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Transblock Presentation


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Protect your sensitive electronics with the best surge protector, the groundhog

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Transblock Presentation

  1. 1. The only answer to transient electrical impulse grounding.
  2. 2. Surges and Ground Transients Will Hurt Any Business! They can be the main culprit causing companies to lose billions!! Thunderstorms and lightning are the most dramatic and destructive causes of power line problems. These surges are literally surges of overexcited electrons, which contain a lot of energy in short duration bursts. Ground transients are also the killers roaming through your ground wire. Launched internally by any electric discharge, or externally by forces of nature and utility switching, ground transients attack a facility’s micro-processors. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes from 100 volts up to 6,000 volts. At its smallest, a ground transient is relatively harmless; typically 2,000 to 2,500 volts- causing disruptions and outages; but, at 6,000 volts, this spike is a killer.
  3. 3. How do competitors surge protectors work? “I do not need TransBlock, I already have a surge protector” Competitors products protect the Hot and Neutral lines going into your electronics when a power surge occurs, but not the third line; the Ground line. Line (Ground) Line (Neutral) Line (Hot) Circuit Breaker Panel Surge Protector Power Surge
  4. 4. How can ground transients affect electronics at the office and home? When doing something as simple as turning on the lights, ground transients can be produced and sent to other electronics damaging them over time. Circuit Breaker Panel Line (Hot) Line (Neutral) Line (Ground) Robotics Computers Servers Televisions Sound equipment Cash Registers P.O.S. Ground transients will take the path of least resistance and are bi-directional. Instead of going down the ground line and dissipating, it can go into the closest electronics slowly destroying them.
  5. 5. With ground-breaking technology, TransBlock has solved the world’s problem of ground transients by terminating them before they reach your expensive electronics. TransBlock has developed a method of protecting all 3 lines, especially the ground line from transients by drawing them safely away from the electronics completely. This patent pending protection absorbs voltage from the ground line as it tries to reverse itself back to the devices; then dissipates the voltage that would otherwise be picked up by sensitive electronic devices , causing lock ups and eventually system failures. Line (Ground) Line (Neutral) Line (Hot) Circuit Breaker Panel Power Surge
  6. 6. How could this benefit a company? TransBlock can provide a company with a care free system usage that could literally have no down time or freeze ups. (excluding software issues) This will result in: Savings on tech support and maintenance contracts Increased system protection and safety Increased Productivity Less employee and customer frustration Less problems for IT support Greater connectivity Fewer “lost” documents and records Less downtime
  7. 7. How does TRANSBLOCK compare to competitors? AVR Surge Protection Battery Back-up Ground Transient protection YES YES YES YES APC Div. Schneider YES YES YES NO Powerware Exide Electronics YES YES YES NO Best Power (Powerwave) YES YES YES NO MGE Div Schneider YES YES YES NO Liebert/Emerson YES YES YES NO TrippLite YES YES YES NO
  8. 8. Customer Satisfaction “We have tried some of the name brand transient protected power strips thinking we were protected only to be disappointed with continuing hardware failures... The Groundhog from TransBlock is already helping reduce downtime, damaged equipment costs, and provide peace of mind so we can focus our efforts on building motorcycles.” Sr. Resident Engineer Harley-Davidson Motor Co. “We tried all kinds of surge protectors, protected power strips and shielded cables, but nothing worked. That’s when you suggested that we try the Groundhog. In a matter of seconds, all of our digital equipment started working properly. The results were miraculous! All of our computers now function normally. In fact, I believe that our digital devices now run faster than they did before the troubles began.” President & Founder of Slaughterhouse Studios Toronto & NYC “The Groundhog has dramatically reduced our false alarms at over 1800 Extended Stay America across the country with more to follow. Many Inns were having anywhere from 2 to 3 calls a week, now they’re lucky if they receive 1 call a month which is many times due to a prankster pulling an alarm box.” National Fire Protection Manager Contact your sales rep today!!! Jill Penna-3009 Jill_innovative@yahoo,com 734-732.2099