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natural disasters, destruction, devastation, disaster

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  1. 1. Vocabulary on devastated places Earthquake ● Struck: (Past simple & past participle of strike) —> To cause a person or place to suffer severely from the effects of something very unpleasant that happens suddenly. ● Wrecking: to destroy or badly damage something ● Aftershocks: a smaller earthquake following the main shock of a large earthquake. ● Magnitude: The magnitude of an earthquake is a measure of how strong or violent it is. ● Tremor: A slight earthquake (= sudden, violent movement of the earth’s surface) ● Wounded: injured, especially with a cut or hole in the skin ● Devastation: damage and destruction ● Damage ● Emergency ● Humanitarian assistance: ● “Everybody is (...) freaked out and shaken” ● Chaos: a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order.
  2. 2. Hurricane​: ● Storm ● Explosion ● Rebuilding aftermath ● remade the landscape ● Destruction ● Grief ● flooded tunnels ● Accidents ● Trees ​smashed: ​violently break (something) into pieces. ● storm ​slogged: ​hit (someone or something) forcefully and typically wildly ● rain and high winds ● disaster declarations ● the ​scope​ of the damage: scope = range ● wilderness​ of fallen trees and power lines: wilderness= uninhabited ● tragedy and survival ● water rushed in ● buildings that ​crumbled​: break or fall apart into small fragments, especially as part of a process of deterioration. ● rain and ​relentless​ wind: relentless = intense ● storm knocked out the electricity. ● Evacuation ● River was flooded in the storm ● Railroad had not restored power ● Extensive damage
  3. 3. Tsunami ● Unstoppable walls ● permanent changes to the geography of the región ● Waves of 98 feet ● swallowing up villages ● widespread destruction. ● sundered ● staggering ● struck ● prompting a swifter evacuation ● rumble off ● swept away ● slammed into ● damaged ● Destroyed ● disaster ● smashed ● sucked out to sea ● natural disasters ● Volcanic eruption ● Pummeled ● Hitting ● sped ● meltdown ● swamped