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BA TM 13 profiles


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Buenos Aires Trade Mission
13 companies profile
28 Feb - 4 March

Published in: Technology, Business

BA TM 13 profiles

  1. 1. BUENOS AIRES CITY WEEK IN SILICON VALLEY The most promising innovation companies of Argentina will participate in the first Trade Mission to Silicon Valley, organized by the Buenos Aires City Govermment, between February 28th and March 4th. This trade mission, leaded by the Minister of Economic Development, Mr. Francisco Cabrera, has the aim of build a close relationship with the local ICT community, improve skills, create real business and investment opportunities, promote Buenos Aires new Technology District, and identify the latest trends in technology innovation and entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley. The thirteen Argentinean ICT companies delegation was selected by an expertise evaluation committee composed by representatives from Endeavor, Global Tech Bridge, Plug & Play Tech Center, Palermo Valley, INC Latinamerica, National Technology University (UTN-FRBA) and IAE Business School. This delegation includes companies from different sectors as social games, mobile aplications, internet monitoring, online marketing, social plataforms and software technologies. Objectives of the 2011 Trade Mission: - Create a close and long term relationship between the City Government of Buenos Aires and Silicon Valley ecosystem - Promote Buenos Aires Technology District and it benfits to settle in. - Encourage partnerships agreements between companies from Buenos Aires and The Valley. - Increase opportunities for investments by VC in the ICT community of Buenos Aires - Improve skills about investment opportunities between the community of SV and Buenos Aires.
  2. 2. Buenos Aires Technology District Benefits: Municipal tax exemptions for 15 years in the case of SMBs and domestic companies and 10 years in the case of international companies . Current situation: 70 companies already settled - 8483 HHRR - 107, 262 m2 Buenos Aires Technology District: an investment opportunity. • Strategic Location: The Technology District is only 15 minutes from the downtown area in Parque Patricios District. • Extraordinary development potential: Parque de los Patricios neighborhood used to be an industrial area, full of factories and logistics warehouses which are currently unused; thus, the selected area offers a great amount of inhabited buildings which can perfectly be recycled and are extremely suitable for hosting high-tech companies and related universities. • Accessibility: Parque de los Patricios was chosen as the Technology District seat because of its excellent accessibility among other advantages: • 19 bus lines connect the District with the rest of the City and the metropolitan area. • CASEROS H Subway Line Station is already working and 4 new stations will be ready in the next two years crossing across the District. • 25 de mayo Highway connects the Technology District with the main accesses to the City in a just a few minutes.
  3. 3. ACTIVICA S.A. Silvia Pichetto PARTNERS: Javier Diez: 40% Diego Lijavetzky: 40% Gonzalo Berra: 10% Federico Welz: 5% Employees: 5% MANAGEMENT TEAM: BUSINESS DESCRIPTION President & CEO: Javier Diez General Director: Diego Lijavetzky Activica is a technology company which specializes in the design and CFO: Gonzalo Berra development of custom software solutions for corporate training. Its business CTO: Federico Welz model is based around providing products and services to large corporations (BtoB) with a boutique style; highly customized, innovative and exclusive. INDUSTRY: Education, Gaming, Software Activica´s clients are mostly companies with more than 5000 employees, with operations in multiple locations, and which seek to train their employees as NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively as possible. The use –or proper use, Current: 25 rather - of e-learning technology can achieve all of this; with the most avid and When we started: 1 recurring consumers of elearning being Heavy Industry, the Pharmaceutical At end of first year: 6 Industry, and the Financial Services Industry. At end of third year: 15 Activica´s main business offerings are installation and administration of Learning ALLIANCES / PARTNERS: Management Systems (LMS), development of Training Modules and/or Virtual Mercado Magazine: R+D in Social Networks Simulation; and Educational Technology strategic consulting hours. All of these Servicio Satelital S.A: R+D Iphone/Android apps products and services are offered in the shape of monthly agreements or on Sofrecom Argentina: R+D Digital TV demand. Development, Project Management, Marketing and sales; all activities take place at our Buenos Aires based Development Center. As human resources are key to our business, Activica seeks to attract and retain in the company the best resources in the highly competitive IT industry. In order to do so, Activica has signed cooperation agreements with Universities and IT chambers, and has maintained from the start employee benefit programs which include state of the art medical coverage, language classes, telecommuting options, and company ownership.
