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Looking glass


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Published in: Design
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Looking glass

  1. 1. “The Lady in the Looking-glass” By Juana Pérez Muñiz
  2. 2. Protagonist: Isabella’s personality is portrayed with both the description of the inside and the outside of the house. Does her personality change when the narrator sees at her reflection in the mirror?
  3. 3. Isabella’s Personality Inside the house Outside the house ➔ “lights and shadows” ➔ “nocturnal creatures” ➔ “passion” “rages” “envies” “sorrows” ➔ “nothing stayed the same for two seconds” Symbolizes Isabella’s mind. Its in constant movement as Isabella’s thoughts and feelings ➔ “white and violet blossoms” ➔ “burning roses like lamps” ➔ “long grass path” ➔ “banks of tall flowers” ➔ “pick something light and fantastic” ➔ “trance of immortality” Symbolizes what Isabella allows to be known, her appearance. That she pretended having friends, being rich, having troubled a lot. “All challenging here, all stillness there”
  4. 4. Isabella’s Reflection “Here she was in her looking glass”, Isabella looks at her reflection in the mirror which exposed her true colours, her personality. “The looking-glass began to pour over a light that seemed to fix her; that seemed like some acid to bit off the unessential and superficial and to leave only the truth” she was “perfectly empty” “she had no thoughts” “she had no friends” “she cared for nobody” “People should not leave looking-glasses hanging in their rooms” “There was nothing” She is dead alive
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