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Modal verbs


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Published in: Education
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Modal verbs

  1. 1. Margarita Muller & Juana Perez Muñiz
  2. 2. a verb (such as can, could, shall, should, ought to, will, or would) that is usually used with another verb to express ideas such as possibility, necessity, and permission Definition: Ex: I must go to the gym
  3. 3. Uses ★ Permission ★ Ability ★ Obligation ★ Prohibition ★ Lack of necessity ★ Advice ★ possibility ★ probability
  4. 4. Functions ● They never change their form. You can't add "s", "ed", "ing"... ● They are always followed by an infinitive without "to" (e.i. the bare infinitive.) ● They are used to indicate modality allow speakers to express certainty, possibility, willingness, obligation, necessity, ability
  5. 5. Can - could May - might Will - would Shall - should Must - had to
  6. 6. Grammar for modal verbs Possibility in the present Modal verbs + infinitive Possibility in the past Modal verbs + have + Past participle
  7. 7. Can It can get really cold in winter in here She can speak Spanish really well Can I borrow your pen? Can you help me with something? That can’t be a banana, it’s red! Express possibility Ability Asking for permission Making a request Certainty
  8. 8. Could Example: I could play tennis when I was younger. Ability Could you take me to Victoria station? Request You could take a taxi. Suggestion
  9. 9. May Probability Give permission Ask for permission (Maria is going to come to my house)She may be in the wrong building Where was Maria last night? She may have felt ill You may leave the table when you finish your dinner May I borrow your pen?
  10. 10. Might Examples: It might be quicker to travel by train. Use: Possibility
  11. 11. Will Prediction (very sure) Habits Promise Volunteering actions (There are many clouds), it will rain A friend will always help you I promise that I will write you every single day I will make dinner tonight
  12. 12. Would Example: Would you like a cup of tea? to request or offer
  13. 13. Shall making offers Suggestions Asking for advice Shall I send you the book? What shall we do this weekend? Shall I help you? Let's look the video again, shall we?
  14. 14. Should Examples: You should drive more carefully. Opinion/Advice
  15. 15. Must Certainty Necessity strong recommendation prohibition This must be the right address! Students must pass an entrance examination to study at this school You must take some medicine for that cough You must not play in the street
  16. 16. HAVE TO Examples: You have to be back at 10 o'clock. Obligation