  4. 4. ALTODOT Antón Chalbaud PARTNERS: Antón Chalbaud 33% Matías Paterlini: 33% Claudio Cohen: 33% MANAGEMENT TEAM: BUSINESS DESCRIPTION CEO: Antón Chalbaud CTO: Matías Paterlini Nowadays the company is mainly focused on Social Apps development for COO: Claudio Cohen external clients on a custom project bassis. Some of our clients are direct CFO: Ramiro Mazzeo clients (such as Turner Television, Mercadolibre, FOX, etc.), Advertising/Interactive Agencies, and Startups (some of them from Silicon INDUSTRY: Valley actually, like Bump), Social Marketing, Facebook Applications, e-Commerce Since the first day our goal was to generate a profitable and cashflow positive NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: business to be the ground of our future product development. In this product Actual: 12 we are planning, we’ll be applying the knowledge we acquired by doing At the start of activities: 3 custom proyects for clients. Our products will solve common marketing At the end of year: 12 necessities we have seen in the market over this year of operations, with over At the end of the third year: 18 100 projects completed. We want to make it easy for small companies and agencies to have access to ALLIANCES / PARTNERS: Social Applications without having to pay for a custom development each time N/A they need something. The first products we’ll be launching are: - An e-commerce aplication that generates a catalogue on facebook with the information you have on your own site on your products. - A suite of applications focused on acquiring FANS or “LIKES” by using applications in an intelligent and easy going way. We’ll charge something between USD 15 and USD 150.- on monthly fee basis to use this apps.
  5. 5. BINARIA Matias Travizano PARTNERS: Matias Travizano Martin Minnoni MANAGEMENT TEAM: BUSINESS DESCRIPTION CEO: Matías Travizano CTO: Martín Minnoni TARANTULA’s mission is to revolutionize the market research industry by democratizing and empowering the understanding of how audiences born and INDUSTRY: evolve over time. Internet, Technology TARANTULA technologies are designed to retrieve and collect publicly available NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: information from the social networking sites and to creatively process it through Actual: 2 data and graph mining proprietary technologies in order to identify and At the start of activities: 5 categorize audiences and track its temporal evolution. At the end of year: 6 At the end of the third year: 15 TARANTULA targets the 500+ million people that regularly use social networks. Our focus is on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. ALLIANCES / PARTNERS: N/A Our product is TARANTULA Insights, the Google Insights for audiences. By using TARANTULA Insights you will be able to answer in seconds questions like “How did the Golfers Audience change in the last year”, or “What is the difference between the mean tenure time of C-Level executives in NY vs. LA”.
  6. 6. CLICKBUNKER Fernando Cuscuela PARTNERS: Fernando Cuscuela 50% Leandro Armas 50% MANAGEMENT TEAM: BUSINESS DESCRIPTION CEO: Fernando Cuscuela CTO: Leandro Armas Clickbunker is a result-oriented Online Marketing agency. After two and a half years of operation, it positioned itself in the market thanks to an excellent INDUSTRY: combination between creativity and performance. Online Marketing, Social Media, Search Marketing, Online Media Planning and Web Analytics Considering that the big groups of agencies and companies really need the know-how in new media and raw material to offer ideas from the online world, NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: our aim is to catch its attention generating, apart from the excellence of our Actual: 12 services, an innovative product focused of Social Media and ROI. At the start of activities: 2 At the end of the first year: 4 Thus, it emerges the need to generate SRM. Social Relationship Marketing. A At the end of the third year: 20 “one to one” tracking and communication system, with the users that belong to the social network ecosystem, and those that can be interacted with through ALLIANCES / PARTNERS: relationship marketing actions, allowing to attract and foster customer loyalty, Alliances/Partners: Latinvia. Contributes with know-how as well as to dimension the ROI of actions. and customers of: E-commerce. E-business. The business model will be based on a licensing system, or SaaS, according Form an alliance/Associate: Intellignos: Analytics, to the customers´ needs, through which free service could be given to a Research. Doppler: Email Marketing Platform. Grupo definite “freemium” amount of users, and as usage enlarges, a fee will be Pexo: Reddemails (reliable databases) charged per amount of system usage. The investment will be mainly based on financing, promoting and regionalization of the product. Being an innovative and unique product in the market, success would be granted, estimating to obtain ROI in a maximum period of 4 years.
