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The solution to compacted soil and clay issues for new tree plantings.

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  1. 1. Understanding the Root of the problem Roots must Respire to survive
  2. 2. The Rootwell Advantage  Direct active oxygen exchange to the critical root-zone  Direct watering to the root zone eliminating wasteful run off  Direct fertilization to root zone eliminating costly waste  Direct visual installation inspection criteria for newly planted trees  Direct evacuation of excess water from the root-zone
  3. 3.  Innovating tree care since 1997  Over one million Rootwell’s installed o 2 Patents, 2 Patent Pending  Targeted tree root solutions o Mitigating Poor Soils o Compacted soils and clay soils o Oxygen and nutrient deprived soils  Sustained measured results o Davey Tree Study, Michigan State University Study, Anecdotal evidence over 11 years of data
  4. 4. Notable Rootwell Installations • Disneyland ~ Orlando, Florida • Kew Gardens ~ London, England • Tiger Woods Golf Course ~ Al Ruwaya, Dubai • Olympic Village ~ Beijing, China • The Mall ~ Washington D.C. • 9/11 Memorial ~ New York City, New York • National Institute of Health ~ Bethesda, MD • San Diego Zoo ~ San Diego, California
  5. 5. In 1998 Rootwell partnered with Rainbird to add a full root irrigation product for trees and shrubs - RWS
  6. 6. Davey Tree Study; Evaluation of Rootwell® System in the Establishment and Health of Bare Root Transplanted Trees October, 2000 “In our (Davey Tree) opinion, proper fertilization and proper improvement of soil aeration can positively improve overall plant health and should be included as a part of the plant health care management tool. Rootwell Systems should be a good tool to use in areas where hardscape, like concrete, exits.”
  7. 7. Michigan State University by Bert Craigg ; Growth and physiology of landscape trees in response to root aeration with Rootwell’s, Objective: The objective of the current project is to determine the effect of the Rootwell root aeration system on growth and physiology of recently established landscape trees. With Rootwell With out Rootwell 8 weeks after installation Trees are located at the western edge of the campus entrance off Trowbridge Road
  8. 8. Making your vision sustainable
  9. 9. Trees are key focal points
  10. 10. Replacement of trees is expensive and does not enhance your vision. In warranty Out of Warranty
  11. 11. This is costly and preventable
  12. 12. And destroys the appeal
  13. 13. Poor soils and soil compaction can result in  Water and nutrient runoff  Deprivation of oxygen and nutrients forcing roots to surface  Roots seeking survival develop adventitious roots and or dysfunctional root mass  Slow death Girdling roots, typically outside warranty period
  14. 14. Water Is Not Enough
  15. 15. Active Air Convection Heavier Cooling Oxygen sinks displacing warmer rising oxygen
  16. 16. Patented: Air convection cap Warmer lighter oxygen rises using air convection Cooler heavier Oxygen sinks down exchange tube
  17. 17. •Direct Watering to the root zone •Captures potable water and rain water, above and below the surface redirecting it to the root zone •Efficient utilization of our water resource saves on costly over watering •As the water in the macropores drains away a fresh supply of air enters the soil to provide oxygen for root respiration. •Direct Fertilization to root zone •Deep root targeted fertilization saves time and money •Reduced fertilizer runoff to aquifer, streams, rivers and lakes helps to reduce the environmental impact
  18. 18. Healthy diving root growth after 10 years for more drought resistant trees
  19. 19. Abundant oxygen supplied by Rootwell, allows the roots to dive, seeking new water supplies
  20. 20. MDOT tree installation fall 2008 at East I-96 & Beck Rd in Novi, Michigan. Rootwell was installed summer 2009. Trees showed equal stress, coin-flip determined the Rootwell tree Bark protector is Rootwell indicator Rootwell trees showed significant improvement in 8 weeks
  21. 21. Note the crown of the trees Density and color of the foliage Rootwell tree comparison after 8 weeks With Rootwell Without Rootwell
  22. 22. Predictable, substantial & immediate results with Rootwell installation six months one year
  23. 23. Same Trees – Before and after Rootwell before after
  24. 24. City of Royal Oak 1997 20 Bradford Pears were planted and 3 of the trees with Rootwell’s. Only 4 Bradford Pears remain in the park; the 3 healthiest are the Rootwell trees
  25. 25. 1997~2009 Royal Oak Tree Study Video
  26. 26. Rootwell Specifications Specifications for 3” Diameter Root Aeration and Nutrient Delivery Device for Trees The tree root aeration and nutrient delivery device shall be manufactured specifically for this purpose. It shall be constructed of a single tubular high-density polypropylene polymer. The root aeration device shall contain sidewall openings in a horizontal and vertical pattern, equally spaced, that span the entire length and circumference in a uniform manner providing a 5:1 ratio of sidewall openings area to total surface area equally. The sidewall openings may number in the thousands depending on the length and diameter of the root aeration tube model. The root aeration device shall be capable of having the sidewall shape distorted without damage to the device. The top and bottom end caps shall be constructed of a high- density styrene polymer. The top end cap also contains the air convection insert device which shall have a flexible central tube that extends from the top cap into the tube’s interior 5”. The flexible tube shall have an outside sidewall dimension of .3125 “, and an internal diameter of .25 “. The top cap has additional ¼” openings to promote the convection of internal air currents with outside air for fresh air transition for increased Oxygen and Nitrogen content. The dimensions: 18”L x 3” Diameter. Approved manufacturer: Rootwell Products, Inc. / Model: Rootwell Pro-318 This patented product is available from Rootwell Products, Inc. at 248-227-5705 or www.Rootwell.Com
  27. 27. Practical cost review with Rootwell •Project requires 1,000 trees •Total installed cost with $250,000.00 •Cost per installed tree $250.00 • Tree stock, labor, equipment, replacement multiplier •Project requires 4,000 Rootwell’s •Total purchased cost $23,000.00 •Cost per tree $23.00 additional •Minimal labor addition to set Rootwell into planting pit • Water savings, deep root feeding savings and Aeration to compacted soil. •Less than 10% of the installed cost •What is your Mortality rate; both in and out of warranty? •Anything over 9% will pay for the Rootwell purchase cost