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Writing task


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Published in: Education
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Writing task

  1. 1. Writing Task [​Do some research on the Island of Stradbroke and the tribes there. Then imagine you are one of the kids in kill to eat and write a diary entry describing your experience living there and the poor conditions you live in. 180-200 words​] Dear diary, After my dad punished my siblings and me for killing the Kookaburra, we weren’t allowed to go haunting anymore for three long months. We were told to eat the awful food the government gave us. It was a very small ration! It wasn't possible for us to eat that little amount of food and not starve. But we didn’t care what our parents had told us, we went hunting anyway, trying not to be seen. On Wednesday, while my father went to work and my mother went to pick up some fruits, my older brothers and me went hunting to the Brown Lake. We found some fish, but they were still too small to feed my whole family. Though we weren’t doing anything wrong since we were taking food to our home, Aborigines believe it is bad to lie to the people who had raised you. But we have no other option, we are going to starve to death! Our Island is the second biggest Island on the planet, so it was a long way from the Brown Lake to our house. Since the fish were outside of the water for so long, they started to rot, but we had to eat them anyway. That food has to last us for a whole month, so we have to be very careful. Plus our parents can't find out about our mischief. It is going to be a complicated month.