  7. 7. EMPREWARE Agustin Badano PARTNERS: Agustin Badano: 51% Julio Crivelli: 32% Fernando Aguilar: 9% Otros: 8% MANAGEMENT TEAM: BUSINESS DESCRIPTION CEO: Agustín Badano COO: Fernando Aguilar Empreware is a developer of web based small business applications with focus in LATAM. INDUSTRY: Web based aplications for small businesses. We have developed Empreware Business Plan, a software that has been used by more than 7000 individuals in LATAM. NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: Actual: 3 We’re planning to develop a new online application to help small business At the start of activities: 0 owners to keep track of their finances. The business model would be a At the end of year: 11 monthly payment of USD 25,00. At the end of the third year: 25 We beleive that the software as a service businss is growing very fast in ALLIANCES / PARTNERS: LATAM, and that we have the opportunity to establish as the #1 app in small Nextperience. We established a partnership in wich they businesses financial management, such as Intuit ( did in USA help us with online marketing campaigns while they with Quickbooks. transfer us the know how. Nexperience is one of the top online marketing agencies in Argentina. We also have Our team has experience in designing, programming and selling software partnerships with local Business Scholls, Universities and applications in the internet, as we demonstrated with our business planning institutions that work with entrepreneurs. software. Our vision is to build a portfolio of online applications for small businesses, reaching clients in LATAM, USA and Europe. By achieving this we could be acquired by big internet and/or software companies looking to improve their product portfolio and their presence in LATAM.
  8. 8. JUNGLEBAT Marcelo Tribuj PARTNERS: Martin Kornblum Marcelo Tribuj MANAGEMENT TEAM: BUSINESS DESCRIPTION Executive Producer: Martin Kornblum Network Development Manager: Marcelo Tribuj Junglebat Game Studios (JB) is a company dedicated to producing, Technology Manager: Federico Sabater developing, encouraging, sponsoring, marketing, financing and publishing games for Windows Phone and Xbox 360. INDUSTRY: Our business model is based on creating revenue based on a flexible model Mobile Games & Entertainment with 3 core business units: NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: JB developed games: Our idea is to be interactive and to create innovative, Actual: 6 massive and fun games. We created a development model where we function At the start of activities: 2 on minimal fixed costs. Freelancers and international developers will join their At the end of year: 8 efforts to create amazing games for a low cost. At the end of the third year: 20 Sponsored games: If we love a game, we will ask the developer/s to add it to ALLIANCES / PARTNERS: our sponsorship program. Once included in our network, we will start marketing Microsoft Corporation S.A. it in recommended engines; translate it into different languages, launch new More than one hundred game developers / designers / creative and design initiatives, then test and market it through social networking testers around the globe. sites, public relations and relationship marketing programs. We look forward to add a partner to accelerate the company growth. Incubating games: We form alliances with micro-studios or developers to create new and exciting games. We define the game business model for that game and assist them in different ways: financially, creative and design, development and gameplay perspectives. We publish the game and manage its positioning in the market. We own the game completely and will pay a percentage of revenues generated to the incubated studio/developer. Something important: For those games that massively succeed in the market (at least 1 million downloads) we will create its version for other mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. Junglebat is built around a core team of entrepreneurs, mobile strategists, technology masters and games lovers.
