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Titan Plus Datasheet2


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Data Sheet - Written by John Perretto; design - direct report

Published in: Business, Technology
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Titan Plus Datasheet2

  1. 1. TITAN® & TITAN® Plus TITAN® and TITAN® Plus represent PTi’s next generation of reliable, modular and scalable control systems designed to provide operators with full line control, diagnostics and trending capabilities. Based on the rugged and dependable Allen-Bradley ControLogix PLC Platform and the PanelView™ Electronic Operator interface, TITAN® offers optimal serviceability and ease of deployment, with the flexibility to meet the most demanding machine control requirements. For enhanced data logging capabilities, control redundancy and additional printing options, PTi offers TITAN® Plus, which integrates a Windows-Based computer with the control system for expanded functionality. TITAN® Features (Panelview Plus HMI) once/minute, stored for 48 hours), display historical Machine Control: start/stop pumps, drives, temperature data in standard trend format (8 pens/trend), limited loops, etc., process setpoint entry (speed, temperature, storage of logged data to removable memory device pressure), auto/manual mode selection Security Access: access levels for operator, supervisor Machine Status Display: sub-system status (running, and administrator; Operator: machine control, displays, ready, faulted), process speed, load, temperature, alarms, data logging; Supervisor: operator access plus pressure feedback data/recipe management; Administrator: supervisor Alarm/Faults Status: display active alarms & faults, access plus PID tuning, setup, etc. acknoweldge/reset alarms & faults Printing: print screen Recipes: create, view & edit recipes “offline”, save Trending: real-time trending for troubleshooting/ running setpoints to new recipe, download recipes to tuning (note: limited functionality, data is “reset” on process setpoints change of screen), typically used for trending speeds, Data Logging: historical logging of up to 100 tags loads, pressures (300,000 points max), (example: 100 tags sampled
  2. 2. TITAN® PLUS Features (Touch screen Windows-based computer running Wonderware®, monitor, keyboard, mouse) Includes all features of the TITAN® product, plus: Additional HMI for enhanced trending and data logging: configurable open-format trending Data Logging: expandable historical logging up to 3,000 tags; logging data to computer memory expands flexibility PDF Viewer: view manuals, drawings for training & troubleshooting, electronic version of PTi manual Utility Run Control Printing: extended report printing capability TITAN® Components ControLogix PLC Platform: ladder logic and function block programming Ethernet communication: Panelview communication, data communication & data transfer to/from user; network for local printer Controlnet: high-speed, deterministic, industrial network protocol, AC drive communication, Remote I/O communication Panelview Plus Color Touchscreen (9quot;x12quot;x15quot;), Administration Process Ethernet communication, compact-flash memory, USB port Printer Ethernet switch TITAN® PLUS Components Includes all hardware components of the TITAN®, plus: Windows-based computer, Industrial Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse Wonderware® Runtime License Uninterruptable Power Supply System Supervisor TITAN Plus ® Options: Norton Ghost software, Touch Screen monitor size (17quot;, 19quot;, 20quot;) A-B Programming Software Phone Modem Enclosure: Floor-mounted, NEMA 1 positive pressure or air conditioned Additional Components: Flex remote I/O, Powerflex AC drives PROCESSING TECHNOLOGIES, LLC 2655 White Oak Circle | Aurora, IL 60502 Ph: 630.585.5800 | Fx: 630.585.5855 | © Processing Technologies, LLC. All Rights Reserved. PTi reserves the right to make changes and/or enhancements to the products and services represented herein without prior notice.