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  1. 1. Conditionals TYPE’S: zero, one, two,three & mixed conditionals
  2. 2. Before we start, we must know that... ★ Conditionals have two clauses: The “If” clause (condition/ cause) and the main clause (effect). Ex: If you heat water at 100 degrees , it boils. ★ The “If” clause can be either the first or the second part of the sentence.
  3. 3. Conditional 0: Uses: ★ Universal truths ★ Obvious thing ★ Facts ★ Cause and consequence Structure: If/when + Present simple +Present simple Examples: → If you heat water at 100 degrees, it boils. → Water boils , if you heat it at 100 degrees.
  4. 4. Conditional 1: Uses: ★ Predictions ★ Promises ★ A possibility ★ Cause and consequence Structure: If + Present simple +Future simple (will + verb infinitive) Examples: → You will pass the exam, if you study → If you study, you will pass the exam
  5. 5. Conditional Linkers ★ Unless: Unless you have passed the exam, I won't give you money. ★ Provided: I'll water the plants, provided I have time. ★ As / So long as: You will travel, as long as you pass the exams. ★ On Condition that (more formal): You will travel, on condition that you pass the exams. ★ Orelse: Rosario stop talking, orelse you will sign the book. ★ In case of: In case of fire, use the stairs.
  6. 6. Conditional 2: Uses: ★ Hypothesis ★ Unlikely situations ★ Unreal situations ★ (Give advice) Structure: IF + Past simple → conditional (would, should, might) + Verb in infinitive Examples: → If I won the lottery, I would buy a big house. → If I were you, I would study more. → I would study more, if I were you.
  7. 7. Conditional 3: Uses: ★ To express regret about a situation in the past ★ Hypothesis about the past ★ Theoretical past situation ★ An impossible situation because it had already happened ★ Regret Structure: If + Past perfect → Conditional Perfect (would have + Verb in past participle) Examples: / I would have passed, if I had studied harder
  8. 8. Mixed conditionals: Uses: ★ When we want to talk about something that has a condition in the past and a result in the present. Structure: If + Conditional 3 (Past Perfect) → Conditional 2 (would, should, might) Example: If I had not missed the flight, I would be with my family now.
  9. 9. Videos Mixed conditionals All types
  10. 10. Game: nals%20Billionaire%20Game/index.html
  11. 11. Sources: ➔ ➔
  12. 12. The End By: Federika Marty & Juana perez muñiz