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Brooklyn greenway-map-0910


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Brooklyn greenway-map-0910

  1. 1. Bushwick Bedford- McGolrick roop Stuyvesant Park Manhattan Tompkins Leonard Flu Queens s hi n g Pulaski McCarren Bedford Blvd Bridge McGuinness No Na Park th y ss 11 wa rm au Franklin Greenpoint Ca N 9th ad an lye N 7th Bro Cl Manhattan r Gr N 5th ay Ne Berr No y Williamsburg Ind een Com N Brookly Ea b wt wn me Wyt n-Queen le Bedf po ia g le rcia he ord s Express o Cr l Franklin way int Brooklyn eek West St. Kent Ave. n Ho op Botanic R os er ita Williamsburg Garden St ol s d Clinton St an rd op Washington Prospect S 9th St Ave. Cly th Bedford etr Gr S3 mer e Kent Ave. Pa Bushwick th Hill S5 rk M Wy Hall Heights Prospect sid nd Avenue Inlet Park Coney Isla tic e East River Wythe Brooklyn Park Atlan State Park Waverly Navy t. La nS Vanderbilt fay Yard Ocean Parkway lto ett Fu Flushing Ave. Myrtl Adelphi e Williamsburg Deka Bridge Atlantic Windsor e East Wallabout Ft. Greene Terminal lb River Bay Park Terrace Commodore Ft. Greene Park Slope 7th A ve. y Barry Park ush Ave. swa Fo Manhattan Downtown Flatb p res rt Ha Kensington Navy Ex m orn d ilto Hudson Navy St. Brooklyn 3r p ect nP rh Vinegar os al l Boerum 5th A Pr ark e n ve. M rm wa to Gold Water Plymo Hill h y Hill 9t on gs he Main Street John vi n York St. lt Sc Fu City Park Li Hoyt th uth Jay Front St. 15 Greenwood n Manhattan DUMBO Cemetery rge Bridge Brooklyn Borough Smith Be Washington Cadman Hall Gowanus Plaza Heights Boerum Canal th . Ave Park Court th 20 nd Joralemon Empire- 18 e a gu Henry 22 ic Fulton Ferry Clinton th ant Cobble 24 nt State Park ress Mo rk Smith Atl te Hamilton Ave. raw W illow Hill Cl a Sta g t Hicks Borough Carroll th ket Con 4th A n Furman St. Deg 26 mit ne io ve. Sac Fulton Gardens th Park Un Ka Smith St. 28 Sum 3rd Ave. Ferry th Brooklyn Court St. 30 Sunset Bridge Landing Columbia St. Cl inton 7th A Park ve. Brooklyn Red Gowanus Bridge Park Columbia Waterfront Hook Red 32nd st. 1st Dyker Hook Bay 34 th 4 42 nd th th Planned Van Brunt St. Co ey Columbia Park 36 44 5th A ve. Heights Sunset Bay Ferry Stop Park Broo na Dw i klyn Ve ro eer ght Halleck St. -Que