  9. 9. KEEPCON Matías Rozenfarb PARTNERS: Matias Rozenfarb Adrian Lisenberg Julio Guzman Dan Rozenfarb MANAGEMENT TEAM: BUSINESS DESCRIPTION CEO: Matias Rozenfarb CTO: Adrián Lisenberg Keepcon’s goal is to provide comprehensive moderation services, based on COO: Julio Guzman the automation of the content moderation process for web sites 2.0. We focus Head of R+D: Dan Rozenfarb on a global market integrated by all the websites that allow the general public to openly publish multimedia content, such as comments, blogs, images, video, INDUSTRY: audio, or any mix of these elements. Social Marketing, Internet technology & services Our company specializes on the moderation of contents, using a Business NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: Process Outsourcing model established upon state of the art technology. Actual: 20 At the start of activities: 3 Since 2008, Keepcon provides companies with a cost-effective software At the end of year: 12 solution to moderate the UGC on their websites. With Keepcon’s proprietary At the end of the third year: 18 technology, companies that once employed teams of 25+ to censor content can now outsource all moderation services for a fraction of the cost. With total ALLIANCES / PARTNERS: UGC on the internet expected to grow by over 500% over the next four years, Universidad Nacional del Sur (National South University) Keepcon represents a timely business in a nascent market. Modera Media (Spanish content moderation company) Keepcon offers three primary services: 1) automatic content moderation, (2) platform licensing for external manual moderation, and (3) outsourcing of manual content moderation, the last of which is ideal for clients with limited human resources. Keepcon’s clients benefit by not having to invest the time and money needed to develop a content moderation platform or hire a moderation team (in the case of outsourcing). Clients also benefit from Keepcon’s quality assurance mechanisms and gain valuable insights regarding traffic and content generation. On a day-to-day basis, clients can focus on their core business and have confidence in Keepcon’s 24/7 support and multilingual team (Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, and French).
  10. 10. MINDSET STUDIO Franco Breciano PARTNERS: Franco Breciano 40% Hernan Liendo 40% Key Management 10% Socio Financiero 10% MANAGEMENT TEAM: BUSINESS DESCRIPTION COO & CTO: Hernan Liendo CEO: Franco Breciano Mindset seeks to connect people around the world through engaging apps & Studio Manager: Matias Baldini games with a social component, designed for advertising and entertainment. INDUSTRY: Both industries are going through a transition as a result of the arise of new Social Gaming, Advergaming, Social Apps. media such as social networks, smartphones and tablets. As a result, consumer habits have changed and brands need to adapt to this new era. NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: Actual: 15 Company strategy: At the start of activities: 4 Current term: create social games & apps for brands, publishers and media At the end of year: 8 companies. Position the company . Acquire know-how. At the end of the third year: 15 Medium term: continue to work for other companies, and as a proof of concept ALLIANCES / PARTNERS: launch the first social games in social networks such as Facebook, Orkut, Strategic: IAB – Cessi MySpace or other platforms that may arise. Technological: Adobe – Rackspace Academic: UTN – UADE – UNQ Long term: stop working for brands and continue to grow a proprietary portfolio of social games & apps. Build an increasing user base and start generating revenues by means of virtual goods and upgrades. This revenues will be destined to the generation of new products for our porfolio. It’s worth to notice that the company has it’s own Research & Development team capable of delivering innovation, pushing the barriers of what is possible and surprising the end consumer.
  11. 11. SIA INTERACTIVE Gustavo Hojman PARTNERS: Simonovich Family 100% MANAGEMENT TEAM: BUSINESS DESCRIPTION CEO: Adrian Simonovich COO: Fernando Flischfisch Based in Argentina, SIA Interactive is a leading interactive marketing company, CFO: Gustavo Hojman focusing on development of videogames for advertising purposes Head of Flare3D: Ariel Nehmad (“advergames”), as well as other interactive media solutions. Since 2002, SIA has begun an international expansion and has implemented projects for leading INDUSTRY: brands or its agencies in more than 20 countries. The Company has been Videogames, Advertising received the Sadoski Award in two opportunities in recognition of its contribution to technology innovation. The company has been included in the NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: Software Law (Law 25,922) which provides significant tax benefits for software Actual: 46 development companies and has been certified under ISO 9001. ALLIANCES / PARTNERS: The Company has two business lines: Microsoft, Adobe, Samsung A) Development of video games ("advergames") and other interactive solutions for promotional activities. B) Flare3D. Development of video games ("advergames") and other interactive solutions for promotional activities: The Company is a pioneer in the development of advergames in Argentina and has successfully sold its solutions abroad. In addition, SIA has specialized in multi-touch technology and developed integrated hardware, software and content solutions, such as the interactive vending machine for Coca Cola (the first of its kind in Latin America). Flare3D: Flare3D is an engine to develop 3D graphics in Flash Player. Flare3D beta version has been presented recently at the Adobe Max Conference in Los Angeles. The goal is to create an “easy-to-use” product for the community of 3D designers and developers. We have been in close contact with Adobe engineers in the development of this product. We are currently seeking investors to (a) grow the business of video games and interactive solutions and (b) develop Flare3D as a commercial product.
