props= Sheep • Make up= Minimal • Class/Status= Middle/Lower
  9. 9. Scousers • Stereotype= Dangerous ; ‘Why does the river Mersey run through Liverpool? If it walked it would get mugged’ • - Dialogue/dialect= Flemmy, difficult to understand; 'like' prominent k's • -Costume= Tracksuits, very casual cheap looking clothing • -Location= Pub/home • -Props= Cheap looking jewellery • -Make up= Minimal, or OTT • -Class/Status= Low =STIvNjWobzA
  10. 10. Yorkshire • - Dialogue/dialect= 'Ey up’, ‘An' Ah'll tell thi that fer nowt’, don’t pronounce ‘t’s’ • Costume= Flat caps, tweed jackets • Location= Open fields, country pubs, Local shops • Props= Whippets/Yorksire terrier and Yorkshire puddings • Make up= Minimal/pale • Class/Status= Low (farmers) h?v=jzAD2GLfaNU
  11. 11. Geordies • Stereotype= Loud, swear a lot, party animals and binge drinkers (help coined by Geordie Shore) • Dialogue/dialect= ‘way eye man’, difficult to understand • Costume= Revealing, tight clothing • Location= Busy town centres, clubs, urban areas • Make up= Over the top, fake tan, dark hair • Class/Status= Lower middle/ middle ?v=6PVQbnvv79I
  12. 12. Mancs • Stereotype= Loud, rude, funny and fond of fighting (Helped coined by Oasis) • Dialogue/dialect= ‘Oh, aye’ ‘Nowt’ • Costume= Manchester United • Shirt • Location= Busy town centres • Class/Status= Low/lower • middle
  13. 13. Brummies • Stereotype= Unintelligent and unfriendly • Dialogue/dialect= 'Yow' heavily pronunciation the 'ow' of 'You' • Costume= Casual/ Cheao • Location= Busy, industrialised centres • Make up= Greasy hair • Class/Status= Low
  14. 14. Londoners (Northern/ more posh boroughs) • - Dialogue/dialect= Well spoken, range of vocabulary • -Costume= Cashmere jumpers/sweaters and suits • -Location= Skyscrapers, swanky bars, posh homes • -Props= Briefcase • -Class/Status= Middle/upper
  15. 15. Londoners (Cockney/ South London) • - Dialogue/dialect= ‘Gorblimey’, Rhyming slang ‘apples and pairs = stairs’,dropping ‘t’s’ • -Costume= Flat caps • -Location= Busy streets, market stalls • -Make up= Minimal • -Class/Status= Low
  16. 16. Now think about programs/films set in the following locations, do they reinforce these stereotypes through mise-en-scene (location, setting, actors, props, costumes etc), camera work, sound (include dialect that could be colloquial) and editing? • EastEnders • Shameless • TrainSpotting/Braveheart/Monarch of the Glen • Doc Martin • Emmerdale
  17. 17. The satellite map shows us a city sprawl so we know that the programme is set in an urban area. However it is the River Thames than reveals the specific location as being London. Regional Identity can be seen by the views we see in the picture. We can see the countryside in the distance and we can also see an old vehicle of which is only used in the countryside.
  18. 18. You can tell that this is set in the country also because the background of the first picture is the country and in the second picture the house is styled as a country house. Also, what the characters are wearing symbolises ‘the country’ You can tell that this is set in an estate as there are flats in the background and the people look like they aren't of a high class because of the clothes they are wearing therefore we would expect them to live there and if there is a show about them then it would be set here.
  19. 19. Manchester - Mancunians, or Mancs Liverpool – Scousers Task: As you watch, write notes and then write one P.E.E for each of the following clips
  20. 20. As you watch, consider: •Setting •Accents •Dialogue •Props •Make up •Class of characters •Costumes
  21. 21. • As you watch, consider: • Setting • Accents • Dialogue • Props • Make up • Class of characters • Costumes
  22. 22. For Regional Identity in Emmer dale we shall look at this clip for examples: Views at 0.30 show that the setting is in the country and we see straight away that all the views we see are all of this manor also/ We see that the clothes and possessions (van) show low class as the clothes look old and used as the van that the women is driving does too. We know that they either run or live on a barn as when they open the barn we see a lot of sheep , which can only really be in the country which backs up our other beliefs. We then see people decorating a house which we can see was very old by the décor for example the curtains are very countrified which means that if the house was oringinally decorated as if it was in the country it is probably in the country. We then see the sheep again and the farm surroundings which is repeated throughout which only drums in the fact that they are in the country and that that is their regional identity.
  23. 23. • Good example clips to look at during revision if you want to practice note taking include; Vicar of Dibley or Doc Martin (middle class/upper class characters do not have regional accents and are presented ‘as intelligent’ while the locals are ridiculed – this obviously links to Marxism).