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Brand identity1

  1. 1. Produced by James Perfect with assistance from Tom Smith (who created the logo)
  2. 2. We plan to establish a cohesiveness across our short film, poster and review by payingattention to the following; o Images oLogo o Font type and colourBy doing so we hope our audience will be able to acknowledge a similarity between allthree products.
  3. 3. The main iconic image will be the stopwatch which is central to the narrative of our shortfilm.The image of the stopwatch will be featured across all three products; in the film, used inthe title of the poster (and also it will be held by the main character Stefan) and displayedin the review. Below is a screen print of the stop watch we purchased from ebay. We are currently waiting on postage. (19/09/11)
  4. 4. Both the main characters Stefan and the post man will feature in the poster and shortfilm. The audience will be able to establish a strong link, hence the characters will bewearing the same costume’s they were in the short film.The post man will be in full royal mail costume in both the short film and poster, this willenable the audience to make a clear link between the two characters. Whilst Stefan asseen below in costume , will appear like this in both the short film and poster. Stefan as seen right- Costume subject to change. His image will be used across all our three products
  5. 5. Our film production company’s logo Farmhouse films will feature across all three of ourproducts. In the short film it will feature before the beginning of the opening credits plusduring the ending credits. On the poster it will be featured at the bottom, beside thecredits. As far as the review goes we are not 100% certain where the logo will be featured,probably accompanying the credits.The following film production company logo (which we called Farmhouse films) can be seebelow, as designed by Tom Smith.
  6. 6. The main impression we were trying to create with the name of the productioncompany and logo was “Farmhouse Films” are a company who produce intellectualcontent ideal for independent cinema. As seen below the idea we were trying topursue. Image of a farm (relates directly to production company) but also connotes an audience with an understanding of other environments and the countryside. Name of production company connotes an independent production company (it is far from mainstream). Media products suit niche audiences. Type of font used connotes a young independent audience, who have a “busy” lifestyle.
  7. 7. The title of our film “Tempus Viator” will appear across both the poster and short filmusing the font coolvecita. This will enable the viewer to see a cohesive link between theposter and film. As seen below; we will be using the font from the
  8. 8. The names of the production team such as directors, camera men, actors etc will allfeature across the short film, poster and review.By looking at the credits of all three productions the reader will be able to establish alink and associate them with the film. This will be similar to the Connected example asseen below.