  12. 12. SOCIAL METRIX Martín Enriquez PARTNERS: Martin Enriquez: Founder Gustavo Arjones: Founder Juan Manuel Damia: Founder Francisco Lemos: Founder Michael Lato: Angel Investor MANAGEMENT TEAM: BUSINESS DESCRIPTION CEO: Martín Enriquez CTO: Gustavo Arjones Socialmetrix provides international companies the tools to listen, analyse and Data Insights: Juan Manuel Damia engage their customers through social media, and improve their ROI in online UI&Data Visualization: Francisco Lemos marketing. INDUSTRY: We are providers of Social Media Monitoring, Analysis and Engagement to 3 Social Media, Web Analytics, Social Media Monitoring customer segments: NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: Global Corporations: Brand and product monitoring, competitive analysis, Actual: 12 online market research and active Social CRM. At the start of activities: 4 At the end of year: 5 Marketing Agencies: Social media marketing ROI analysis, strategic planning, At the end of the third year: 12 market research and ad planning. ALLIANCES / PARTNERS: Government & Political Parties: Topics and issues monitoring, candidate Global Marketing & PR Agencies such as HAVAS Digital, tracking, government crisis management and trend detection Starcom Media Vest and WPP. They partner with us as a sales channel while they also act as clients by using our Proven Market Leader in Latin America platform to provide insights to their clients. We look for - First to develop product offering in social media monitoring partnering with big agencies with strong focus on Social - Only vendor with multilingual, multicultural offering Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management. - Brand recognition with a reputation for quality service - 16 Active large corporate clients
  13. 13. TARINGA! Hernán Botbol PARTNERS: Alberto Nakayama: 33% Matias Botbol: 33% Hernan Botbol: 33% MANAGEMENT TEAM: BUSINESS DESCRIPTION CEO: Hernán Botbol CEO: Matthias Botbol Taringa Music will form a revolutionary online platform that will base its work on CEO: Alberto Nakayama two main pillars: the music and the human and social relations generated by the consumption and use of it. Music Portal aims to provide a permanent INDUSTRY: solution and high impact on the market for online music. Internet, Music, Streaming The site will give users access to catalogs of record companies associated NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: through two models. "Radios" and "on demand. " In all cases, the music will be Current: 4 accessible through "Streaming " not be possible to download or local storage. At the start of activities: 8 Music Portal is the main and permanent source for online music consumption At the end of the first year: 16 in the region. At the end of the third year: 30 The platform will come from the hand of Latin America's most visited site in the ALLIANCES / PARTNERS: world:, (that can be visited each month by more than 80 million Allied companies: Warner, EMI, Universal, Sony - Digital people) and will base its work on the social is now driving the phenomenon of Content Contribution. (Music) Web 2.0. Potential allies: Allies potential to add value through income generation through advertising and through the There is a market-niche that has not been exploited, with an enormous sale of suscipciones. In a second Estapa will expand the potential to generate significant benefits for the stakeholders of the companies platform to new media devices. involved. Currently, some sites have started projects that timidly try ePlot Google: Advertising - Android, Google TV. Streaming market, however, either do not have enough users, or because they ISP Providers in the region: Sell suspcripciónes. failed to provide a platform friendly enough, or for various reasons, did not Business Communications: Sell subscriptions. generate a tool to achieve mastery the new business. Platform's mission is to generate a radical change in how consumers access to music content over the Internet, is expected to cover the largest possible number of users, and generate revenues and profits at all levels
  14. 14. vFOUND Alejandro Sewrjugin PARTNERS: Alejandro Sewrjugin: 82% Crispin Sheridan: 10% Luis Siquot Ferré: 2% Margaux Caffa: 2% Alejandro Pablo Sewrjugin: 2% Osvaldo Cataldi: 2% MANAGEMENT TEAM: BUSINESS DESCRIPTION CEO: Alejandro Sewrjugin CTO: Luis Siquot Ferré vFound is a technology company focused on developing software solutions to Director, Social Media, PPC & SEO Technology: Margaux increase online website visibility (Search Engines, Social Networks) for its Caffa customers. The VFOptimizer is the first real-time SEO Optimization Engine Director, Operations: Silvio Pini available in the marketplace (released in 2010), is the first SaaS module Director, Sales & Administration: Osvaldo Cataldi produced by the company. INDUSTRY: Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art online marketing software that covers Technology, Web 2.0 the latest internet trends and support core marketing activities to increase website reach, visibility and profit by turning prospects into sales. vFound’s NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: core business is understanding technical and business patterns in the market Actual: 7 and building software packages to help companies and individuals increase At the start of activities: 3 online visibility and exposure. At the end of year: 5 At the end of the third year: 7 We have developed a vFound proprietary algorithm that provides insight into online competitiveness for any website. Based on this algorithm, we created ALLIANCES / PARTNERS: the VFO and will be releasing additional niche software products throughout Target Latino (Atlanta, US, Reseller), Acronym Media 2011. Future plans include the creation of niche algorithms to optimize daily (NYC, US, Reseller), Acclaro (NYC, US, Reseller), SCI work and presence in social networks, including Twitter and Facebook, by (Global, Reseller), Matchcode (Global, Reseller), combining each into one integrated solution. Wormhole IT (joint projects, Reseller), Smowtion (Reseller), Three Melons (joint projects), SocialMetrix (tech provider), The VFOptimizer is a SaaS solution (cloud computing) that helps any web page Thet (joint projects), Perception Group (Reseller). Future: rank within the first results of major search engines in just 3-simple steps and in Comcast (US, Reseller), BT Telecom (UK, Reseller), just a matter of minutes. Telefónica (LATAM, Reseller), (Global, Customer/Reseller), I-Prospect (Global, Customer/Reseller), Mindshare (Global, Customer/Reseller)
  15. 15. VURBIA TECHNOLOGIES Juan Lhehmann PARTNERS: Thomas A. Beckett: 30% Colleen M. Beckett: 30% Athanasios I. Kouroussis: 20% Juan C. Lehmann: 20% MANAGEMENT TEAM: BUSINESS DESCRIPTION CEO: Colleen M. Beckett CMO/CSO: Juan C. Lehmann Vurbia's vision is to be recognized as a leading global provider and the CTO: Athanasios I. Kouroussis Latin-American referent for cloud computing services by making infrastructure and value added services dead simple and transparent. Consequently, we will INDUSTRY: allow organizations of all sizes forget about infrastructure and focus on their Cloud Computing, Infrastructure as a Service core business resulting to a leveling of the playing field and a better Internet. NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: Vurbia Technologies is the premier IaaS provider in Latin America. We deliver Actual: 6 innovative, simple, integrated infrastructure and value-added services that At the start of activities: 5 contemplate the full spectrum of our customers' needs. Universal and At the end of year: 12 transparent auto-scaling, automatic re-configuration and collective intelligence At the end of the third year: 30 are the pillars of our world class IaaS service. ALLIANCES / PARTNERS: IaaS consists in getting physical servers and develop a software layer known Softlayer – Main provider for infrastructure co-location. as virtualization, which allows to abstract the physical hardware from the We’ve signed a strategic collaboration agreement through Operative System and the application running on them. This way infrastructure which we get infrastructure provisioning with prefered time can be scaled and unscaled in minutes making your infrastructure fit your response and special prices, Additionallly, Softlayer has computing capacity needs at all times and paying for what you use by the decided to delegate their customers in spanish-speaking hour. In consequence, our customers turn fixed capital expenses into variable Latin America to Vurbia. operative expenses, enjoying unprecedented flexibility and economic convenience. Computing capacity consumed is measured by the amount of processors, RAM memory, storage and IP addresses used by the hour plus the transference in GB and the optional backup services. This way any customer can get his website / application up and running for less than 10 cents of a dollar the hour.